Evidence of New Life, Pt 2 – Heb 6:10-12

Hebrews 6:10-12

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You would turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 6 continue our study there in Hebrews six.  We have a few passages first to  look at before that the it there for now in the chapter on the resurrection first rankings 15 Paul lays out the list therefore us the basics of the gospel he begins that chapter with the basics of the gospel and some of you might remember those first all that Jesus died according to the Scriptures that he was buried that he rose again on the third day and then he appeared to many and he tells there are over 500 now that last point a lot of times it gets overlooked or Passover really quickly.  We focus on the others because they are glorious truths but we miss that last sometimes, but it’s important as well and the reason that is is important is because it matters whether not the gospel account is verifiable a lot of people make up a lot of things they have done that name of religion they said all we know this happened is happened in and so on but was not verifiable.  Jesus they claim that he would rise again.  And so was necessary to show that what he said was true God delights to glorify himself by promising to overcome insurmountable odds and then proving to his creation that he has in the accomplished the impossible and he did that is done that many of its many times in the springtime when he raised Jesus from the dead but yourself in the the position of those to whom he had been teaching us he was talking about how he was going to die and rise again and they were perplexed at the and so when he was arrested and tortured and put to death.  They were really sure what to think their release but it still it was still hard to fathom then he appeared to many on various occasions you if you are one of those people and it appeared that Jesus had indeed risen again and he now has appeared okay.  Verify that he really did rise bodily that he wasn’t just you know the spirit a problem with the the spirit living on a lot but the Jews didn’t believe.  Some believe in a resurrection body but generally that was going to be for as we earlier in the last day but right now, after three days, so if you now saw this he thought Christ and that you believe that okay this is Christ that is he a robot he wanted how would you verify that for yourself that you’re not just seeing a ghost or seeing a spirit will him.  I remember a number.  The passages where Jesus did appear and there their wonderful passages think about the 24 Jesus appeared to him and they assume that anything the thickness the spirit of the time was on so he he said he can touch me and in so they’re excited about that I like okay wow but they still not quite believing it is a he said anything the younger what they brought some broiled fish, Freddy DeLuca such a great story me pretty even in the little details like and so he then later in John 20 are another occasion John 20 Mary Magdalene.  When she saw the risen Lord.  She was excited Shelley testing but virtue is going to him and him Jesus in a something to and then another occasion still in John 20 they’re in a locked room.  The disciples were in Jesus appears.  Bindle the door comes in the house is like okay he can go through walls.  Surely he spirit the camera body of her wall is in their thinking and so Jesus showed his disciples his his hands of the winds and his side the river, Thomas was yes, he was doubting but I think he also knew that if he was going to be preaching this gospel that Jesus is the Messiah and that he died for our sins and that he would he has indeed risen from the dead the nature reserve be persecuted for this put to death possibly he’s now to be sure that that really did happen reason until the people as a remember the story went when Jesus appeared to them again.  This time Thomas was with the disciples when he tell Thomas Zimmerman can you get it.  The spirit when it Jesus was have a real body he wasn’t just asperity was three-dimensional if actually not just touch him but you can actually put your hand of the ones is three-dimensional he had a real body little bit later John 21 member the disciples I wonder what to do and pieces unofficial of course everybody out what they all hopped about the go fishing and never how that went how successful all the kitchen their fractured and you are Lord died teamster for his again were not sure Thanksgiving to finish in a can go back to her old ways and there Jesus on the bank these the breakfast it remains important significance officiant will furcal fire: a calls out to oasis you detach a things that no is okay to try this they didn’t you know unbelievable catch the and they realize that the Lord and you Peter flies out there makes his way to the Lord they’ll come up in Jesus it your of the breakfast for it breaks more fish feed rest of the you he can truly risen from the dead he rose from the dead and exists in both spirit and body a regional I had is a marvelous gospel all of that together those who believe the same gospel will be saved but she this this salvation in Jesus ghettos that he grains that he causes in us is the gospel is also called newness of life.  New life is evident in genuine believers in other words this new life gives visible proof that it does exist but it really is life.  