Contented, Confident Character

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Hebrews 13:5-6

Message recorded 13 April 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Open your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 13 Hebrews 13 and this morning will be looking at verses five and six talking earlier about needing a middle name.  I still think Marcela hotspots great that you exactly imagine in another spell every time he thought informant in the worsen a boy named Sue MacArthur still think somebody with twins needs tightening them buzzing buses made perfect in Hebrews 13 money is the root of all evil.  Good bit is open to you and you would pick up on that I we usually hear quoted right by you your people otherworldliness typically the way they say that money is the root of all evil, which is actually a misquotation of first Timothy 610, which actually says the love of money is a root not the only one of all sorts of evil.  So we get it right easy.  Paul is not including hitting the problem that we have with money on money itself.  What he's doing is putting the problem where it really belongs in that is in our heart is the love of money that is a root of all sorts of evil easy money is actually a good thing.  It's a provision of God and its when we forget that we run into problems easy whenever we start wanting money and loving money in pursuing he had an thinking that if we get enough of it will have satisfaction that will make us happy that we have all or you can provide security number to be a really good for my retirement years, I've got enough for trusting and loving it.  Start longing for that we run into problems.  Solomon explained in Ecclesiastes 510 he who loves money will not be satisfied with money and take that to the bank unintended you're not very satisfied with money, you never will.  He says that too is vanity.  You see the money that you have will never catch up to your to the money you want the amount you want to see what you want will always stay a little bit ahead of what you have and so you have more have more have more you'll always want more.  Even if you become a billionaire whatever comes after that he just never much you have, you will never you can go ask any billionaire us in the room not what you what if this here we go through another recompression or something stock market crash and you know you could, you could lose $1 billion in a time so maybe we need 10 to truly I like with Solomon said also in another book.  Proverbs 23 verse five exists well, certainly makes itself wings and a good way of describing because no matter how much money you get it can just fly right out the window.  It doesn't take long for money to go away because it has this costs rise you even though maybe you got a raise this year costs go up and money just seems to go out so fast and when he is away.  If you have a love for in your heart of when you get mortising think you I get to the point where I'm making X number of dollars a year or have X amount of money saved up for retirement in a be satisfied all have enough that I can just Reston, but with money creating itself wings would also happens is it's like that amount of money just flew away because I was announcement works in our heart.  If we love money now money is and can be a blessing God provides Forrester money.  But there's another way that it can be a blessing to us.  We often think about when we think about money.  What can happen is he can reveal problems in our heart.  When we think about money.  Read more more or self-sufficiency.  I have enough money out of me God, I'm going to be fine to God, you know, you go help other people and good or worry with XYZ you see what money does by God's grace are can do by God's grace is cause red flags to pop up in our heart in those red flags.  If you understand what they are at first you we look at we say and he's a problem with greed and in we think of you.  What occurs is horrible but even if it's a believer in Jesus Christ and a red flag pops up saying okay, here's something God wants to work on in your heart and the flag is tied to something in your hearts.  If you take your heart you look at it, near the inner man here about the blood pumping thing, but it is a red flag.  The red flag is is is pointing here is a problem that God wants to work on is where you see greed or worry or covetousness or whatever in your life in your heart.  That's something that God is saying okay I will start working on this.  Let's work together.  Let's get that room that out of your heart


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