A More Excellent Ministry – Heb 8:3-6

Hebrews 8:3-6

Message recorded 23 September 2012

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Turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 8. What a wonderful way to begin talking about our great mediator the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the God who saves and that’s what this is all about. That’s what the writer to the Hebrews is trying to drive home to his readers and thus to us… our Savior Jesus is the God who saves.

The first three verses are self-explanatory. Have you ever seen one time on a commercial or mocking of the professor who was saying what these things are self-explanatory? I will make minimal comments on three of the verses which I think are fairly self explanatory except but will comment on them just so we sets up is the point was to drive home in verse six so Hebrews chapter 8 as we are drawing nearer to the November elections.  I’m going to use that is the theme again at least politics isn’t campaigning that sort of thing as an illustration of of what the writer is doing in this passage before us today if you look think with the four-minute but say that you are made aware to have to were made aware of a candidate for governor who was a man of integrity a really good grasp of of law and business he was someone who seem to be compassionate for people and yet good skills in problem solving and conflict resolution.  There is so much I know not describing anybody but there so much about him that you cite you, get involved in this campaign as he got involved in his campaign for governor and he had a couple of of good successful, terms as governor, and then because of all of those things.  He’s been encouraged to run for president again so you decide that will you he’s he is the man that he proved to be and I thought he wasn’t, get behind him on that to get involved in his presidential campaign.  Now the city becomes president and though he had an important job as governor and he did a lot of good things for the state.  If you’re talking about the good of the entire country and the good of even the world.  You might be able to save while his is terms as governor were good, he has now a more excellent job not because it’s more important per se but that if were talking about things that are good for the country and good for the world he actually has more opportunity now as president to affect those things those issues things you know we might talk about you national security as governor he didn’t directly affect that or the global economy as the governor of one state.  He didn’t really directly affect that but now as president he could easily might say he has a more excellent job.  Maybe it will help us to see what the author you’re trying to accomplish see in Old Testament priests had important ministry.  Moses had an important role as the mediator of the old covenant that old covenant was an important covenant and the promises in it were good promises but if were talking about issues like I need to be reconciled to God to be saved fully and forever and to be in need of a sacrifice that would make a satisfactory payment once and for all for sin then there is a ministry that can be rightly said to be exceptionally superior to all of those good things in the old covenant and related to that old covenant.  No words Jesus ministry is superior to the Ministry of Old Testament high priests you it is vital to have men and women who are qualified for the office in which they serve.  But that doesn’t mean a whole lot if they don’t actually accomplish anything you may have a good man in the office, but he can accomplish anything and then that’s not everything we need.  We need someone who is qualified but also we successful in the role that the in which they serve.  We might like to boast that we have the holy son of God as our high priest but if he didn’t actually accomplish our salvation but we would still be dead in our sins we would still be without hope in the world would still be enemies of God and those who deserve his wrath but alas our high priest has a more excellent ministry, because indeed he has been successful in his role as high priest he has done something that the height the Old Testament high priest word able to do then they were actually been called the he has a ministry similar to theirs, but one which is far greater and part of its excellences that he was successful in accomplishing our full salvation I like you follow with misery Hebrews chapter 8 in Re: the first six verses writers is now the main point in what has been said is this we have such a high priest who is taking his seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, a Minister in the sanctuary in the true tabernacle which the Lord pitched not man for every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices.  