Jesus just as he could prove that he had been resurrected in body so to do believers show that they have been raised to walk in newness of life life attests to his own existence but see how the presence of true life and these readers give this author confidence in their spiritual condition selected follow with misery Hebrews 6 now beginning verse 44 in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit and have tasted the word of God and the powers and the age to come, and then have fallen away it is impossible to renew them again to repentance since they again crucify to themselves the son of God and put him to open shame foreground the drinks the rain which often falls upon it and brings forth vegetation useful to the to those for whose sake is also to receives a blessing from God not if it yields thorns and thistles is worthless and a curse hangs over it.  It ends up being burned by beloved we are convinced of better things concerning you and things that accompany salvation the we are speaking in this way God is not just so as to forget your work and the love which is shown towards maintaining and having ministered in still ministering to the Saints and we desire that each one of you show the same diligence so as to realize the full assurance of hope until the that you may not be sluggish but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises last week we saw how it was possible to have great religion to have a list of the religious things true about you and then that can be true about any believer.  And yet the person and could still not be a genuine believer spiritual influences even great ones do not cause a person to be saved.  They go rule simplistic one like attending church regularly is something that believers will do genuine believers will attend church were a group attending church regularly doesn’t make you a genuine believer and so that list that we saw last time verses four through six those things will be true believers but the may also be true of those who are not they are not certain signs that a person has genuinely been redeemed but it is indeed possible to have confidence about your own conversion but the conversion of other people so this week and next were a see what, what that confidence is based on were going to of these two weeks look at three things will get one today number one why the author is confident about the good spiritual status of his readers but see that verse nine next time we’ll see number two what those things are they giving confidence verse 10 the number three what he desires them to do now verse 11 and 12 so first number 118 the author is confident about the good spiritual status of his readers is look at verse nine again but beloved we are convinced of better things concerning you and things that accompany salvation though we’re speaking in this way so after having talked about the things that the true those who do follow way.  He now switches gears and he’s talking about a different group of people he was talking as we saw last time verses four through six and in verse a those who would follow way but using the word but here he said the contrast of it is a difference between those people in the ones I’m talking about now and those whose talk about now he calls beloved see he has a whole different outlook on he expresses his love for them.  He also in that is showing his confidence in him and he says and why he’s comfortable calling them beloved is because he says we are convinced of better things concerning you.  We can take that as meaning that he is firmly convinced about us about their spiritual condition but the danger they face we we seen how verses one through three that they were stagnant in their faith that they had learned.  The spiritual ABCs about Jesus but did not move on beyond in spite of that he’s confident that these his readers are truly in the faith is doesn’t mean that the warning really doesn’t apply to them and it doesn’t mean that is also proclaiming with apostolic authority that all of them are actually in the face.  He saying that based on what he knows about the Christian life was not impressive gives evidence of real life find a similar pattern think about when Jesus addresses the church at Ephesus in relation to the there he does talk about you the problem they had a conference that was sharp words but they he also talks about things that are there wonderful about the great things about that church Paul if you read first Corinthians you sometimes away was wondering if these people say they think about the problems that they had it from every different direction you look at the they had these problems being serious problems immorality all kinds of things.  And yet he says in second Corinthians 74 great is my confidence in you great is my posting on your behalf, I am filled with comfort I’m overflowing with joy in all our affliction so the writer the Hebrews in the same way says that he’s firmly convinced of better things concerning his readers instead of lots of religion you just great religion a lot of different things religious things in their life against of better things concerning he has he sees a bright hope for them it’s not tied up within it is a okay good heaven after those first few verses it would become scared the neighbors they were fun to go back to being sluggers and he’s a son he trying to encourage them as he said in verse one to be carried along were some have it press on toward maturity do not just sit here stagnant because he sorry showing us that to remain stagnant is to be in a dangerous position because those who remain stagnant could show that the not genuinely say dingle backward and follow way from the faith.  He is convinced the true work of God has taken place in them.  