Fatal Fall – Heb 6:4-6

Hebrews 6:4-6

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Your turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 6.  Yes, we’ve come to the big one passage that causes a lot of grief for folks in confusion for others were not we can work our way through it and come to understand what the writer intended for us to know how much impact do circumstances have gone now a person turns out to give an example when it dropped I had several years or arrears ago is this guy I want to tell you little bit about it he talked a lot about being a Christian.  He has is a team in this department.  I thought this is great.  I have a comrade in faith and he talked to everybody about being a Christian.  We had a terrific understanding boss you can ask for a better boss this may he touch a dear John letter let you do and we was there she needed in the current he made sure we had all the resources that we needed to do our jobs we we had a very interesting cutting-edge kind of work to do so it was exciting every day and then there’s this new things to learn doing try and it was not the ideal work environment is the best one I’ve ever been.  But this fellow would spend his time playing computer games and are looking for sin Internet.  He eventually had to be fired is worthless so many people in department five but because of those those influences that we have the circumstances that we have the great people that we work with but not this fellow we give you an example from agriculture assert writer is going to do today on our farm we once had a calf that was born something wrong with that that kept it from growing.  And I think I was a young teenager at the time and seeing that there was something wrong with the Looked normal active normal does like a normal Wood and yet she never grew.  And so I created a special place for her so that I could give her a lot of loving care to make sure she had the right nourishment it you got the vets recommendations on medicine and just you did everything I could to try to nurture her along and hopefully get her to start rolling.  She was a sweet little but it should guide you even in spite of the circumstances which circumstances gracious influences are essential for Christians to thrive.  So when someone benefits from all of that and then they follow way were perplexed about the how can one person thrive in a loving environment while another person failed and that question is what makes this passage so difficult because we can see people who seem to be just like us on outward appearances and what sometimes looks to us like enter appearances le Carre and follow way to believe they can just walk away from and so the stark finality of this passage.  It sucks will soon begin unraveling and hopefully we will get the author’s intended purpose which is that’s to warn us of the reality of apostasy.  So that there so that we will be diligent girl to follow with me Hebrews chapter 6 you begin verse one this is therefore leaving elementary teaching her the ABCs about the Christ let us press on to maturity not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and faith toward God of instruction about Washington laying on of hands in the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment in this we shall do if God permits for in the case of those who have once been enlightened have used of the heavenly gift and the name partakers of the Holy Spirit and have tasted the good word of God and the powers and the age to come, and then have fallen away.  It is impossible to renew them again to repentance since they can crucify to themselves the son of God and put him to open shinny for ground that drinks the rain which often falls upon it and brings forth vegetation useful to those for whose sake.  It is also received a blessing from God by if it yields for warnings and thistles is worthless and close to being cursed and it ends up being burned we have before us the most controversial passages in Scripture and is lot of interviews about unwanted touch a few of those views I do not hold that the hold about this passage, going all of them.  There’s a lot we can be your weeks a if you have a question about a particular view we talk about afterward we have to do that, there’s a lot of good material that we can discuss on now that’s a wanted list which a clear line away and focus primarily on what the passage actually saying I’ll touch a few times a week not say we have to do that in a few places but that they wanted talk but what it is actually saying so that we can be really clear about it.  Otherwise, it could be confusing and misunderstanding has caused unnecessary grief to a lot of people it’s a functional fitness naysaying him.  I wonder if that’s true me did I follow way ill that time when I send you know I a violent times I sent after coming to Christ and maybe this is me 12 this passage it on amicus from it we shouldn’t read past it just you know and we we need to take it seriously because very serious and very real but he ties this together verses four through eight with verses nine through 12 in those past those verses nine through 12 there is when the passage great whole to we have a passage one is you know this dire warning in the followed by passage of great open of course you’ll continue on through the end of the chapter 6 and zero in on are really high notes of hope and that’s fitting for such a serious passages this but the author wants to prevent this disaster from happening to his readers.  And that’s why he gives them his warning in it.  If you really can happen is no reason to this it has to be real depths.  