How To Please God

Hebrews 11:4-7

Message recorded 16 June 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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1) Imitate Abel. Obey God in worship. Works follows faith.
2) You cannot please God without faith.
3) Live so it is obvious that God exists.
4) Faith seeks God in order to deepen the relationship.

Hebrews 11 this morning will look at verses four through six couples who have been married to a long time will often speak of their early years together as the good old days.  And if you listen what you oftentimes will discover is that the reason that they consider them good is because all they had with each other.  They didn’t have much else.  They start off their married life being rather strapped for cash and they looking back discover that you know all we had was each other, but that was what was good.  Yesterday Connie and I were watching an old sitcom from our good old days and there was a young couple in the sitcom and what they were doing is this one particular episode is kind of wrangling over what they’re going to do on their day off and one of them wanted to go see a film no one wanted to go see it will show you guess which one and they were kind of wrangling over the each one it his or her own way and they couldn’t decide on a common thing to do.  They both would like, and they Conneaut try to work out a compromise that is really did work out and so what they ended up doing was just sitting on the sofa together cuddled up read the paper and eating chips and one of them made this is what you and you know that’s what we find in relationships that makes so good.  A good relationship is one where the relationship itself is the blessing, where being with the other person just experiencing life with them and it is hanging out with them in doing something with them are doing nothing with them is really what makes a relationship good.  It’s that is the personal aspect of it.  It’s that the one-on-one connection that you have with that person.  But ever relationship has rules if it is to thrive.  It’s that way with our relationship with God.  We have every relationship has rules and it had requires work to keep the relationship thriving but in our relationship with God.  It’s a little bit different because instead of kind of agreeing on okay what we do this Saturday and we work together with God.  He lays out all the busy God’s not at all like a domineering husband is not all like a manipulative wife he’s God and he has every right to lay out the he’s the creator ours creatures our response is to humbly submit by doing what he says is right and pursuing him with our whole heart that you know in any relationship.  The busyness and the hassle of life complicates everything and it distracts us life with all of the of the stuff in the problems and in all that it just sucks is into this tangled maze and we’ve forget what’s really important.  Sometimes we forget the rules sometimes are tempted to break and very often stop working at the relationship will tackle today’s not so much a tendency to let human relationships dwindle, but a tendency to let our relationship with our Creator to decline the seats for dealing with in this section is that the bigger theme of walking by her living by faith.  What is that mean seeks if if we are walking by faith.  If we are living by faith that presupposes a relationship.  Relationship to God.  It’s a relationship that is ongoing.  There’s there’s this personal one-on-one back and forth.  If you will all throughout the relationship.  It isn’t something that we just got to sign up for and we do religious dolphin know it’s a personal relationship a personal interaction with God.  That’s what’s called living by faith and so if we are to live by faith question that we need to answer is had we please God.  If you live with God by faith live under God by faith community oriented to God by faith in this relationship had we please him not to the natural mind that thought may sound awful one-sided it we talk about how it you were talking this morning about how do we all of all of us.  Please God were not talking about okay well Lord.  This is a two-way deal.  Now you to please Alessio it will do that.  It’s it sounds one-sided to some people, but we remember what talking about talking about the one who abounds in lovingkindness the one who pours out lovingkindness in grace and mercy on his people those who follow him.  He is a wonderful in what he has for those who seek him is a breathtaking

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