Carry Forward to Maturity – Heb 6:1-3

Hebrews 6:1-3

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If you would turn with me in your Bibles t0 Hebrews chapter 6.

He restrict chapter 6 were beginning that new chapter chapter that holds a a lot of difficult and fascinating but also as we get further into the chapter.  Of beloved and cherished teachings transportation is carrying something or someone to a destination if a passenger train or a plane or ship something like that doesn’t deliver people or goods to its destination.  And we said let’s say it’s a failure because the sole point of transporting something from one place to another and if you have written on one of those moving sidewalks a the written one of those it the first time is little tricky unit, can escalate the first time you don’t want to step on but the really cool you see them at airports and they take you from one terminal to the next and the you know if you use either right on it just enjoy the ride.  And, relax a little bit after you know, carry your luggage around or you can use it to make time and our makeup time Murray in try catch your next flight.  And it because those things are moving a pretty good pace and if you walk on it while it’s moving you some running it without exerting so much as conical as well as examples of transporting someone from here to there while they do move people around and when she contribute to the personal progress of people at so this change metaphors think in terms of an assembly line okay what was morning picture a in automobile plant mat manufacturing plant take about Detroit and in such and he what happens there is it begins by on one level moving car parts from one end of this conveyor system to the other that’s not really the point of his images truck that or something it’s not the point point is is that as the these parts are moving other parts are added in with what happens as it is it builds this car up as if you were to to watch a time lapse video of what happens and you folks in a one car all the way down that that whole conveyor line it would almost look as if the car was growing we start out with like whatever the first parts the start with maybe that make up the chassis or something and then as each station you welds or bolts on the different parts that’s the appropriate that section you see this car coming together for a goes from from just know these starting parts of the chassis to the vehicle that’s ready for the road and NCC the goal of it is and just move to parts from one place to another but actually to produce this is a beautiful vehicle some that way to picture were informed that the writer of this letter is showing what it is with like four is a kind of draw a picture for us.  What a healthy Christian life ought to look like think about the assembly line that picture that I gave where he the progress of of that.  The parts moving down the line.  The process itself because what it’s intended to do actually contributes to the growth if you will the way it looks to the growth of that car into something that’s ready for the road believers in Jesus Christ will be carried along in the sanctification process was written talk about part today see if this is the process of spiritual transportation if you will okay because were going to talk about this is moving along in our spiritual life that process is going to contribute your spiritual growth we don’t grow by just staying put.  At least he tried to drive at home last time that they shouldn’t the should or even teachers by now they were special been discipling others they were they need summated disciple them.  They were staying put.  And so he’s rebuking him for that he wants them to know that the progress of the process.  The process produces progress in this process that we are in process of sanctification should produce in us progress and what is getting is that if we don’t see progress the problem slip now it Heber Syncsort backup because he’s in this third warning passages his and backups chapter 5, verse 11, begin reading their in you was the first inverses talking about Christ’s qualifications as high priest is superior high priest and said that he was called according to the order of Melchizedek in verse 11 concerning which that order concerning which we have much to say and it is hard to explain since you become dull of hearing for though by this time you ought to be teachers is me again it’s for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God and you come to need milk and not solid food for everyone who protects only of milk is not accustomed to the word of righteousness for he is a but solid food is for the mature who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.  Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about Christ let us press on to maturity not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God of instruction about washings and laying on of hands and the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.  And this we shall do.  If God permits in this third warning passages the author is the confronting the him about their stunted growth they should have been growing in he should’ve grown quite a bit by and they have their stunted spiritually.  And so he not only rebukes them.  But with the pastor’s tender care to leads them on on work things them forward is a receipt he leads them forward into the maturing process and he writes here.  Therefore the words.  Therefore, in light of their abnormal stunted growth they are to move on our first point is this one growth in maturity means forward progress Rizzi that the first phrase of verse one growth in maturity means forward progress.  Obviously doesn’t mean like what they were doing staying put the fermented about the biblical principle apart change your talk about that here church where you have not only should put off sinful practices.  But you do what you put on something it’s place.  And so we find in a lot of different passages that that principle of putting off.  