Hence it is necessary that this high priest also have something to offer you if you were on Earth he would not be a priest at all since there are those who offer the gifts according to the law serve a copy in shadow of the heavenly things just as Moses was warned by God when he is about to direct the tabernacle for see, he says that you make all things according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain, but now he has obtained a more excellent ministry by as much as he is also the mediator of a bad are covenant which is been enacted on better promises to the writer is doing in these first six verses is to prepare us for the heart of the letter it he gets nailed from verse seven all the way through halfway through verse are chapter 10 is really the heart of the letters were easily get down to this is what really means everything he’s been talking to us about the with the superior qualifications of Jesus as high priest but we saw in verse one there he says okay now the main point in what I’m saying is this the verities is okay now.  Now were at the were read the main point this is what what really matters.  This is everything in he’s introducing to us he’s preparing us for that’s the ECE showing us how Jesus is superior his qualifications.  Now were to see a superior in his ministry in the world that he performed it is his success in that work which actually saves his people so to prepare us for this glorious material at you.  We seen a lot that’s already just so wonderful eight your you might feel I quoted to stop right there is a so good all the things we learned about Jesus so far but this is the nature of God.  It just keeps getting back as we dig deeper he were going to learn so many just glorious wonderful thing about our Savior and and I hope as we work our way through this book that they seem can more and more and or think so to prepare us first number one as a priest.  Jesus offered a sacrifice not particularly deep, profound mature as a priest.  Jesus offered a sacrifice look again verse three for every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices hence it is necessary that this high priest Jesus also have something to offer carpenters build houses mom’s build homes that’s what they do right whatever your job is that’s what you do high priests offer sacrifices for they do and so he’s just trying to is real simple point is that if Jesus is going to be a high priest they must do what a high priest depths to have to have something to offer and just as a quick aside is probably not much distinction between the terms gifts and sacrifices you can press that but in the book of Hebrews doesn’t seem like there’s really that much distinction in their their use somewhat synonymously.  Now it’s interesting in these details that the writer gives us you look into the details the way he states things I his theology just permeate you can’t get really like some cults will do where they going and they try to change some words here and there in their version of the Bible and how they translate the Bible or something in there some people who say we know it is writing say a River back when it was popular you this this movement in liberal God: Christianity, where basically to prayer scissors they cut out anything that they didn’t think Jesus really said way could said he witnessed the know the thing is that you can do that he still can’t read the Bible of his theology he can’t get sound theology the use you because it’s so woven and so this is a good example that we talking about the Old Testament priests be speaking in general he uses the present tense because they were probably some ill going A.D. 70 not happened yet it is a just go on and on and on in a year after year.  These high priest are making their sacrifices present tense ongoing action only house the Jesus he uses the simple past tense the aorist tense which in itself doesn’t mean once for all action just means is the it the completed and that shows that even you look at the verb tenses that the Holy Spirit is very hurtful to say it in such a way that you can’t just ginkgo verse of Scripture and remove true.  Jesus made one sacrifice wants you another thing he does there in these details is the unit is he dealt with gifts and sacrifices plural or singular gifts and sacrifices it easy one River your grammar plural had going to us about Jesus he says something plural or singular singular see he even the little details this idea that he told us back in chapter 7 verse 27 the Jesus sacrifice was once for all.  So even you know the did needy.  He grammar and syntax still says the same thing that he sometimes will just stay out right like he did in 727 so number one we saw as a priest.  Jesus offered a sacrifice if it in offer sacrifice he couldn’t legitimately be called priest the did and in so number two that Jesus didn’t offer his sacrifice on Earth will be verses four and five but Jesus did not offer his sacrifice on Earth they may be thinking what about the cross it was on Earth will have a diverse if if he were on Earth he would not be a priest at all since there are those who offer the gifts according to the law so Jesus is like the earthly high priests in that he did offer sacrifice is very much unlike the Old Testament high priests because of the location of his ministry he did not Minister as high priest here on earth it would the author is saying is that yet he claimed it he is a high priest and he is he can’t be a high priest on Earth it was already in order of priests in were doing that the Levites Re: had that one that was their job.  