Does Faith Get Results

Hebrews  11:30-31

Message recorded 18 August 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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 Obey and leave the results to God.

Was open your Bibles together due to Hebrews chapter 11 giver chapter 11 and this morning we will be looking at verses 30 and 31 as a Pharisee, Simon was more righteous than most people think he just didn’t send that much now.  Jesus said come on to the scene and Jesus was becoming somewhat of a celebrity and so, Simon being a righteous man wanted to have this religious celebrity to his house so invites Jesus over at Kevin over dinner and all Jesus is reclining there at the table in comes this one and Luke tells us that there was a woman in the city someone who was known for being very different from sign Simon had a label he was a Pharisee that were labeled him as a righteous man.  This woman had a label to live tells us are label was sinner.  Everybody knew about her.  This was a different town in when she comes in.  Normally, Simon probably would’ve run her off at her kind, didn’t belong with righteous people in this time, though he doesn’t what Simon does is he stays quiet and he watches to see if Jesus is really a profit nearly he’s a profit.  He’ll ill know what kind of woman.  This is and he will run her off well.  The woman comes in go straight to Jesus, straight to his feet and you might remember that in that day when they would surround table table was very low and they would actually recline and they would probably sells up on one elbow if you will, and use the other hand to eat with an effete would go out back away from the table.  Everybody’s reclining all Roundtable so is his feet back like that in woman go straight over to his feet and in she just bends over them.  She’s no down on her knees over his feet and she’s just are so much a meeting.  She’s an emotional mess.  It’s and she’s weeping and wailing so much that she’s getting his feet really with it so she takes her hair and she’s wiping his feet and effectively shields of washing his feet that she’s doing this.  He also has a vial of perfume and so she keeps annoying his feet with perfume and kiss kissing kissing kissing his feet and weeping and just pouring out tears onto his feet and like Simon doesn’t say or what he’s thinking awful lot is taken from the Jesus it is a woman, she it would letting that her touching if you will.  Jesus was about then more than that.  But he was a prophet.  He not only knew what sort of woman she was he knew exactly what Simon was thinking in a son and set a were.  And so what Jesus does he says Sinai would tell you a story.  This is okay teacher going this is there was a moneylender and two men owed him.  That’s one of them out him about 75,000 dollars and the other one out him about 7500 dollars.  Neither one of them had a red sent to pay back their death and so he says, Simon which one of those two former debtors do you think would love the moneylender more and Simon answered rightly said.  I presume the one who was forgiven more Jesus and you’re right that Jesus goes for the heart, he says to sign do you see this woman entered your house and you gave me no water for my feet is customary to do that some didn’t, but she has wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair you gave me but she since the time I came in, is not ceased to kiss my you do not anoint my head with oil, but she has anointed my feet with perfume.  For this reason, I say to her sins which are being have been forgiven.  She loved much but he who is forgiven little loves the little, and then he says to her your sins have been forgiven your faith has saved go in peace now in reality, Simon was just as big a sinner as this will center different is not immoral woman like she was the differences is that she openly confessed her sins, just by pouring out her tears on Jesus feet tears of repentance.  She knew what kind of woman she was.  She knew she was bound for help.  She knew she didn’t deserve heaven, but she comes at this point in her life got it done a work of grace in her heart and she was repentance and she poured out tears of repentance on her Savior’s fee in anointed them, and wiped them with her hair, and kissed.  She expressed her faith and repentance.  There and Jesus seeing her humble faith saved she Jesus came to save sinners he was amazing is that Jesus was born of into a royal line of Royal family, but it ever thought about the fact that everyone but Jesus in that line was a center and you realize this that there were two women in Jesus lineage prostitutes.  Nothing more was only a prostitute wants the Rahab was a prostitute by trade.  Could it be the someone like Rahab would become one of the most admired believers in Israel’s history and in church history.  Could it be that a prostitute truly could make it into what we call here in Hebrews 11 the hall of faith.  Yes indeed, why is Jesus only save sinners sinners can make it into the Hall of Fame like you follow with me Hebrews 11… Backup one verse two verse 29 Hebrews 11 beginning in verse 29 started at the Israelites as they have come out of Egypt, he says, by faith they passed through the Red Sea as though they were passing through dry land in the Egyptians when they attempted it were drowned by faith.  The walls of Jericho fell down after they had been circled for seven days by faith Rahab the harlot did not perish along with those who are disobedience after she had welcomed the spies in peace, where authors doing now after verse 29 is he fast forwards 40 years after the the crossing of the Red Sea and the net generation had to die off the ones who are disobedient didn’t have faith in here we find Israel.  They had just crossed the Jordan new generation but the very first obstacle stands in their way.  We sang about you were with that obstacle was was saying about the walls of what city kids fell down to now these walls by human standards were impregnable is an enormous obstacle how are they going to take possession of the land.  When they can even break through the walls of the people who are either alimony dispossess them while that’s go back to Joshua chapter 5.  Let’s read about that Joshua chapter 5


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