God Himself Sees All – Heb 4:12-13, Part 3

Hebrews 4:12-13

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If you would turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 4. We will be looking at our third shot at verses 12 and 13 and more willing to be our last one in that first major section of the book of Hebrews chapter 4 and verses 12 and 13. 


Ever since the garden of Eden someone is trying to convince us that God’s word doesn’t really mean what it says always seems to me and they say you know that there isn’t really a literal hell is not really going to be a literal they are God isn’t going to be as hard on the disobedience rebelliousness.  He seems to have said Israelites to came out of Egypt didn’t believe that God meant what he said the writer to the Hebrews.  Later in chapter 12 is going to draw on that picture again on that generation and how they responded to God’s revelation to [email protected] and how they still lacked faith and obedience is going to remind his readers Hebrews 12 that that generation as they came around the mountain Mount Sinai and when God spoke the mountain shook the idea was to drive home the seriousness of it he could’ve spoken in this still small voice beginning he’s he spoke such that the mountain shook he wanted to drive home to them that he means what he says he’s serious about this it if you obey me I will bless you if you disobey me I will curse you in all these things will come upon you.  If you disobey and so the writer to the Hebrews will say there to his readers see to it that you do not refuse him who is speaking why.  Because there’s going to be a great day of God’s wrath on the disobedience and he says according their from her God promises yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also you see there is going to be this great day of reckoning this great day of of God’s wrath were is going to pour out his wrath on the your in he tells us ahead of time about the so that we will know that there’s going to be in even worse day for the wicked when they will stand before God and the been there they will be judged find he tells us ahead of time was going to happen so we we see especially for those in the generations when it does happen to God means what he said we need to as we look ahead to those things we may not be living in that day but we should take to heart that God means what he says anything about that great day when it comes we poured out his wrath on the earth John tells us about a describe he got to see with was going to happen and a lot of the future days and especially that great day of God’s wrath and so is he’s telling us in revelation chapter 6.  You remember me there.  It was the school and the scroll is basically is the the plan of God’s for that.  Two, that the.  Of the gradient is right and no one was found worthy to open and John’s weeping because someone says all there is somebody whose work is the line from the tribe of Judah and he will send question is I he doesn’t see a line but he sees a lamb standing as if slain there is the fruit of God.  He is working and so the Lord Jesus is is that lamb of God whistling for us and he he comes forward takes the scroll and he proceeds to break the seals and he roles breaks the seal and rules it.  This is the beginning of of the plan of God for that time.  Weaseling to pour out his wrath is obedience to the six seal everyone on earth by that point we’ll know that the wrath of God has begun they will know without a shadow of God shadow the but God is real.  They will know that Jesus is Lord and they will know that would Jesus and God the father said.  They didn’t and so as he describes it seemed further what’s going to happen is that the wicked when they behold this may they see that I’m not trying to convince myself that there is a not that Jesus is the Lord that there’s a lot of different ways to heaven or afterlife or whatever is in well but end up there now it’s like was wrong law on God was right, and now it’s happening in with her going to do is are going to look for tasted go and hide themselves in it the goal of these enormous boulders in the mountains if you are been announced note that the elders are bigger than this building there he Jeanetta I in those rocks in the call on the rocks if you want us and hide us from the presence of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb yes Congress you have to smash me I a need for an their wrath.  I need from their gaze order to see this morning that that is would be futile.  There is no hiding from him essential for is no hiding from the lamb.  We can’t hide from the work I we can’t outlive the word of God either Zechariah is writing to the Israelites who after dating.  Of the battle and some of them had returned to Jerusalem with the neurologist and return it is writing to them is calling upon them to not only return to Jerusalem.  But to return to God which their fathers did for it it would refuse to that’s why they were carried off in captivity.  We stayed about that in lamentations in Isaiah morning and encouraging them said this God speaking through him did not my words and my statutes, which I commanded my servants the prophets overtake your fathers in other words God spoke his Word that if if you send this way.  This is what’s going to happen are not really because you know my dad had idols and my grandpa had idols.  I’ve got aisles nothing but God’s were did overtake and I carried him off to after many of them have been slain God’s word will continue in pursuit until it overtakes man accomplishes God’s will receive the outlive the profits is okay you Moses told us these things.  These curses he did so these guys can lie they told us about you know warning guys in their not lived up they can’t outlive God’s words you can’t hide from God’s word.  You can’t outlive God’s word brother.  He reminded me of another verse great first about the nature of God’s word second Thessalonians 3 verse one poll asked the Thessalonians to pray yes the previous that the word of the Lord may spread rapidly and that word spread rapidly what it means is that the word of God will run it will exert itself it will speed on to complete its task just that same idea Zechariah where they will overtake sinful man work I will overtake us.  We can’t out run that’s both a blessing and curse to those who trusting the Lord by Fay.  It’s a blessing because the word of God will come it will overtake us and it will conformist to the conformance to the image of God it will restore us as that was offered to Zechariah’s people but to those who disobey.  