And in putting on you don’t just put off because in something worse will come into its place you put on putting but something godly something biblical in place of that and we find that that principle stated here taught here.  First, he tells them to put off this slothful complacency this being content with the ABCs of the Christian religion we we talked but last time when he referred to the elementary principles of the few verses back to that word.  They’re meant that is the word they use and great for the ABCs for their alphabet and we would say in English the ABCs is like you know you learn your ABC’s in kindergarten or first grade.  And he’s talking about the ABCs about the Messiah about Christ to look again at chapter 6 first one first part.  Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ.  Now why is he say that they should leave that as a matter of that these are unimportant that they’re done with them they have no use for the elementary teaching about Christ of the ABCs about Christ will let’s think according to picture that I gave you about we learn our ABCs case the very beginning of your academic career wherever that was in at whatever point in your life when you’re a little in your learn your ABC’s they why are you learning your ABC’s this not just so that you can spout all of them off in order I it’s that you can read, write that’s the whole point So there is a sense in which we leave them now to think about it every one of us here if you look at your Bibles or if you look at the hymnal or song she you use your ABC’s the that you didn’t think in those terms while using my ABCs.  This morning.  Think that probably because you don’t even think about just like you know when you drove here this morning.  He did a lot of things we didn’t realize if I asked you to detail for me all the things she did.  We drove you wouldn’t be able to as he did without thinking if you will.  They were thinking you just remind can do those things by happened we we don’t only read a word here will look at the word leave things and look at Ellie Avie it will do that we did when we are first rate we don’t now but we still use our minds use our ABCs so in what sense do we leave our ABCs we move on to reading well when we were say in first grade the ABCs for a segment of time was everything what him every had about if you are not those of us who were in school whatever cut classroom others homeschooler private or public school classroom you have as big ABCs up you know or maybe a big banner a some like that out of order at the top of the class or something you know it and in so you had in front of you the ABCs this was everything for you.  Okay it was something to you you’re working your way through.  And yet the to the L know the you know that one letter at any child can is is the time where you have to push the envelope that he get some of them mixed up toward the end.  And then you finally get I know my half I know my ABCs see that was our focus was everything for us then because it’s all we knew we did not read the that was an end in itself for that time had you when you were in high school were you still having classes on ABCs.  I hope some maybe the but you know by that time ABCs seemed like ancient history I was 12 years ago, but in reality you can leave them you see you left the them as the focus of your study you left them at the end.  The goal of your study.  And that’s we talk about here the ABCs about the Messiah about Christ.  It’s not that were ditching them it’s that were not focusing on them as our goal study it will you learn the when we were spiritual babies now it’s time to move on.  Illustration to read if you will on to maturity using is the terminology one commentator explained it this way talking about leaving the ABCs of Christ the point is that the beginning is not a stopping place.  It is the door to progress and the springboard to achievement this he is just the door that were we start if you don’t stay there it would be sad if our educational system had to where you had 12 years of ABCs you we know really where but that’s not the point easy it was just the beginning.  Just start now he’s not the writer is not going to go over those in and teach them again he’s confident that the same word of God that has both spiritual milk and spiritual meat will be enough for them they had a foundation related these guys are building on the foundation we talked about the elementary principles about Christ is the ABCs of the Messiah, the Christ as he says here, literally this phrase is the word of the beginning of the Christ.  And we keep say in this idea the word popping up throughout this letter he spent a lot of time in the first section developing that in the end then at the end their middle chapter 14 the first section the he really hammered into us that idea of the work.  And now he’s building on the but think about this way.  Regarding our spiritual lives in acts two River theater there preached to the multitude and he preached to them.  The ABCs of Christ as need fasting go back and read might do that later today but I can read that is really, really need to see those is ABCs of Christ what they are but were told by Luke that about 3000 of them were say a wonderful, wonderful time of people coming into the faith and did they stay with their spiritual ABCs.  What happens little bit later in the chapter.  Chapter 2 verse 42 when they do every day.  There are several things that you one of those purgatory talk about is that the set of the apostles teaching every day.  They were learning from God’s word through his teachers everyday because they were they knew they needed to be built up in this they were content with just staying there with the spiritual ABCs they had to move on and keep growing.  So if this first point is growth and maturity means forward progress and now number two growth and maturity happens by being carried along toward that goal would see that at the end of first the rest verse one and verse two growth and maturity happens by being carried along toward that goal.  