Faith Suffers in Hope

Hebrews 11:36-40

Message recorded 1 September 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Open your Bibles with me to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews 11 this morning we were willing, will finish off this chapter, brother.  It’s been a rather a enjoyable and profitable study for me hope has been for you as well as a semi-wonderful lessons that we have learned here in chapter 11 of Hebrews a great the great chapter on faith Hebrews chapter 11 to look at verses 36 to 40 faith is required if we are to succeed well I don’t mean whether we are to succeed.  But if we do it well if we did in a godly way we have to have faith to do that in a godly what faith is required if we are to suffer well, not just putting up with whatever comes our way back to handle it well in a way that brings glory to God.  Israel has struggled throughout their history, they have really struggled in some tremendous ways the kinds of things they have had to go through and just before Jesus came it wasn’t any different.  They wrestled under the oppression from other countries who had conquered them at a think would be with me for a minute to say that we have a young soldier just prior to Christ on that.  In between the Testaments as we refer to it in he’s battling on, on behalf of his country Israel and he and some others are captured say that as they have them lined up in he he sees that is captors are going to put at least some of them to death as one of the soldiers from the enemy walks along that line, and then executes soldier by soldier in he sees it coming his way to say that he tries to draw upon the examples that we looked at last week he thinks about okay, I can have the faith of Gideon.  I can be like.  David when he went up against that giant Goliath to be like Daniel lines the trust in the Lord through that are like Daniel’s three friends there in the fiery furnace.  Yes, I can believe I can believe like them that God will deliver me then as the enemy soldier comes to him.  He’s trying to be strong in faith.  The soldier runs in through with sword and as the young man’s dying he’s thinking what I at I have tried to have faith like Daniel and those guys David is used will what went wrong is that are soldier had a lopsided perspective see, he had an incomplete list of examples those important category that he left out just because God delivered Daniel and delivered Shadrach Meshach and NATO it doesn’t mean that he’s going to guarantee that for every one because there are so many other examples in the Old Testament of men and women who suffered for their faith to die by earthly measures they were defeated.  They were successful light these valiant warriors.  We talked about last time.  Yes, our forefathers do show us that there are times where God does grant valiant victory in their times though we look at all of the Scriptures and here’s receive in the Old Testament times, but sometimes God ordains that we suffer and by human writers suffer defeat and death.  The rightly informed faith is able to steer clearly through either of those scenario.  ECE faith isn’t just as some people today even teach that if you have faith and everything is going to go well all the time faith is able to steer a clear course through that cannot become proud to not trust in one’s own abilities when we we are successful.  If you will earthly standards, but faith is also able to steer clearly through the trials that come our way.  The adversities the obstacles that we face in this life faith can confidently trust God through success or suffering triumphant or tragedy faith is able to put this life into perspective.  It reminds us that this life isn’t all that therein sometimes we live that way too often we live that way either.  We think that it’s all about the successes of life for when were suffering we think you want me me so much of my life has been filled with suffering adversity and finish my life and it’s mostly been part forgiving that this isn’t all that therein.  It’s in reality, this life is really but a vapor me when you compare it to all of eternity.  The have are many years you live here is going to be a drop in the bucket and the longer you live the more you realize that it’s gone and we look back from eternity on this will save well we so distracted with that life it was so sure we got hung up on leave and when life is at its bleakest faith can endure faith can wait patiently through adversity they can suffer great loss in this life.  Why because faith knows that there’s something far better than anything that in the best that we could experience here even if every day of your life was a day of untold success and enjoy and wonder everything is just going every day all day long never a try still not compare at all with what is laid up for us 


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