Nobody else other than believe I could do that and guess what Jesus was born the wrong tribe for that is not born of the tribe of Levi so Jesus was not actually qualified to serve as a high priest in the earthly temple or tabernacle he wasn’t qualified in so we saying is that if he’s a priest and he is he has to something to offer but he is a priest and offer something you can’t do it on our.  And so the point is that he must the only other option is to offered have and that’s we try to drive home to us.  He is he wants us to move our eyes from this this earthly shadow this copy and to turn our eyes to the reality with casting the shadow to cast our eyes on that reality in heaven and to see disease he’s talking about things that are the originals proceed things that are copies you look at verse five those Old Testament high priest they serve a copy in shadow of the heavenly things just as Moses was warned by God when he was about to direct the tabernacle for see, he says that you make all things according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain the writer uses three terms in this verse two.  It’s kind of things that illustrate for us what it was week’s with the relationship between the things that are original and the Old Testament the old covenant things that are not if the new covenant which is heavenly and the old covenant which was earthly And it’s an to use these three sort illustrations of these terms that will illustrate for us.  The relationship between those two first is a copy a copy is is the like missionary we probably have all use a copy or some time so is you smalltime going make a copy of whatever document you think about a fax from if you know this underwent first dawned on me that faxes sure for facsimile they would facsimile was but in thing”: fax in a faxes just at it we are sending electronically exact copy but would facsimile means an exact copy of something but it’s exact copy it’s not the actual it.  I guess maybe will get my some point they cut by the Fed that piece of paper in their it turned into you know all kinds of zeros and ones and shot across the world and came out his paper in but it wasn’t the original that was transmitted it was a copy of we see he doesn’t want us to stay the copy for the original but this this idea of shadow to shadow isn’t the original really what a shadow is is the absence of later released unit with a diminished is diminished light because it if it in we had open this up and the sun shines through that maybe China my back then I would cast a shadow in front of the and so basically I would just be blocking the light a shadow presupposes a body that might be some older might be a treat a person her holding but a body is going to cast a shadow we second they basically just blocking the light and so were light is shining ever everywhere else that body is just blocking the light so the shadow that never used last time we were in Heber’s a if you met me here outside walkie with you would glorify shadow we know but I the writer is saying okay the Jews in saddle even Christians today some have looked at that shadow for so long these are starting to think that it’s the real thing and thinking that the end-all and it is he doesn’t want us to mistake the copy in shadow for the real thing he trying to correct that mistake.  And to prove his point he goes back to the source.  He does back till law itself which was itself the shadow but the shadow said to be like giving Arsenio for the Windows shadows is it or the the light shining on me in casting a shadow and it would be a little you’ll warning sign on my shadow that says this is not John this is just John shadow pay silly but that’s the point when you look in the Old Testament at the shadow you song it the law that is the Old Testament that was like a little warning there and in periods he he’s quoting from Exodus 2540 were Yahweh says to Moses regarding the Lampson the tabernacle CD to make them after the pattern for them which was shown to you on the mountain.  So God warned him to make the lamps that way then also later in the chapters; furniture that way in and chapter 26 make sure you make the pattern of the tabernacle all things after the pattern God warned him that is, God gave him divine instruction follow the pattern you should pay but it’s important to realize that it’s a pattern they it’s a pattern something else that were for patterning Greek is the Greek word to Boston if you like that it elect right on the Greek words the English BTU POS okay can write them if you look at that and some reason we started transliterated Greek used with a while why we do that but you might see were time Moses was a type of Christ all these Old Testament things were types at of those things bring new covenant 82 boss is is something that is made by a below striking something think that this was say that any if I’ve done this you know maybe you’re better at the maybe.  You hammer a little nailing her wall.  Hang a picture of her and now I do sometimes miss sometimes the but, get it but sometimes the wall they get it at cigarette their you know it was pleased would’ve nailed therefore missing but this picture and him in you know and you’re right it will he always do it the there’s that tent now little hammer shaped dent in the wall with the with Butterfinger in and see how deep it is are in trouble for this is and it would, we look at it were like oh my anything effect will it’s not so bad because us with a picture of now in orbit so that we redecorate nobody alone by then you know the forgot.  