It’s a terrifying expectation of judgment.  Good Hebrews chapter 4 will back up and begin reading it verse 11 Red Sea home of this the shared with you this this point how it really helps us to understand what’s going on here in verses 12 and 13 so Hebrews chapter 4 verse 11.  Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall through following the same example of disobedience for the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing his father is the division of soul and spirit of the joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart and there is no creature hidden from his sight but all things are going and laid bare to me.  I was of him with whom we have to do verses 12 and 13 the author is explaining why we must be diligent to enter God’s rest but he told us to do in verse 11 one be diligent because God and his word is truth about us and they will do something about the three points that were working on in these three messages and in this number one God’s word has the power to accomplish we saw that in the first part of verse 12 God’s power has the or God’s word has the power to accomplish and in last time we saw point number two God’s word is the ability to discern that was the remainder verse 12 God’s word has the ability to discern and then I pointed .3 God sees all verse 13 God sees all to the first two points that God’s word he it has the power to accomplish its own and if God says he says a fourth to do this than the judgment he will do that it has the power to bring about its own fulfillment it we saw that God’s word is able to slice open and in and expose our personality were seen now that God has the same penetrating perception that his word has because of his work that God is able to witness our truest self with the same piercing discernment for his word has to look in verse 13 and there is no creature hidden from his sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of him with whom we have to do so God sees all of the the start certainty of his first clause there is no creature hidden from his sight it’s a mind is a gift creature a created thing is Lozada is no created thing is hidden in that idea of creation takes us back to chapter 1 you see as do with of his message that he’s talking about the word of God and he he’s he’s got bookends the word of God bookends to this whole section from 11 to 413 had to Texas but back in her mind to chapter 1 where he talked about Jesus is the creator.  First thing verse two through the son.  It was that God created the world in verse three who is it that holds everything together right now as we are here who holds everything the son of God our Lord Jesus.  I because he’s the creator he created a came into being by him and he holds it all together and then we learned a little bit later in chapter 1 that it is Jesus who is moving history and everything forward to his appointed goal he’s going to run around all all up like an old garment for away he’s the one who’s point he’s moving all of creation forward as we saw with the the scroll remember I talked about earlier from Revelation 6 he’s the one still man who is breaking the seal the seals it’s okay phase 1 and phase 2 have you look at he’s the one who’s is moving everything forward in time to his appointed and guys creator if he’s the one who is holding all things together.  So whatever the smallest particles are you we get down to the positive are studying about the out him and what it’s made up of they found even smaller particles if you will is that generally even smaller particles than protons, neutrons, electrons all back he’s was holding all that you did he is holding all those tiny little molecules together.  He knows them very well think about if you’ve ever taken the time to build something that the what you know may be you you were to build a piece of furniture that you’re building are your sewing a garment or knitting or of these things take a lot of intricate work painting, drawing, of putting together a model airplane or model cars all kinds of things the you he spends so much time wanted all the details that you end up with a know like the back of your hand over that familiar to you about well on Friday night adjusting was telling us about the show his or heard by: pictures but she did a graphite and is used in this was was fascinating the side effect they were great him guide myself like that but I can’t get close I can make smudges on page is about it he wishes think what happens a lot of times as he gets into the detail.  And she’s so close to it that all she can see you are the things that she doesn’t like about the things that you collection than that different and she has to just put it down walk away and leave it for a few days or weeks or months and then come back because she so familiar with that.  It’s distracting her now God being the creator easy all those are where we are creating something she’s creating a work of art God may create there’s nothing wrong with what he does it is upright as many problems knowing intimately but you get the picture the how we create things we create we know it well he has created all way down to the molecular level and so how well does he know everything as creator and so that’s why author brings the senses there’s no created thing that is hidden from his seeking knows it thoroughly inside out because he’s the creator Asaph in Psalm 73 describe the foolishness of wicked people and he’s looking at them and him.  They seem to everything to seemed to go fine for them.  They send and they say is I know that the wicked he can see everything mean you listen really bad people out there if ECV sling and he’s he’s focusing on them you see my the same my this and that they’re fools David however was convinced that God knew him inside out come back to Psalm 139 some hundred and 39 very beloved Psalm to many of us one that you’re probably pretty familiar with this and Corey truth in it description of this whole idea of how well God knows us and what contrast to the thinking of the wicked some hundred and 39 our he most of it oh Lord, thou hast searched me and know me about this know when I sit down when I raise up doubt us to stand understand my thoughts from afar.  