Apostasy: A Real Danger

Hebrews 10:26-27

Message recorded 14 April 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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  1. Ongoing willful sin is serious
  2. Ongoing willful sin will be punished

Open your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 10 and we will look at verses 26 and 27. I thought initially we might make it through four versus yesterday I I I hope wisely realized that that might be overloads sub so instead of overloads would just prolong the agony some we really do need to talk about apostasy the writer of this letter with all of his encouragement and River we just talked about encouragement earlier this passage and in he does a great job over and again of encouraging his people that yet he knows that at certain points and uses stop these talk about apostasy because it is a very real danger apostasy is real.  It’s not just theoretical.  We tell you about a couple of real people.  But I will use their real names Denise and David Denise appeared to be a godly wife and mother.  She was very effective are very active in women’s ministry her church.  She taught women’s Bible study.  She was admired people even thought that you know my Lord’s lucky to have her on his side and yet she really needed the Lord wants showing needed the Lord for salvation justification and she felt like she did take it from there she needed the Lord, day by day.  She didn’t need to trust in human to look to him and to his gospel day after day, and then one day, per desire for personal happiness took over and she left her husband to flee into the arms of another man.  Sadly, she had no desire to repent.  She was sorry for the mess United she hasn’t repented she’s not planning to show the church that it’s needed her giftedness and understood her need for happiness.  Now David also started out strong he started out really learn the Bible and in learning theology and he got to the point where you he could take on anyone and he took on everyone a lot of young men are that way were very zealous and were ready to take the fight to whoever is needing a fight.  And so by writing the worlds wrongs.  David became absorbed in the fight, rather than absorbed in the Savior is now disillusioned is discouraged.  He remains on the fringes of church life he’s learned to quiet his conscience regarding his willful soon Denise and David people who have not been part of this church.  They thought that at one time trust in Christ is only needed that you need, day by day faith.  Thank you Jesus for the plane ticket I see when I get there know some people will take the road to a rigorous works oriented religion and they will pursue that will pursue that no rest religion like Judaism, but others will mistake resting in Christ to be just a one time proposition.  It is something I need to do here at the beginning and how I make a profession of faith in them trust him once write it down.  No need to trust him again, but more going to see today is that increased light brings increased responsibility.  It is going to matter what happens after day one of your salvation deeper knowledge demands determined obedience see the Christian life is something that needs to be vibrant vivacious a lackluster apathetic distracted neglected spiritual walk is as dangerous as a three-year-old playing with matches in their bedroom.  It can quickly get out of hand and out of control the think about how scary that proposition is right.  Well if we don’t take our day to day spiritual walk with Christ.  Seriously.  It’s that dangerous.  You see, we convince ourselves that will I want to hang on to my seminar got better things to do than waste every Sunday in church.  I don’t want to let go of this precious thing how pull up before he gets to I’ll turn aside from that path before it gets to the problem is to lead sneaks up on us.  It happens before we know it may take a long time but it is subtle and you don’t realize it until too late has already passed when there is now no opportunity for mercy he see what will happen is there comes a point where God will turn this over to our sin, we might regret that we won’t desire to repent.  It’s that serious

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