Faith Is…

Hebrews 11:1-2

Message recorded 2 June 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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We need faith because faith is the assurance that God's promises are certain

Faith is the stuff that hope is built upon

Faith is confidence that promises will be fulfilled

1) Is faith the foundation of hope. 
2) Is faith the substance or the essece of hope
3) Is faith the guarantee of thigs hoped for
4) Is faith the confident assurane of things hoped for

You would turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 reverting we finally made it to wonderful chapter this may people a been looking forward to its a favorite of many Christians is a tells us so much about faith and we have those wonderful examples of people who are just like us, just as messed up as we are and who live by faith in before we get into that.  I want to thank all of you who been praying and thank the Lord for your prayers that I found out Friday that my day job.  I get to keep it and I get to stay here and so I was not enough how you respond to the know.  But thank you all in think that the Lord for his provision to to me into us in that that may come up again in about a year but I think where were good for a while anyway so they can Lord for that.  Now onto faith, which is as you know I and you and all the different things.  We go through have needed faith and we do need things as we want talk about today.  Now why we need faith.  They see think about it.  Billions of people make it through life every day relatively unscathed.  And they've always done.  They go through life and you think about your neighbors, relatives people you know it were school the supermarket they don't have Christ.  They don't have genuine faith and somehow they make it through.  So why do we need well we see already that there really are only two options either faith onto salvation are shrinking back, which is the opposite of faith falling away shrinking back onto eternal destruction is there were two options we saw that last time.  And that should be one thing that you know is clear to us that we need faith because we don't want eternal destruction.  We will see in chapter lumber six that faith is the only way to please God is by faith.  It's the only option God has already said in the previous passage that my righteous one shall live by faith God requires that we live now living by faith doesn't mean believing in God in praying once in a while.  That's not living by faith.  What does it mean to live by faith well thing but this way one day we shall have glorified bodies, but not today.  Today our bodies good week tired they get sick.  They grow old and die one day we shall be entirely set free from sin, so much so that we will not be able to stand, but not today.  We wrestle against sin and we lose a lot of those but it's one day we will inherit the kingdom.  But not today.  Today we suffer loss a lot of our work our toil is going when they we shall see God.  We shall see our Lord Jesus Christ with their own but not today.  Today God is invisible to us.  And Jesus is a way in heaven.  So we have to live trusting that all of that will one day be ours.  We haven't seen yet none of us here have seen the Lord Jesus Christ with our own eyes and others have gotten a peek of heaven, yet none of us have seen all the blessings that are promised for us because the reserved in heaven for us.  And so we have to live by faith, trusting that they will be our one day though not today so we really do need faith because we have to live in such a way that we are comforted and encouraged and motivated by all those wonderful blessings that are to come that are here right the real but to us their invisible in today we feel the fullness of the tension between what shall be in what he's we have to hold onto promises that we've never even seen today.  We need faith to believe that God is true and that his promises are certain we need to clean tightly to the fact that God is trustworthy that he is faithful we have to clean to us when life assaults us


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