You it you even have to be right here with me in our thinking deny word God that he knows were thinking thou dost scrutinize my path and my lying down in Arctic intimately acquainted with all my ways even before there’s a were my tongue behold the Lord thou dost Noel it would talk about that right God knows even those is deep-seated wants that we have those is fundamental ideas and purposes he knows they were going to think before we even think because he knows what to our heart that testing close to me behind and before and lay thine hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me is to I cannot seem to work I go from by spirit other his work I get away second high rigorously from my presence.  That’s were talk about your refocus second in the second up how we are right in his presence all the time.  If I ascend to heaven with our that I make my bed and she old behold our they are if I take the wings of the Don if I dwell in the remotest part deceive I go as far away as I could possibly go is even their thy hand will lead me and my right hand will a hold of me if I say surely the darkness will overwhelm me and right around me will be the even the darkness is not dark to the and the night is as bright as the day scary darkness and light.  I like to the about just formed my inward parts thou didst weave me in my mother’s womb those of you who have woven and knitted crocheted things you know he’s talking about all that work detail and attention goes into I will give thanks to the for I am fearfully and wonderfully made wonderful on my works he is us resting right looking at God’s works and finding them to be wonderful in the life satisfaction wonder for thy works and my soul knows it very well why because he rehearses it often he tells himself okay needed think about this soul think about the Lord think about it works fine.  The only to be satisfaction find delight in these is my frame was not hidden from me when I was made in secret and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth by nine is has seen my unformed substance and in my book.  They were all written you knew all this even before existed the days a were ordained for me when as yet there was not one of them the wicked want running I.  Would what is the response of the righteous of them verse 23 the righteous save this search me O God and know my heart trying me and know my anxious thoughts and see if there be any hurtful way.  And me and lead me in the everlasting way is the way affect as I say is not being arrogant saying okay got it all together: contriving how the same at all.  Some people take it is only means the righteous say Lord I know what works in my heart and is that that most know that I’m even know but you know, search me in when you find something tell me in this deal with work with me Lord help me to fix whatever it is that you find that’s not righteous you go back to Heber’s for this all-knowing Creator to him he says there continually in his presence.  He says that they’re not hidden from his sight.  They’re always right there in front of God know my will dated might try a while and he still right there in front of God week imaginary it you run what I need the fastest plane you fly again in a spaceship if he goes passage it can as far as you can and in and after you know, going 500 years you look in the Right there guys can you got any further from you again for NASA lease talk.  Nothing is hidden from his sight from his gaze from being right there in front of God.  We right now at all times and we were sending a right there in front of the case he says to this all-knowing Creator all things are open to him literally he says that all things are naked to him this word doesn’t mean great its use for policy being without clothing is used for us the soul being, if you will.  Enclosed with the body the soul been completely exposed.  Nobody there to hide it week often thinking out well people can see what’s going here what I’m thinking right now but because you were thinking okay what’s those thoughts are buried down somewhere in my brain enough got this this cranial structure of that skin everything it’s he is hiding that.  But God sees as it’s all that stripped away ourselves left naked is used if even a grain like it if you are seen the brain just as it comes off point but in one of that’s right.  Whether it’s a ricer we are owed or something like that we see is husk you look at it.  And there’s us you can see the actual green potato peel all that way then you see it is that beautiful little grain the part that we eat and this word is used of describing that it’s all truly uncovered before the eyes of God that he asked to that idea of the everything being totally exposed an interesting picture this these words laid bare this as it is, I first were thinking that hopefully will see we means it means to twist the neck at us-it’s well the term was used of wrestlers who he when a wrestler gets just a perfect whole on his opponent and how much arresting that however you indicated on the head you know somewhere in there able to twist the neck he exposes the Mackinac the point.  It leaves the opponent vulnerable it leaves them exposed because at that point was that neck is left exposed the vehicle was like I give because it is killing and so he asked to this idea of being totally exposed being like prostrate overthrown if you will utterly helpless is the idea utterly helpless completely vulnerable to were left unclothed completely exposed and completely evil before God.  But one more phrase to consider from this first we are completely vulnerable to him with whom we have to do that’s a good translations one way to take it on know we could take it is like the idea ESV says we must give account to him and both of those are good they could go either way with it.  This is using using an accounting term here and it idea it could be is forgiving it an account of goods and services.  So maybe bought some goods and they’re going on you will partner try to see if you got everything your check it off the list as a county I got everything pay for a could also be used of giving an account of her life that’s the idea he is here at that is a play on words here as you’ll see I want you know is no pun intended because the word here is work or Greek lockouts the word of God will so expose us will have to give a word to God word of reckoning that it’s but we owe him award that you is going on here as I told you before earlier that he’s got these bookends you know from you area look at it of chapter 1 through 413 He opened it up with telling us.  Yes, God’s word is revelation came God spoke through the profits to the fathers long time ago they said God’s word.  He him to us in the greatest formal revelation will was that are who was that Jesus his son he spoke to us.  