So stealthily forgiven but there’s a little the it’s a hammer shaped dent in the wallboard that you can put your finger in it with exchange is John in his gospel John 2025 uses the same word… Thomas with the disciples came is that we seen the Lord is that.  I in the right Thomas said at last.  I shall see in his hands the two boss of NATO and put my finger into the two boss of the nails will probably the word nail sized holes as a something that Thomas Newton it was big enough in all he knew that the shape of that he could put his finger if it was the real Jesus he put his finger into the two boss the important to the in this case of whole but the nail faithful a hammer makes a hammer shaped dent in the wall nails making nail make nail sized holes in Jesus hands the tabernacle in heaven Cassie tabernacle like pattern on the mountain a heavenly tabernacle like after on the mountain to from that pattern the earthly tabernacle was constructed Jesus never served as priest in that earthly tabernacle or temple he would never serve as priest in that but he does service prays so these other service priest here on earth because that’s that job locked up by the Levites the worship service priest only other option is in heaven and in so that’s his point his ministry take place and him someone as a priest.  Jesus offered a sacrifice number two.  But Jesus did not for his sacrifice on Earth now number three this points to the more excellent character of his ministry look will see that verse six this points to the more excellent character of his ministry and is a lot these and say about that more excellent character but the fact that Jesus had he it is once for all sacrifice in it was in heaven is pointing to us that hey there something on here.  That’s not at all like what happened her it is more excellent but the verse six but now he has obtained a more excellent ministry by as much as he is also the mediator of a better covenant which has been enacted on better promises Aaron was the copy Jesus was the original the tabernacle on Earth was the copy the tabernacle in heaven is the original Jesus ministry.  Therefore, is exceedingly superior he said he obtained this we means is that Jesus obtained the goal of saving his people.  He achieved success in his high priestly work we saw that the end of chapter 7 word he was successful is one of the good characteristics of him as high priest he was actually successful in making a final full payment for his people sent being able to wipe them out not just, cover them he attained victory and therefore he he is superior say says he’s obtained a more excellent ministry one that surpassed the Old Testament high priestly ministry one commentator said that Jesus ministry is of exceptional Excellency, piling up couple words there is to drive this home.  What was with the writer is saying it’s of exceptional excellence in this truth is built on we’ve already seen where for several chapters he elaborate on how Jesus is superior is qualifications because he superior and that he is superior in his ministry he superior his work easily talk to Jesus as the guarantor of this better covenant that they is that Jesus guaranteed it success with his life and he’s the guarantor but that’s a little different in this new term we have mediator is the mediator of this letter covenant and the mediator is oftentimes someone who is an arbiter or in intermediary what the dudes is a say get these two parties party a and party B in a bringing together sake of salsa down here and runs table Dorgan hammer out a, red hammer out the details of David I will would you like okay you agree that no okay will astray in and in a hammer this out this covenant So that they when they finally get done.  They can both agree that book both if you will sign enter see with blood things like that that Jesus and God is is that the ministry.  Jesus had to God sit us down.  So, sit down here in and you people sit down here in Jesus as noted hammer something out in Egypt God is a why want to do this and then we say not be that okay what we deal copy that’s okay well for That him the new covenant the old kind of but not the new did happen at all.  Think back to when this new covenant was was really first, spelled-out all the Abraham it covered fencing, your member when God spoke it to Abraham and he gave him a vision a dream okay and your member the same word of God comes down and sits down in know and Abraham sit there with him and they’re hashing this thing out human the good him.  I’m glad saying in a pointless waste of this letter to your member that we need to talk and got not the now a putting to sleep in after he had lined up those animals he cut in half a brand how cold the seen this all through history God is the one who moved between he is see that’s what kind covenant.  