How Well Do You Wait?

Hebrews 11:27-29

Message recorded 4 August 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 will be looking this morning at verses 27 through 29 how old are you need a shout out some of you don't want to know but whether you're the ripe old age of eight or a spry 88 I'll bet you have our time waiting I haven't made it 88 yet that's where I met it still hasn't gotten easier waiting is still tough when can be torture for us as you were trying to endure that time.  If I were waiting for something whatever the next thing is what faith should do in our lives is to transform mundane things like waiting something we have to do it every day at least a small extent, and to fate was to turn that in our minds into an opportunity for us to view it as an opportunity to not see it as torture like the person who's watching the clock waiting for you know the sermon is lessen or whatever is to be over see it should be seen not as torture, but as a godly treasure God was to transform it our perspective on waiting so that indeed torture becomes treasure.  We need to see everything tickly are waiting through the perspective of faith see it in a different way than we do, naturally.  So when I ask in today's title how well do you wait not really asking whether you can wait without grumbling what I'm asking is do you make your waiting to be profitable to be productive.  That's the real question do you make the most of your waiting rather than seen waiting as like sometimes we do it badly and sometimes we think it's kind of neutral we just stick it out what faith should dig for us is to transform weightings that part perspective on it is making the most during whatever.  A few examples one of the things that we all go through in our early years art is this period of waiting, where where going maybe we are being educated middle were being trained Internet whole.  No in in were just we can't wait to be grown wait to drive way to do all those fun things that adults get to do burst your bubble is not that much is any of you were, pay bills and you have to manage money and in kids you know that it's sometimes torture right to wait you can't wait for school to be done.  You can't wait for you to be grown up and not have to do school in those kinds of things anymore to be your own boss you think that if you see waiting is preparing for the future that this whole time.  It does of education and training as I'm going is preparing me for adulthood for adult life, then you can actually look at it is a delight, even sometimes when things are offered you look at your educational it differently if you see that it's preparing for the future that here's another one move a little bit older and human perspective, waiting to be married how hard is that for us right before we get there is just you know it takes for ever to get there.  Once you hit that point when you eat does it is a point where the opposite sex is icky you know and we said have cooties and stuff like that but that magical day when all of a sudden his life right there.  Q and in and starts this waiting have to wait to get me any can be torture right giving his long drawn out process with you.  I've been away all the way up to whatever you 18 2123 Lebanese old right.  That's a feel that waiting what we advise young people to do during that period of waiting to be married is to get busy preparing to be married in a course I know we all think were ready in a but really we have to work on being the godly manner godly woman that God wants us to be for going to be the godly husband of the godly wife that God wants us to be you.  There's an awful lot that really needs to go into preparing ourselves for managing asking of us who are married and we can tell you that you are you.  We really needed a whole lot more preparation and we got and we should of Reno rolled up our sleeves and got busy read some books read the Bible try to understand what is God want me to learn to prepared preparation for type you just get everybody here waiting for opportunities to serve well you know I'm looking at this ministry and I don't know when it's costarred in it women and be ready for it in Swink that next thing that God will have have me to do an admissible in all the way and include all of us to wage we are you may were not actively serving maybe we know that we should be serving more than we are me to be more involved in yet were not sure how should I be involved or account like to do this, but I don't know how to do that is aware that waiting.  We need to see it as a time to prepare ourselves for that next phase of ministry or maybe it for you is the first phase of ministry that where you really are going to buckle down and serve the Lord in a particular way aren't subject always so we asked the question a different way how should faith transform your waiting to see how faith affected a long forty-year period and Moses life see the writers Metellus about faith and how it changed his perspective and again in the godly perspective on what would seem I'm sure I mean, that's a long time 40 years and have to him, since wait.  Now he had other ministries going he got married so ill should know this that if you're married your number one ministries to your spouse.  If you have kids in your number two ministries, your kids, and then comes everything else they had a wife and kid and he had those ministries but he knew that God had another ministry for him and he had wait 40 years


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