Some okay but speaking that idea of the word of God came through his son at the beginning of this section of Heber and he finishes it off saying we must give a word because of the nature of God’s word to God’s word knows us so well and we are so expose and left so ultimately vulnerable that we owe him a word] he see how he begins this that first section was about Jesus is superior a superior apostle were going to go into the section were is a superior high priest faith but he finishes off the section about Jesus being the superior apostle Saint prepared leaving us with this thought we don’t owe the word of reckoning to the profits we don’t oh an accounting to the Angels oriented to Moses we have to give an accounting to create son we’ll him that word to the picture here is that of being examined before the gaze of God.  Verse 13 his word penetrates all the way to the depth of our inner man to the level of our personality just opens it all up and spreads it all out there before God is with the word to us exposes our thoughts our intentions the very conception of following what is that gave rise to the thoughts that I entertained and developed and then turned and behavior it you may of sometimes a little fun with this imagine if you’re thoughts all of them were displayed on this huge screen above your head forever beta senior walking around and a lot of like you to exciting to see that you know in a in you know is what works.  If everybody knew what we really this is worst guys were exposes her deep-seated wants and the development of our thought process the reason I like that guy is because he is treating the guy I think you that’s ugly.  So Hebrews 4 versus 12 and 13 while providing us with some of the most wonderful doctrine on the word of God there be theology it also provides great material for us to build sound counseling model biblical counseling model and I want to do is just give this little brief it is generally brief examples of Casey, see how it works.  I don’t think that in our release TAH will take you know mentor to help think that your problems the effects in America got it.  Sometimes it takes just you weeks and months to to use the word God to expose what the problem as it’s a southern more weeks and months to apply the word I fixed the So I’m doing just giving you the Reader’s Digest version here And this is we can see how counseling which is just another name for sanctification process of sanctification.  How we painstakingly or to apply God’s word we struggle why do you not rest is the issue you’re right rest of why you not rest that is rest.  And the works of God rest in the work of Christ why not rest we may safely is because I have harsh trials had a call that the presenting problems may compensate you that trials really hot.  Now is not the so we will accept is supported God’s we look forward God and we realize maybe that the problem is a granary out understood were angry with where is causing is the problem) the trial AND in so your first efforts they can what you way to do they get in my life maybe Bloomberg in the move or something.  But the word of God goes deeper cuts little deeper opened we find the reason were really angry is because we want to be the one who gets to choose when give how how long are trials last I should be the one who calls the shots and were angry because we will be God.  We are satisfied with the way he’s running see there’s that satisfaction that you and the like era Lord bless you, but in I like the way you running realizes I think I should be God they go to why don’t you rest unworried animation assigned inpatient God’s word exposes is thinking processes.  It exposes that I’m worried because this a situation might not turn out well and it cuts deeper it it shows what gives rise to those thoughts.  Not fully persuaded that God is doing the best thing the right thing in your life cuts little bit deeper and you realize that my problem is I have doubts about whether God is good number three organ digging will the more muscle why don’t you rest they say feel discouraged point is that well I think mentioned this last time I turned it Hebrews 12 Hebrews 12 three describes this discouragement to us in there because he calls it growing weary and because we grow weary we lose heart give up.  We want to give up we talk ourselves into interpreting everything the worst possible way don’t we will know is that and his warning about one life because been interpreted life the worst possible way will was for the were spent on we tell ourselves are it it really is would said the sport were sitting there is listening passively to ourselves right the were let in ourselves Bible I love you know and stated Tony to be quiet sit down and listen we we listen to say these things.  I have every reason to this way given what I’ve been through right meson so you will is is no one and discouraged by the word comes and blows all out part and the giver shall he tells and you not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sent he says it’s not as bad you making out is somebody were in prison.  Some of them had lost everything in and taken away from because of their testimony of Jesus is not belittling the saying is not that you’re making out to be making out like this might is a formal and I which is copied is right they can read it’s not as we always do that will try to make it worse than it really isn’t us as if you look at from my perspective serve that the bad it hurts.  I understand that is not that you’re making it out to the southern interpreting it wrong with the first thing it does forgot this is it helps us to get that straight and to say okay let me interpret this from God’s perspective and this is what God’s word that’s had denote easy we doesn’t verse five and following you been listening to your own piffle lies are exaggerations but you’ve forgotten the basic principle he says in uniform God and the education which is addressed to you as sons my son cannot regard like the discipline of the Lord our faith when you’re reproved by him for those whom the letter why violence he disciplines a scourges every seven every son whom he receives it is for discipline that you endure God deals with you at least signs of my son is there whom his father does not this and so the word of God is is telling the discouraged those who are where you are tempted to lose heart that life is hard because God is in the process of disciplining you on yeah I know it hurts what did the word guys okay but with the first us discipline you write the fathers discipline is the little urchins that are running around you know the discipline

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