The Humanity of Priesthood – Heb. 5:1-3.

Hebrews 5:1-3

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Good morning it’s always say good morning when the people of God gather together in worship our great God and Savior Jesus Christ is and what he will do with beer bottles to Hebrews chapter 5 we did start this morning into a new chapter is five it ever worked for someone are dealt with someone who was less than sympathetic. Some friends told me of the boss, who became easily annoyed whenever they had missed work because it’s a long take care of a sick child and they felt like that and he thought of them as less dedicated himself but eventually he had child and things changed because and since his wife also worked outside the home and to take. Take turns staying home with the child when it became sick and soap dish or grandchild and it’s a and often enough that he had to do that regularly in and so as you can guess, it became a lot more understanding to his employees now we tell told myself early in our relationship. I remarked to Connie that would stand for her to become overweight and now young men. Let me tell you right now but that’s a stupid thing to do college may make one smart but doesn’t necessarily give wisdom what Yeltsin doesn’t have problems. I can tell this thing back then. I did not have that problem with your high school way 115 pounds soaking wet and that was the max I can get I hate Michael Kors i.e., three lunches every day if you do not. I work things out so that I didn’t enjoy it very much could not gain and how it’s worked out. It didn’t matter what I did. I could not gain weight well obviously that is changed because it is an obviously I think much more sympathetic to those who struggle with the company. Now I can eat like a bird and I still look like big Bird only shorter and with slightly better here. I think I was there was a creep me out and the birds well centers sometimes struggle with showing patience and understanding and sympathy to other centers. The reason is because we don’t realize yet that were not any better than they are. We all are weak in many areas. Whether we recognize it or not we may pride ourselves especially in an area in which we don’t struggle and we see other people struggling in that area. We pride ourselves a lot of dude, we forget that there are plenty of other ways in which we do have weaknesses and probably, at the head of the list is private. If you have ministry someone is required that you have an attitude of sympathy and gentleness. You can’t become exasperated with those to whom you minister he can become angry with him and just quit. They will frustrate you, they will disappoint you, but we can’t quit. Fortunately Jesus are great high priest ministers to us in unbroken faithfulness. Why does he genuinely understands what it means to be tempted to suffer. We saw the last time he knows because he’s human sympathetic understanding is essential for not only those who minister but especially for a high priest-the high priest, whoever he was, had to be one of lots and Jesus was so look with me in the text no backup, just for second and begin reading chapter 4 verse 14 and read into our text hubris for beginning verse 14. Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has been tempted in all things as we are yet. Let us therefore draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and may find grace to help in time of need for every high priest taken from among men is appointed on behalf of the man in things pertaining to God in order to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins he can diligently with the ignorant and misguided since he himself also is beset with weakness and because of it. He is obligated to offer sacrifices for sins. As for the people, so also for himself and no one takes the honor to himself but receives it. When he is called by God even as Aaron was so also Christ did not glorify himself so as to become high priest but you said to him, thou art my son today I have begotten me just as he says also in another passage, thou art a priest forever according to the order of his attack now speaking of Jesus in the days of his flesh he offered up of prayers and supplications with loud crying and tears to the one able to save him from death and he was heard because it is I although he was a son he learned obedience from the things which he suffered having been made perfect he became to all those who obey him eternal salvation being designated by, as a high priest according to the order of his son chapter 5. What are authors doing is he’s beginning to develop this. This new theme that Jesus is superior as a high priest and so he’s demonstrating first of all in the in these first 10 verses and will get to the mall this morning that Jesus qualifications as high priest are superior. He’s going to tell us it will see this morning that Jesus had to be human to be a high priest is worse. The next time they had to be called to the high priest of something that wasn’t laid out as a requirement for political high priest in which Jesus trumps them. If you will is no ordinary high priest he was far superior receipt in verses 7 to 10, that he was wholly or fully devoted to God’s will and in verse 10 is going to use as a transition that, spends us into the next way in which Jesus is superior but he’s from a superior order is not from the order of Aaron is from the order of because of that you at that point though he’s going to stop it so take that as an opportunity to give them another warning because they’re not really ready to absorb what it means for Christ to be from this milk is that in order, and so he’s going to warn them to rebuke them and then you have an extended passage there in chapter 6 to encourage the Denver seven the back is at the hotel the things that he wants about options that can help Jesus is from that order in wide-eyed order is superior to the order of Aaron so our outline for the next probably three Sundays. This will only get .1 this morning 1.high priest must be human to be verses one through 3.high priest must be human in the number 2.high priest must be cold verses four through six God’s