That goal of maturity look with me there the verses one to get therefore leaving the elementary teaching about Christ last press on to maturity not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works of faith toward God instruction about watching the laying on of hands and the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.  Now first what you see that he’s not a detached bystander or somebody who’s is up here Mister spiritual looking down on them okay but on your grammar hats first let us first second third person first person plural or singular baritones at a first-person plural it means he includes himself right with them first-person speaker and them he says.  Let us easy as like he’s taking the by hand and in the list let’s go guys, aces let us press on now, literally it means.  Let us be carried forward and to be fair entities only got this right.  He were to be carried forward.  It’s passive voice that means that we you are not the ones that do it and some these translations mine included which usually I like to have it as more active like let us press on.  That’s always let us be carried think about the second peer 121 appear there when he is describing for us.  How is that the profits wrote the Scriptures he says Yearwood what was moved along by whom the Holy Spirit right they were moved along so that they will what he wanted them to write the Holy Spirit had this ministry in them such an and he Peter pictures it as if the spirit pick them up and carry them in their writings that they wrote holy Scripture exactly what the right Says in dictating to them.  He moved them along using their their skills their knowledge their understanding of Scripture and all it to write Scripture also think back in our letter here keepers when chapter 1.  There’s talk about the Lord Jesus Christ and he presented him as the creating sustainer it is not only did Jesus create everything.  But we we said back there verses 10 to 12 that they got the picture was that Jesus is the one who was moving all of creation for to its appointed end what God has destined for what he is ordained for it.  Jesus is the one who is moving that did he not only created everything is not only the one who holds it all together Colossians the Hebrews 1 he’s also the one who is moving it to its appointed end ACC this idea of of God is the one who moves moves things forward and he doesn’t he just implies that here, but we know from other Scriptures that is the spirit of God who is the dying and how of the believers obedience he’s the cause of spiritual growth were back in Romans eight verse 14 he said believers that they are glad of the Holy Spirit.  I also that a writer is is going to be showing us throughout this whole book that the new covenant is superior to the old covenant.  And so it taking us back to in our minds to the new covenant think about Ezekiel 36 he there we are promised is one of the new covenant blessings Ezekiel 3627 God promises this I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes it is God’s Spirit who causes obedience who causes spiritual growth is that apply here were going to see next time we get to verse four that there a lot of people in churches who appeared to be is he will say then partakers of the Holy Spirit I e-mailed the Holy Spirit is really alive in them and then I just, going with the flow of the church.  Doing with the church does following will what he’s saying here is implies that it is the spirit of God is the dynamic how in this but they might appear to be a mighty partakers of the spirits ministry.  But the spirit of God is not the one who is moving them forward and you know it’s the spirit if you see them moving forward in their spiritual progress if you don’t see them moving forward.  And you know the spirit of God is not you know that he’s not in them dwelling in him and in the one who is exerting his power his influence to grow them up in Christ and were defined we get to the passage that instead of moving forward direction moving backward.  They’re moving away from Christ to the point where they’re going back to those people who were standing at Christ child saying crucified him.  They moved backward he’s deserving of death rather than we’re deserving of death he died place in so the product of this being moved forward being carried forward by God’s Spirit is spiritual maturity.  That’s the goal.  That’s what you should see is a Christian’s life he wants to move them forward from focusing on Asia Cipolla six of the ABCs of the Christ there there’s more to that of the six for some reason were particularly appropriate for them probably some things that were on their minds questions.  Maybe that they had or something in the cities not only again the foundation is just that foundation just another picture another way of talking about the NBCC because in a sense ABCs our our foundation for reading right we have to have them before going to be a re-kisses him and lay the foundation again because foundations are only laid once your he had that foundation laid in as I teach you will remind you of those things that make up that foundation.  So were moving forward Calvin puts it well does the foundation is laid for the sake of the building.  The words the foundation does exist for its own sake think about it and if you ever taken at a immature to look at the foundation and it was no building is why this is a great foundation in a little to add silly right anything about back now several years ago, see when the tornado took out the entire neighborhoods if you got to see you that some the neighborhoods always love for foundations and the point was wasn’t things will look at these wonderful foundations was a last know the point was sat the rebuild see the foundation does exist for its own sake it exists so that we can build upon it the building.  