Failing to Mature – Heb 5:11-14

Hebrews 5:11-14

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If you would turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 5 this morning we plan to include chapter 5 and this is a passage that oftentimes gets overlooked because it.  By this time into reading through the book is think of book you’re anxious to get to chapters chapters 6 and seven because it is a lot there is controversy and things like that and as of the oftentimes Passover pre-quickly and it’s that’s unfortunate because this passage is a lot in it for us law wonderful truth in it the Red Sea.  This morning I like you to think with me for a few minutes long this was considering what would be necessary if we were to participate in an athletic competition and maybe even to become a professional athlete I’m you I assumed we would all agree that we don’t just up and go do something like that right like a marathon they a really long by grace rockclimbing inventor dry winter golf tourney ministers like that a yield just say okay let’s all just had out here right now and where does not run 26 miles and the regular one of his resurrection but then I’m him that I would not be that once made to him.  There are things that are necessary in order to prepare for it.  But we need personal you goal at a goal such as he will run a marathon this number Google it mean we actually mean of their goal would be I want to complete a marathon in actual run the whole thing and that would be Google or other media like to finish in the top 75% favor that be pretty good old needed the top 99% effective be happy at all and next we we need.  We need proper nutrition to any those type of event certainly demanding on the body and so it requires that we fuel body properly the proper nutrition or any energy for the event a lot of energy on were also the need to build but as we are preparing for this build strong muscles from whatever you might need to build strong ligaments mean that all these things nutrition is going to contribute to.  Additionally just giving us the energy for it.  We also need regular exercise faith that rental a lot of it to his if you want to be good at something like that you actually win or her complete a long journey like a marathon.  Need a lot of exercise.  Regular exercise is not like okay well this marathon is six months it ended in advance and in over the week prior old but try to run the Lord is him and you have to do to get after now and work hard at it every day and never we don’t just know the real is ill just you know put on your exercise closed but her sneakers and just start running until you drop write SSO work either.  That the law practice is going to be involved.  Whether you know it.  If you’re if it’s golf.  Practice your swing and your your pots and things like that are it’s a swimming event in your practice.  Not only are your strokes and he covered where competition your input in a have a you seen the they did it turn into vegetable flip taking the kick off to the going and stuff it.  I never tried and I’m not going to drown.  But you need that takes a lot of practice you get the tiny meteor rates.  Whether swimming or running or biking, where it you got it you hate yourself and you don’t run a marathon by a in of just sprinted you know that he won’t go work for a in you sprinting you have to practice the the the start you know, can you can you kick off in of writing if the timing right everything and if your hate your paced around that right and the skill that’s involved it you to become proficient at all these various things are going going into you being successful at whatever you’re trying to do not using a biking therefore let me shift gears you some of you wonder why you just start making much progress in your spiritual life maybe you’re not gaining ground against sent into it.  It knocks you down in you wanted defeated, but you just can’t making headway many in their spiritual duties on the reading of Bible study your Bible prayer those kinds of things.  You just need you you plan to and they just did in remembrance and prayer face I, start praying every day, per six hours or for damages awarded in on it we do that right little extreme, but what happens it would just kind of fizzled now that last for many years you’re not comfortable sharing your faith in you know and you think well I’m just nervous and I only want to say I get tongue tied I just you know I know little bullheaded, and then there the to be condemned to hell because I blew it in him we think like maybe you wish that you could really learn the local theology me get a grasp on on the Scriptures and and understand various doctrines and and him would find in Scripture and what they mean you can see you bought a book on theology and you got all the way through the preface was all symptoms of a more basic problem see but that the goal we really need to do is become a mature Christian to become a mature Christian.that is very demanding and lifelong project it isn’t something that you just you know do a few weeks a year later and I took this discourse discipleship and now mature Christian Edward that what he knows can be helpful for that in but it’s more than just like a demanding athletic event it requires proper nourishment rigorous training regular practice and you have to: writer to the Hebrews to use these familiar images of these pictures of an athletic event at all that goes into that in order to show his readers where they have gone wrong with the problem is a to show them why they are in such spiritual danger zone we find ourselves now beginning is his third warning passage.  Verse 11 doesn’t take us on into chapter 6 he’s warning them because of problems that he has seen in their flock selected follow with me Hebrews chapter 5 and will pick up verse 1030 talking about Jesus and his qualifications as high priest saying been designated by God as a high priest according to the world of Melchizedek.  Now verse 11 concerning him.  We have much to say and it is hard to explain sent you, all of hearing for though by this time you want to be teachers Indonesia giver someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God immunocompetent and will and not solid food River one who protects only milk is it not accustomed to the word of righteousness because isn’t they the solid food is for the mature who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good evil.  Therefore leaving elementary teaching about Christ let us press on to maturity not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and faith toward God of structured about Washington laying on of hands in the resurrection the dad and eternal judgment in this we shall do that if God permits we saw last time that author made a transition he was talking in his first nine verses about the qualifications of Jesus as our high priest he had to be human entity called and then something it was unique to Jesus.  He was devoted to God will never steer the end of that it makes one of his really skillful transitions guys really good as a writer and he says that that Jesus was called according to appointed according the order of Melchizedek

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