This is the new covenant is not a bilateral covenant of the talked with a some already bilateral means two parties come together and they agreed on things that was the old covenant God said okay you better do this and they said okay the everything the Lord says will do they do it they said it would agree to it the new covenant is not bilateral his unilateral me one is convention concept get two parties but only one action has a say God alone set the terms but this is this is just he’s got alone took the responsibility and so normally both sides have responsibility we see when when God and envisioned Abraham moved by himself between the animals the carcasses when he in doing that is not only saying the I’m the one who’s going to bless you and unwinnable all this wonderful these these wonderful blessings on him the take the responsibility on myself and I know you wouldn’t keep it and so I’m going to pay the penalty to that’s been so another function of the mediator is an agent to inaugurates or brings into the fact the terms and blessings of the covenant and that’s how he needs mediator here and agent who brings into the fact the terms in the blessings of the covenant.  And so got is everything it unilateral and it is unconditional the way the author presents but that this idea of the new covenant to us in his letter is not this two way street we work things out.  It’s a gracious you ECE God says I’m going to do everything and I’m going to poured out on you you’re not actually do anything to earn that are to deserve affect your you deserve the exact opposite.  I’m going to do everything and I’m going to give you every that’s amazing is this thoroughly amazing that God would do that the terms of this covenant are not up for discussion the not not not up for debate.  They’re not up for dispute is unconditional is unilateral for us the fulfillment of his covenant depends on is how much not one not one with on the author’s mind at this point as to why this is a better covenant is because it’s built on better promises now boy the promises of the old covenant the direction good promises but I’m just take he through a few places it talk about it.  Jesus himself pointed out in Luke 10, verse 28 do this and you will live quoting from Leviticus 18 five do this and you will live know if you have to keep the whole thing if you want the blessings of it.set three Ezekiel talking about my statutes and ordinances if a man observes them.  He will live Paul Paul explained in Romans 10 five from Moses writes that the man who practices the righteousness which is based on law shall live by that righteousness and over if you’re going to say I’m under the old covenant and you better keep every bit of it.  If you want to blessings and not the curses and they are told if you he that law, God will be your God you will be his people and he will be among you is a good promises but the condition good promises but there condition so what of the better promises of the new covenant where to be spelled-out in verses 10 to 12 will get to those next time or two verse is been be quoting from Jeremiah 31 Jeremiah 31 like Ezekiel 36 is talking about the new covenant and is so full of wonderful promises and they’re even better than the promises under the old covenant because action talks and talks about wiping out sent giving forgiveness things that were given fully under the old but you’ll find any conditions you will find like in the old do this and you will live it is a you will live in what will you that’s the new so we had under the old good promises the conditional under the new we have unconditional promises their father back this old this new covenant is enacted on better promises that’s legal terminology means means it was established on based on these better promises.  It establish a legal relationship see God came to us when we were dead just kind of you sound strange you’ll make a covenant with someone God made established a legal relationship between us, made us alive minutes obey him.  This does not because we obeyed but because of his work the stillness every with Jesus we we have all things right received this and how how is better he emphasizes he getting great care he emphasizes both of these terms that are better that’s on the heels of saying he has a more excellent ministry.  Now if you don’t come away thinking it better you’re really missing out out how much better he he hits through the media Tauro work of Jesus God finds himself to save us his people and there’s nothing we can do to blow them you may be thinking so that same guy is let are one of other people out there in the name of Christ to say that the wrong a started been talking about if you don’t growing Christ.  If you’re not serving Christ.  It’s bad the words you long him the word you are the recipient of this covenant unity acted like a picture these I have a lot more to say about so the don’t call this little bit out of context would saying that if your recipient of the blessings of the new covenant.  There’s nothing you can do lose it don’t clean from that that doesn’t matter how you escape the one thing to us that that Jesus didn’t offer his sacrifice on Earth you’re thinking that cross was firmly planted in the ground.  He died on Earth the story offered a sacrifice were to see what is we get into chapter 9 that he went to the heavenly sanctuary, heavenly altar that’s where he made his sacrifice that for his high priestly ministry took place was in heaven and so we have the fact that he ministers in heaven where he made his sacrifice he continues ministering interceding for us.  