Now he lists all of these these six elements he doesn’t so in three pairs the first one in the first pairs repentance from dead works, and what is repentance revisited the changing of one’s mind and attitude about something that results in leaving turning away from that something unusual government repentance from sin is not about repentance from dead works he’s talking about.  But the These are Jewish believers.  Remember they grew up in unbillable Judaism by that I mean they were using the Old Testament as they’re looking at it as how to get say how to how to be pleasing to God it was never meant to save anyone as they were misusing it.  And so they were used to the fact and when they came to Christ with the is a the they changed their mind, their attitude toward this a biblical view of how to be saved apart from repentance from dead works something that they have done them some commentators say by now when I thought about works of the law here I think the wrong with they’re doing.  So it appears that they’re doing is that they’re reading later church history see have these guys get saved over here from unbillable Judaism they can’t they get say they turned away from that.  But then what happens is these commentators are actually going forward into Christian history when the church was primarily Gentile in the reading that back into this text but the wrong because we just need to think in terms of these first century Jewish believers that they grew up with unbillable Judaism the they repented of that and I think that’s what he’s talking about because this whole letter that’s what it’s about their tempted to go back to that he’s trying to show them now go back to that he’s talking about those dead works though the works that lead to death because if you try to earn God’s favor try to earn salvation through any kind of works and for them it was particularly the works of the law they will be to the because that is not how God is pleased is only pleased by faith faith in him and particular faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  This frees is used again for is dead works use again later letter refers to the superiority of Christ way of salvation over the it error of unbillable Judaism later in chapter 9 verse 14 he’s going to say this that those who follow Jesus for those who follow him the blood of Christ will cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God he said of those dead works or are other kinds of works your your reading back into Gentile Christianity residency of these were Jews the early church was primarily Jewish at the beginning had and in these we know these guys were Jews thing about what Paul said in Romans nine 3132 Israel pursuing a law of righteousness did not arrive at that law why because they did not pursue it by faith that is the were by works they stumbled over the stumbling stone the he’s talking about here in this larger letter he’s talking about those works that lead to death doing the works of the law is a way to earn God’s favor he they had repented of that he’s not going over it again Tell repentance isn’t along that never should be along in the believer it won’t be alone it is accompanied by faith he says next the second part of this first pair faith toward God repentance and faith form a unity they always go together.  Now sometimes the billable writers will save speak of one of the other or vice versa is because they are you know the readers understand the other one they’ll mentioned that he Jesus the beginning of his ministry look at Mark want becomes a says the time is at hand need to do what repented and believed the gospel believe is the both of you form a unity and so they’re together in here that faith.  We must point out where I go into detail about faith because he has a lot more in the letter to talk about faith.  He faith is not just belief in God is not just believing that God exists, or that Jesus is God that he faith does include that.  But faith also includes the promises that that faith believes the promises of God and in the letter to the Hebrews their promises of salvation promises of glory and promises of rest all is the gap lump them all into the promises of salvation.  He faith trusts in God’s promise and we come to a second pair what you mean by instruction about Washington’s and this is little more interesting something work because scratch her head were like okay what is about some people believe that there’s a lot of different views among the going to a mall on some believe that this refers to the different kinds of baptisms that there were familiar to first century Jewish believers there was did the baptism of Jewish proselytes of Gentiles become a Jew one of things is baptizing them it was John’s baptism, Baptist there was baptism in Jesus name for those who book the biblical believers baptism.  And then there was spirit there is spirit that they say lately succubi here’s these different kinds of Baptist because this is and is is plural so that probably means well maybe but I don’t think likely first will uses a different now similar but different than the and the words used elsewhere for Baptist also this word is used later in Hebrews 910 is used also in Mark seven versus 4 1/4 Jewish ceremonial washings I think that’s what he has in mind.  But these Jewish ceremonial washings at the top of the first they were different kinds of washings prescribed in the old covenant neglect the Old Testament you’ll find a different kinds of washings prescribed in the writer he is alluding to the teaching that those washings and Judaism were replaced by the superior washing in Christ’s blood.  That’s a blessing.  