Some commentators and pastors choose to take this as meaning way you know mainly it’s just really difficult to renew them maybe it’s not impossible a answer is a well in this is really theoretically it’s imaginary like something you know if this could happen really bad you don’t want that to happen.  They see apostasy is not something that’s truly possible.  If that’s so, then Philip uses right when he says.  If that is the case then this epistle with its high sounding admonitions must be dismissed as trifling worthless and ridiculous he’s right if the author were just trying to frighten his readers into depressing on to maturity and he didn’t really mean.  It didn’t was true, then he’s resorting to the selection of a problem for you know someone using a tactic like the section were about but you with the business user he warned them against the danger of apostasy we saw back in chapter 3 verse 12 this was that the roof that corporate duty that we all have to each other as I just you watch yourself but he says to all of us to watch each other take care brethren, lest there should be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God.  These are he warned them there is going to one and two more times against apostasy in chapters 10 and 12 see he so concerned about them becoming spiritually stagnant because he knows that if the remaining that way then this is a real danger spiritual stagnancy can be a forerunner to apostasy spiritual stagnancy can be a forerunner to apostasy.  Now in this long sentence verses four through 6017 we eat with the main clause in this it is hard sometimes to follow with the are English translations of it try to smooth it out for us English thinkers a great thinkers it they it happened one order wasn’t that important but for us it is and in yet it still is a little tricky.  The main causes this is impossible for those to be brought back to repentance are be reviewed again to repentance.  That’s the main points and we does he splits that main clause any inserts there a list of fund have seven things that are true about them about the that those who would apostasy it is really seven things that are true about them the first six of those early true also believers but the seventh not and that’s what will set them apart in bondage this list the first six anyway he proves that they have had a formal revelation about the Messiah the truth about the Messiah but having the full revelation they choose to reject what is doing here is explaining using the word for he’s explaining why it is that they must press on to maturity chapter 6 first one beginning of this context he see it would be disastrous for them to remain spiritually stagnant he actually begins his Greek sentence with the word impossible that I would be real difficult for us but Greeks could pull word up to the front writers and give it emphasis and that’s what he does here he wants that this word to stand out to them so that when they read it the first word in the sentence is impossible he wants their ears to perk I like oh what’s impossible in with him giving such emphasis to it we we should not try to soften it to say that only means difficult or will it means just unprofitable if not impossible, but it knows heart that would be to soften it.  He is getting too much emphasis but since it’s now look at the list of things in their first major point is this gracious influence and will be looking for verses for verse six for these gracious influence a read again verses 454 in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made they partakers of the Holy Spirit and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come.  There the first thing he tells us about these people is that they have once been enlightened you made your minds may go back to John chapter 1 member verse nine were taught that Jesus was the true light and the light Jesus that is the with the revelation that he brought does it will enlightens every man.  ECE Jesus as we saw the first part of the very first part of chapter 1 in Heber’s is that Jesus was that greatest fullest revelation of God.  The prophets of old revealed God a lot of different ways that Jesus came as the greatest in the fullest representation the fullest revelation of God is a Jesus came and he enlightens every man apart from God revealing true to us.  We all would remain in darkness there would be no hope we we could find out the truth on our own if God had not chosen to review it to us or to see later in Hebrews 10 verses 26 to 32 that’s this enlightenment involves receiving the knowledge of the truth.  That’s what it is receiving the knowledge of the truth is of enlightenment is ignorance removed by Trevor an easy way to remember it’s ignorance removed by truth that’s what enlightenment is we even use the word a lot of times that way in English we talk about things as we have truth we learn truth in ignorance is removed is the first thing they once been like the second thing he says about it is that they had if tasted of the heavenly gift out tasted refers to a real conscious enjoyment of something.  