We’ve seen before we have this better covenant unconditional unilateral it’s built on better promises were to get into those as we move forward with those better promises there if your recipient of the new covenant.  They are yours.  By anything to that he is referring to the you’ll you was think about this for we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds as we are working away bit by bit through Heber’s is transforming your mind is it changing your thinking is your thinking more Christ centered in on the they were spending so much time talking about the superiority of Jesus from any angle you look at a hands down superior supreme that there’s no one.  Ever been like him and no one is ever accomplished what he accomplished in what he is accomplished means everything for every believer who has ever lived or will it because that’s why we’re believe that’s why we inherit we inherit everything is because what Jesus did.  So ask yourself questions like these here I am learning so many think in some ways in which Jesus is superior in my bringing all that they’re on my line and my more confident in my faith but we face things that you know can be scary worrisome can make it things are uncertain just talking to somebody about Jesus and if they really want here in him that Mike that at minimum the stupid they may just Lafferty I might that’s only you are more confident as you as you learning one more about this Jesus is successful be more confident and do you have a greater desire to tell them.  It is this burning in your soul so that you can do nothing but tell people about it.  About this Jesus languages missions conference.  That’s what drives godly missionaries is that they had burning in their sole were studying about this Jesus and him they wanted go out there and tell everybody what of faith we find a group that doesn’t know about Jesus undergo the doesn’t matter what might happen to me if I just get to tell about Jesus.  That’s what would and what about those of us who support them and pray for them lead you pray for those missionaries in for the people to whom they Minister with that kind of fervor because you know this Jesus and we learned about it the more you want to pray that we want pray for missions and we want pray for your own ministry the people around you.  Ask yourself this in my seen my discipleship take shape in more areas like you okay I upgraded my discipleship I do my Bible reading you I go into my the study wearer said table and general well hey how you doing at work are you doing when you go out into the but in public piperidyl you talking your neighbor Harry.  Harry doing when the glistening against you that is your discipleship taking Shelby in those different situations in your life our he seems that your discipleship should be taking shape in those different situations.  Ask yourself this is Jesus, the centerpiece of my worldview body kits you studying worldviews either have or will I know he probably talk about that of Stephen will not feed is talk about that at least indirectly and you and your Sunday school classes he may not realize if you talking about worldview.  But you are and there’s a lot of wonderful material in that that is Jesus the centerpiece of your worldview of the the waning you look at life he sees the lens through which you see life as a lot of wonderful things about you understanding your worldview and him trying to to be able to express said sit to stand up for it in the world but is Jesus the center of it is does everything else revolve around Jesus we talked earlier months ago that Jesus is the captain of our salvation okay if you are following that Captain ask yourself what is following him look like in this situation whatever it is are facing whatever hatred you ask yourself what does following Jesus look like in this situation.  That’s the kind of questions we are the ask yourself because this is wonderful material but we don’t want to just be entertained by and say that is about waving entertain you we talk about churches that other just entertainment oriented and unity do this this and this.  But you know we can be entertained by teaching but Scriptures but the reason I ask Jesus is wonderful and Jesus winds and not enough is it doesn’t it is be entertained.  We need to be doing is transforming our minds by renewing them say okay now that I have this in my going to force that into my thinking so that my thinking changes said so that is transforming slip as I think about everything in life I him Christo centric Christ’s this goes beyond what would Jesus do how does he want me to walk in light of what I know as he wanted think in light of what I know has you want me to respond as he want me to worship in the midst of all the situation he be transformed by the renewing of our minds within the doing part of that getting this information the and hopefully trying to wrestle with it and understand the doesn’t change her thinking until you change her thinking keep on working it over and over and over until the you deal with somebody who’s a normal problem in your life and you say and I better learn something in Heber second user any to find it try wonderful wonderful material in society back to that used to change a think

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