Under the new covenant is a said later in chapter 9 verse two is going to use this word for Jewish washings it teaches there the blood of Christ shall cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God, but it would be a greater cleansing than those Jewish washings that was verse 14 the new covenant promise more the ritual cleansing it would provide for both moral and spiritual cleansing a superior cleansing that was what they originally understood when they were first taught the ABCs of the gospel this is a might to go back into again Ezekiel recorded got promise about this in Ezekiel 36 again on the new covenant verses 2425 for I will take you from the nations gather you from all the lands into the and bring you into your own land then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean.  I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols.  And then later in verse 29 he says.  I will save you from all your uncleanness talking there about spiritual cleansing he’s not talking about you know the right of baptisms the ordinance of baptism some but spiritual cleansing and he says that what happens to us in Christ the cleansing we have by his blood is superior to all those washings he saying we recover that back when you were say Amerman on paired with that now is the laying on of hands this little bit tougher because it is a really talk about it very much to talk about all the rest letter and I wonder what is it me I think because no one the letter is about Jesus are largely about Jesus being superior as a high priest to deliver the order and coupled here with these ceremonial washings.  I think he has in mind the laying on of hands.  It took place under the old covenant under the Levitical sacrificial system but the thing about never the region in Leviticus and in a few were doing it send in your you bring you know animal to be sacrificed to do it but your hand.  Recognizing that the samples die in my place in it would be sling I think he has even more so in mind the idea that on the day of atonement is talk about high priest here on the day of atonement the high priest would put his hands on the animal before he slid them Leviticus 1621 and I think that’s we talk about the laying on of hands it is vague enough it might mean some of the things that to me that it’s good the context really really well the context of the letter of being about Jesus being superior it in his sacrifice is superior to the Levitical sacrifices and also being coupled here with the the laying on of the Surmontil washings that one last pair briefly the third pair comes from a future eschatological perspective of their about the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment Jewish leaders that they like the Pharisees did believe in the resurrection by the teaching he’s talking about is that there is no resurrection apart from Jesus resurrection he can go to first Corinthians 15 of versus 20 to 22 for that there’s no resurrection of Jesus resurrection he and in in the second point while all men will be resurrected not all will be resurrected in life is the next part of this pair some will be resurrected to eternal judgment external help eternal punishment and that leaves this verse on a note for this little paragraph on a note of seriousness paving the way for his discussion of apostasy the universe for your third point we said first that growth and maturity means forward progress second growth and maturity happens by being carried along toward that goal and now third growth and maturity is accompanied by the right attitude toward God faith and maturity is accompanied by the right attitude toward God but the first three in this we should do is cut from he says is going to proceed with this instruction on to their maturity and we will he will lead them take them by hand were all the go together I’m already growing and maturing, now pull you along and lead you lovingly into maturity.  If governments any moving forward to maturity is due to God’s grace the right attitude toward God and submission for the right attitude toward God is submission to what he is will for you in that process if you think about it though wearer things breakdown as we find that process being very difficult it’s not the way we would and you know a lot of times the process doesn’t make any sense to us.  We look at the Lord I can’t make sense is no painful.  Yes I get that
oh that sometimes can be painful.  But if I could just make sense out of it.  I can handle the pain is know know know you’re looking at the wrong way you just trust me it doesn’t have to make sense to you.  You just know that I him and sovereign control.  I am moving all things forward to the end that I have appointed for them and I am good and that’s what you need to focus it doesn’t have to make sense to you in heaven, I imagine things will make sense to us if not everything a lot of it probably will is will see things now from them from God’s perspective right now he says trust me River book is by faith trust my promises.  Trust me, we must learn to be content with the process if governments to review steadily maturing in your spiritual growth or are you spiritually stagnant if you are then he’d this man’s call.  Let’s move forward and literally.  Let’s be carried forward carried along toward maturity towards spiritual progress doesn’t mean Lego like, he said he’ll take it that way of his him by: Neil at the way you just carry you forward it mean that all this is more like Philippians 2 verses 12 and 13 that work out your salvation with fear and trembling like puzzles to yes you have something to do many as this is why for his God was it working of the willing to work according to his good pleasure I’m supposed to work because you don’t try.  You will we don’t we don’t know how exactly that happens we know that it does.  And that’s all we we trust: close by reading to you please leading into verses four through six don’t to chew on these are tackle, Lord willing.
Heber Sixers for for the case of those who have once been enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit and have tasted the good word of God and the powers and the age to come and then have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance since they can crucify to themselves the son of God and put him to show

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