So it you know if you we have a nice lunch after this and can you taste whatever is new unit with chocolate tasting it is auditioning within it all down the tracks tasting each by savoring it we actually are experiencing we are consciously enjoying what versus off about this though and these other things in the list is that we know their true of believers believers have tasted that’s a think about a first Peter chapter 2 verse three, where believers have tasted the kindness of the Lord thing about Psalm 34 a it probably the first thinking your money think about tasting right tasting seen the Lord is what God but tasting doesn’t require are experiencing it in any ultimate sentence or we could look at it in a sense that’s permanent it can and often does but is have to we learned earlier in chapter 2 that Jesus became man he says in order to taste death for us okay I’m asking Jesus death was a real death of the real death he really die that’s with tasting means but is Jesus of that was not finally was not ultimate it was not permanent right he overcame death he rose again he tasted this is the tasting while the team refer to it and permanent enjoyment of something our permanent state of something it doesn’t have to That so is this gift that we tasteful first he says it’s heavenly in Hebrews heavenly is used to describe something that either had source in heaven.  I think it’s the which used here but also it can mean that it is more entries describing has a characteristic of heaven can be described by heavenly things.  We might say that so when he uses the term enough to throughout the letter this particular word what is referring to our guests in the sense of sacrifices the priests come with with gifts and and they are people come with guessing that gives the priestly brings of God get some sense of sacrifices and so I think that’s what he has in mind it the other a lot of ideas about what gets me and I think the best thing the only clues we really have from the context that work is the way that he uses this word elsewhere.  But he noted is not gifts plural.  Is it so a singular but it’s what you see what comfort for the were gift me keep track it seems as though he’s trying to single act if you think about it for talk about sacrifice sacrifices in which of these sacrifice and the book of Hebrews, but sacrifice would our Lord Jesus Christ right the one that that just blow them all away another even compare because his sacrifices so superior is the once for all sacrifice right that all people who are willing to be saved of all time it’s based on that one sacrifice right the gift of because we stopped now he’s okay will so these people get saved know but they tasted member tasted doesn’t have to mean that is permanent they have benefited from it we have an unbeliever in our midst we have had time to time the unbelievers that that don’t mislead saved they eventually leave they did benefit from that because we benefited in a and ultimately from that sacrifice right would different people.  We live differently behaved differently.  We treat not only one another but even strangers differently with the blessings that come with that so they fellowship with genuine believers and experience the blessings that come with his salvation number three they have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit I this was CC that Holy Spirit.  This has to be talking about people who actually saved is always talking about their just a share were in the Holy Spirit partakers means back in chapter 2 verse four he uses it he talks about their that when the apostles not the author.  But the other apostles like: the they minister to these people but the particulars of apostles did a says he talks about their how through various manifestations of the spirit.  They’re on their apostleship was authenticated by the house with a report chapter 2 verse four God also bearing witness with them.  The apostle God bore witness with them both by signs and wonders and by various miracles my gifts of the Holy Spirit according to his own will ECE authenticated God in front of these people authenticated his apostles by signs and miracles pay for those signing gifts and so these guys got see to that’s how they were partakers of the Holy Spirit.  They received through the app apostolic exercise assigned gifts undeniable truth that the apostles spoke the words of God just as the Holy Spirit authenticated Jesus.  Miracles that yes, this is the Messiah the promised one indeed this is where Jesus in his ministry pick up that idea the blasphemy of the spirit us a favor the same kinds of things here at with the blasphemy blasphemy of the spirit you see the spirit God is working through Jesus and he was performing these signs and some of his enemies.  Jesus enemies are saying the he’s doing that by Beelzebub, I say ECM is the problem with that.  Yes they saw unmistakable undeniable proof that he was God spirit working through Messiah because God said in the Old Testament many different ways this is Tiger but know the Messiah Jesus the back to the they saw that the been liking the one of us and so he said okay we reject the true they they saw the truth it was undeniable but they deny it in Jesus that there’s no hope for you.  You shall not be forgiven because the got see truth is clear as can be and should to deny anyway apostolic teaching that Jesus is the Christ is without a doubt just as Jesus own teaching that he was Messiah is without a doubt these folks shared in the spirit ministry of authenticating the gospel before them.  We have that in the Scriptures but we don’t have don’t apostles are personally to do is when the main functions of the apostle they wrote all this down for us and we’ve got in the same thing can be true of us where we have the truth laid out for us in the Scriptures authenticating Jesus as that is the Messiah the promised one and the apostles authenticated as those who would bring his message and tell us what the gospel it’s a that’s the next thing return to they have tasted the good word of God.  Number four what is the word was a forceful the word he switches words for word here Own he’s been using Lamas

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