How Should I Remember?

Hebrews 10:32-34

Message recorded 19 May 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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1) Remember when you endured well by remaining in the affliction.
2) Remember when you endured well by being concerned for others
3) Remember when you endured well by showing hands on care for the sufferers
4) Remember when you endured well by displaying an uncommon perspective of trials

If you would turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 10 and we will be looking again at verses 32 through 34 as we began last time them by God’s providence and his wisdom is to pose as opposed to my the lack of my wisdom that the Lord saw to it that we would spend two weeks on this which was then.  Now that I look at it again was so much better and because are so much more that we need to come to camp on and talk about in this passage of those is really too much to do in one sermon and I think it’ll be even richer for us to trust you find that way to suffering comes in all different shapes and sizes.  They maybe you suffer severe persecution or have it some time.  Maybe there’s been the problem of the sickness or disease suffering paying those things can go on and on.  Maybe some sorrowful time has happened to your maybe your life is one long sorrow you live godly but it just seems to result in heart ache and maybe even loss wicked people around you.  They prosper made their living ungodly lives, and they seem to be done really well and sometimes they like because of their ungodliness that they prosper and we may find that we obey God and yet when we do that relationships that we have with one another sometimes bring grief and sorrow life just doesn’t seem to work the way it’s supposed to immediately take some time in think about it.  If you look at the things that are painful and frustrating in your life, you realize that it’s just not working out the way that you thought it ought to work out we don’t find sometimes does the joy in the peace contentment that we read about in Scripture and promises those things in those should belong to the Christian and sometimes though it seems like there are a long ways off and so we look at our experience we way our life and we find it wanting.  If you are believer in Jesus Christ you have times in your life that can serve as examples of when life put you in its advice and squeeze maybe even crushed you.  You may became maybe became weary maybe you are tempted toward hopelessness as it lurked around the corner you as your trial dragged on and on the day after tortures day while the right of Hebrews knew his readers.  And he knew how they had suffered in their Christian experience in so when he doesn’t seek to take that history of theirs and he reaches back into that history of when they had after coming to know Christ a Suzuki as we look at that I seen times when you suffered and what I wanted do is take you back there I was to pull those from the past him and we does that he helps them learn how to draw strength from those times where Christ had already seen them through their suffering in their affliction she we does he says okay we look back at this experience that I have in my mind that happened to you all.  He just grin and bear in it just you stick it out until it would finally be over with no he says they endured it with such great that their experience experience of suffering reflected the heavenly character of their Savior.  He says we look at that his heart is it wise for you all, as high as the trial was when I see what I saw in your lives, then showed forth the beauty of the Savior show his character is like you were adorned in the beautiful righteous garments of the Savior.  He seek the way they responded to their trial was supernatural is uncommon it wasn’t natural for them.  That’s not the way they would’ve responded prior to Christ.  It was produced by something outside of themselves is not something that you were they just you know you gather everything up and pull themselves up by their bootstraps and you know like the Stoic there able to just you know man up in hang in there knows the spirit of God.  He was working the spirit of God was invisible.  But he left his fingerprints all over their experience and it was unmistakable easy when you look at how they endured that time of suffering.  Suffering it wasn’t explainable from the human perspective.  They did things the responded in ways that would just not natural.  They were super.  And so it is to this experience that he returns them and he wants them to find in it motivation to get back to work.  They had stopped serving in the past it was beautiful the way they served and it was beautiful the way they endured their trials by because of the different things going on in their life.  They just and sources us go back there guys, let’s look at that it was draw motivation from that so it would stimulate you to get back to what you were doing to get back to work last week I suggested that remembering God’s past work in us can be a stimulus for persevering in our faith for enduring trials well try to answer the question does remembering this disgrace of remembering does that help so I took us through several points of from Scripture a lot of it from what Moses said back in Deuteronomy is as to how important it is to remember the things that God has done in us and through us and how he has is transformed this week, tackle this question how then does the grace of remembering work what is this writer’s method for counseling his readers they had stopped serving Nate stopped growing.  They were even tempted to do like some of their number and state persecution and just get away from run away from and go back to Judaism were where they would no longer be persecuted by unbelieving Jews


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