Honor Marriage

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Hebrews 13:4

Message recorded 6 April 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Let's turn our Bibles together to Hebrews chapter 13 hubris chapter 13 this morning will be looking at verse four.  First I want to thank the Lord for Kevin's ministry, not only to you all last Lord's day, but also to me from the faithfully be ready that since these are out of season, but at short notice to breach the word so I think the Lord brother.  He was chapter 13 God's priests must take marriage and sex seriously think about the Old Testament where you had Levitical priests who had some very clear guidelines about marriage and sex.  They were not to marry a woman who had been a harlot.  They were not Khmer woman who'd been divorced should be a virgin or she could be a widow of another priest and then when a Levitical priest had sexual relations with their wife.  Like all men in the in Israel.  They were to watch and be unclean until evening.  Now that doesn't mean that sexual relations were sent it was one of those rituals that was designed to remind them that marriage section be taken seriously.  They should keep the marriage bed holy marriage and sex within marriage are good gifts of God, but throughout the centuries man man has found ways to pervert the Internet with their the boom of a lot of these mega-churches where you have people just thronging into churches.  You would think that okay if things of note, societies would become more godly in their thinking is not be more godly and on issues like marriage and some case.  In fact today, even among the broader church marriage is on the ropes marriage is on the ropes and it is been knocked down a few times, not because of the blows coming.  Added by pagan ideas surely paganism is assaulting that these ideas of that God has instituted marriage and sex within marriage.  It is there's a barrage of assaults against but you know if marriage is strong with it withstand those assaults and has for centuries, but like a boxer boxer must be healthy and strong withstand the blows of his opponent marriage today simply week.  What I what I mean by that.  Will the real reason why assay marriage is on the ropes as that so many of those who are right on the issue of marriage, they undermine their belief by sorry character Christians make a lot of noise that he only to preserve the biblical definition of marriage and yet all that noise is drowned out care.  Their lack of commitment their lack of godly character.  Think about all the young people today who claim to be Christians, but they boast about their premarital sex on Facebook or Twitter or wherever.  Think about all those pastors who have fallen into sexual immorality, adultery and and then are welcome back into positions of authority so quickly that he was not just TV preachers at that's happened to someone in conservative circles in our broader circles who has fallen into immorality and has been disgraced.  Think about how divorce among Christian rivals that of pagans think about rent the rampant sensuality among believers me whether it's the biggest steamy romance novels that are Christians supposedly flirtatious behavior by believers are believers supporting the porn industry okay naysaying.  I don't knows those described me that's good.  If they don't me ask this.  If you're married, do people see between you and the vibrant love Tracy tender caresses to they here honoring words about your spouse from your lips when people look at the to you and your marriage do they get the idea that marriage is one of God's best gifts to mankind is your marriage give anyone desire to glorify God.  When they look at your marriage.  I don't know if it's clicked with you yet the word talking about this whole idea of the priesthood of the believer and you may want okay.  How does that fit in well as we've gone through the book of Hebrews.  It's all been about the cost.  Think about the gospel.  We've already we've already starting you've got the superiority of Jesus as apostle, that means he is superior as the one who can speak for God because he is God is God the son he speaks authoritatively and also as apostle he's the one who is leading us onward and upward to Zion he can lead us so much better than Moses, or even Josh Jesus is also superior as high priest.  Think about is superior sacrifice his priestly ministry.  All of it together how it is superior and so he you look at all, then you have this gospel that we've been studying and now he's talking about okay, this those will be working its way out in our lives in one of the ways it is to do that we saw was studying hubris last time couple weeks ago, where love the brethren.  We love the brethren only because the gospel is transforming us receive his plot this out of the domain of darkness and put us in the the kingdom of his beloved son, and it is making this new is re-creating the gospel is like you love and that just permeates the whole lump.  Do you see that it is working its way out in our lives that is taking over more and more of our lives were going to see as we work through this this morning.  It's that there's a very close connection between the beauty of Jesus, our Savior are high priest in his holy character in the care we are in our marriage is the gospel that enables us and empowers us to live beautiful marriages supposed working out in our lives that makes that possible.  And since the because there are assaults from without and assaults from within we do well to come back to passages in Scripture that talk about marriage and sexual relations within marriage to do that often we need to hear over and you so that we will honor marriage is we ought soap


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