This is the second time these uses concept of better he is it back in chapter 1 verse four talk about Jesus is better than the Angels is many years a number of other times later in the book.  This is a theme or he showing over and again that everything associated with Jesus is better than something else in and he goes through his works his way through all the different things that Jesus’s sacrifice salvation.  Jesus all of it is better so these things which are better things that accompany salvation now literally it is that these things have salvation word but that doesn’t make sense not to us but the idea is that that these things is better things in salvation are closely associated say they’re so closely associated that these things can serve as a sign that salvation really does exist if we can look into a person’s heart and see salvation as it is anything you know that we can see with our eyes that salvation is there except these things are the these evidences that salvation is there it we talked and Galatians about the fruit of the Spirit is one way you can be convinced is if you see genuinely the fruit of the spirit and you know James talks about the works that are but flow from faith Paul talked about that Ephesians chapter 2 it we we quickly recite those verses 89 your for migration saved through faith not of yourselves get the God of works but no one should boast and forget verse 10 is is a were created in Christ Jesus for what the good works he said.  That’s what should flow out from our salvation if we are indeed saved by grace through faith that he’s going to talk about these more will see more next time verse 10 he talks about their work there it looks as if you look at verse 10 for God is not unjust so as to forget you’re working alive which you have shown toward his name in having ministered in still ministering to the Saints the stand in contrast to what he gave us in verses four through six that if for through six there alone it doesn’t give us enough confidence but we see in verse 10 says that season where develop that more next time but will those things in verses four through six don’t necessarily accompany salvation or in other words they don’t prove that salvation is there we can have confidence a person salvation is genuine if we see flowing from it these works in ministering to the same his love that that moves us to minister to the Saints and we seen that recently held this this is great a lot of the works to go with it in ministering to those who need salvation is being delivered from the guilt and penalty of sin to the blood of Christ, but it’s also being raised to walk in newness of life it is also becoming a new creation referring their Romans six for us are Christians 517 as I said earlier life attests to its own existence the writer concludes this verse with this though we’re speaking in this way it as he was going through verses one through eight.  They may be wondering what he thinks about and so here verse 90s is now what you understand that I know you guys in based on what I know about you I’m confident of your Fay even though I’m having to talk to you because of your stagnancy spirituals they stay of having to confront you about of speaking to you in this way is important thing about this warnings are only given when there is still hope of rescue right if someone Ephesus went too far out in the is one with are now drowning in is no hope of anyone rescuing them because of how far out they are you warned that person should Julie give warning when they’re still hope of rescue.  He’s giving a warning here because though they are stagnant in their faith.  There is hope there is still hope for them because what he knows about some if a brother or sister has become stagnant in their walk with Christ.  We can follow this men’s example of how to minister to it is this original is more but for today you just give you three things that can’t get us thinking and in that direction.  First, if you see someone who appears to be stagnant look for genuine fruit in their lives do you see the kinds of things that he describes in in verse 10 and endotoxin morbus mother things later in the letter easy those kinds of things things that it was to look for great religion a person’s life the things that usually explained by the change the gospel and second if you find that encourage them and give them hope prissy a lot more about hold later in chapter 6 to finish off the it started little rough is to finish off is so wonderful talking about hold the real high point in chapter 2/3 exhort them using verse one to be carried along toward maturity with all of us to join all of us together in a safe the list goes on and on together and in move toward maturity in and when you’re we call pull you along in when I’m week you pull me along this is go together toward maturity and grow together Christ has been raised he has the living body to prevent if you have been raised with Christ you have the living works and love that would be an active love to present if you do then press on the carry forward to maturity keep maturity in the faith don’t be content with the stagnant state of spirituality if you don’t have those things and come back to the gospel heard several times here this morning think about the gospel what a sweet means which you have to believing that is what you have to do in response the gospel is to believe and repent of your sins and believe the gospel to Jesus called men to do and what we almost do to be say

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