Canceled Sin

Hebrews 9:25-26

Message recorded 13 January 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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“Bear Up Under”

Please turn to Hebrews chapter 9 and this morning we will be looking at verses 25 and 26 was try to listen in on a conversation that a further thought life of a high priest something that a high priest to godly high priest might have had the thoughts you might of had back in the Old Testament era and we join him on the morning of one of the atonement, days and he’s finishing up breakfast fishing a preparation getting ready to go to the temple.  Another day of atonement my old bones her entire that long ritual of having to believe and change clothes, and then after it’s all over to do it again a change clothes how many of these is year after year we have this day of atonement was Isaiah right in it would there be that one who would come and there away the sin of many carry our griefs.  Now it’s time to go to temple to Greg washed I have the righteous garments on okay bring the full every year.  Some poor bull Has to die for my sins.  I think it’s a slave so much so much.  This is the only way I can go in before the holy one of Israel.  I can go through that veil and less because of my sin always terrified to go through that veil will your guns as he comes out first part here that the two goats votes cast lots and see which one is chosen to die one right this year okay what slave ago so much blood.  I send my people sin.  It’s a wonder God doesn’t just sloppiness all right now.  They will the ones who deserve to die these poor animals this time for me to go back in the veil and make atonement for my people’s sinful people okay, now that’s done bring the other go the living one here lay my hands on that go in confess over him all of our sins so that he can be taken out of the wilderness and bear our sins away always if you could just bear our sins away for good when cycle every Hebrews 924 for Christ did not enter a holy place made with hands a mere copy of the true one, but into heaven itself.  Now to appear in the presence of God for us.  Nor was it that he should offered himself often as the high priest enters the holy place, year by year with blood not his own.  Otherwise he would have needed to suffer often since the foundation of the world but now once at the consummation of the ages he has been manifested to put away sin to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself father we come before you this morning opening up your word that you might teach us by your spirit may he be here among all of us that he might impress upon our hearts the greatness of the sacrifice the one sacrifice that Jesus made maker minds attentive to the word before us make my words to be clear as I seek to explain what the author in what the Holy Spirit have to teach us this morning.  They we see that our Savior sacrifice was so excellent so sufficient so perfect that it only had to be done once and his glory.  We pray godly priests should have seen in godly people in the Old Testament should have seen that repetition, year after year in those old those those day of atonement sacrifices that though sacrifices were not sufficient they were not able to actually take away sin they could never deal with sin.  Finally and fully why he had to again next year do it again and he’s keep repeating wearisome sacrifices anticipated a final sacrifice.  One it would be a perfect sacrifice one that would finally deal with sin one that would be eternally effective but though sacrifices serve a good purpose they heightened anticipation they made those priest in the people who watch them look with anticipation to a greater sacrifice there had to be something that was going to come in fulfilled all the prophecies in deal with sin.  Finally look again verse 25 talking about Christ, nor was it that he should offered himself author is the high priest enters the holy place, year by year with blood not his own in this this idea of anticipation with this issue endure something that isn’t the final thing.  For example, Fremont a stork with has cancer the lower year ago, and then about a year nine months ago he had to all effected his thyroid glands.  They had it removed is directly and if you had anything go wrong with your thyroid or had it removed or know someone who’s had you know that it isn’t fun at all.  There is all kinds of weird sacrifices that are just part of the consequences urges hard to deal with it messes things up inside and what you think and we reacted you mood swings all kinds of crazy things happen.  There’s a whole lot more that goes with that but with a lot of illnesses like that but they have to do is the doctors they don’t know that this exact prescription is going to fix you and your with things like the same what’s try messing want that we may tweak the dosage of the business outworking of extra messenger to and they have to try different mixes and different dosages and me on the telly finally get it to get right and just recently my friend of his doctor hit on it and got it right after number different tribes and you know he really anticipated the day when they would get right and when it did the did you he was he was thrilled me in a way around it was thrilled because it now he sees able to function more normally you know it was just you so hard for him having to constantly be on guard for the way he he just reacted to life because of how everything in not having to some little bland like that affected him and so he really appreciated that which he anticipated when finally came he appreciated it.  That’s where author wants us to get out of this is that we had all those years, year after year anticipating something greater than it was prophesied all the way back in the garden, and then reminded throughout history so we anticipated and appreciate it when it came his readers initially didn’t appreciated but they cost their way of the and then they’ve been confused because others that folks who said here we go back to Judaism.  We need to go back to the old covenant go back to the law inlets live under it we had it all figured out who came to this this Jesus thing and life got really hard.  Let’s go back and the, lost sight of the fact that both of how they should appreciate when the final the full the real sacrifice the effective sacrifice when it came picture bring back to the first point Jesus sacrifice was not made off



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