high priest must be cold and number three Jesus is God for greater high priest Jesus as God’s greater high priest was devoted to God’s will be verses seven through 10 he was devoted to God’s will. So were to take up .1.high priest must be human and in his unsavory things about that neatly tucked away into for these three verses so that the first thing he says sent my outline point a a high priest represents his people before God LB verse one a high priest represents his people before God. You is we think back on the previous passage we looked at last week we saw that Jesus has this aspect is characteristic of a high priest of fellow feeling. We said that sympathy where he he actually came in understand because he has entered into. He has been one of Cindy is one of us and so he can understand being tempted in the same ways in which we have been tempted in all the same categories as in now. The writers explaining he starts with the word for and says that this sympathetic ministry of Christ exists because of an essential characteristic of a high priest at this point he’s going to back up and talk generally about high priest formal because this is something that the Jesus would have to characteristic you to meet in order to be hypertext and in so he must be human. He has to be just like the people he represents. And that’s an essential characteristic of every high priest he tells us so if Jesus is going to be a high priest he can’t be an exception to that rule he has to be human, just like any other high priest will have to be human and what’s the least but he fit to represent us. He has to be one of us has to be like us. God told Moses to take Aaron and his sons from among the sons of Israel to minister is priest to me Jesus to as one of the functions of the Mosaic law was to layout things like this. These various requirements and that Jesus will fulfill and show that he is Messiah. He is the servant of God. He is the son of God. He is high priest. All these things, it’s layout. This is one of those. And so the Mosaic law laid out the high priest has to be taken from you and in that particular regard because he was dealing with the nation of Israel had to be taken from Israel, of course. Jesus also was taken from Israel and not feel so I priest to someone who is appointed Sunday doesn’t say how many high priest. It, do you next year I’m the guy he told to do that he had been appointed by someone else nice weekend. That little bit more beginning in verse four will see.
What will he latest mentions it here he’s appointed by someone else to this office, he doesn’t take it upon himself and he’s appointed on behalf of Nineveh which is going to represent me he’s going to be the one who stands before God is even a little high priest with him as he would go into the holy of holies and taking the blood of the sacrifice there to get that on behalf of everyone else because they were allowed to and so he had to be cleansed of his sans the go in there and make atonement for their sins, and so the high priest is appointed on behalf of men to represent them in things pertaining to God so he’s the mediator he’s the one who is going to incense stand between men and God, and so he’s the he’s ministering not just for the sake of the people on behalf of the people but he’s ministering in things pertaining to God cc mediator is representative and his immediate and here is his function he says continuing there in verse one in order to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins now. Some commentators tried going there to figure out. Others are different between gifts and sacrifices and sometimes there is on. I don’t think he you really pushing the point here to show that they’re different in this passage and because it elsewhere in the book is when you use these terms to just refer to the whole of a high priest work at all this functions as idle thinking means any particular distinction rather I think he’s he’s trying to just bringing out to aspects of the same thing. Think about when the Israelites would bring. Maybe a For around whatever the animal was or maybe even the areas foods might bring the grain offering. So as they blind it. It was a gift is that make sense either bringing their gifts. But then once it is offered I become sacrifices it is just to aspects of the same thing. I think that the user gets their brought and they become sacrifices in any of these things together therefore sends another reason why don’t think that there that different is that both are where are done for since there offered up for sins that term for offer it was a technical term used in the Septuagint Greek translation of the Old Testament. It was used. Therefore, doing just this offering up gifts and sacrifices and so our author reaches back to the Old Testament and in uses that term he uses it 19 times in this book that because he is writing to Jews he’s writing about Jesus as a superior high priest and so it makes sense for him to use that term so much position locate on it every day. He had to do these offer up these gifts and sacrifices and Jesus comes when time say and so he uses this term multiple times and it’s interesting that usually rarely outside of papers as never use but all areas of’s one reasons why we don’t think Paul. Paul wrote this but it is a big place because Hebrews is the one place it really that develops this theme of Jesus as a superior high priest now if his readers were already thinking about the day of atonement and probably your mind went there to these urges and their mind would’ve partied on to Leviticus 16 thinking about the day of atonement. It had me at weaknesses phrase for sins they definitely would be thinking about that. This is the high priests ministry the most significant ministry. He had a year to come into the holy of holies into offer these things for their sent so set a high priest represents his people before God. Verse one. Now the high priest attitude towards people is tempered by his own weakness, his attitude toward his people once to ministers is tempered by his own weakness first to look with either talk about the high priest in general he can deal gently with the ignorant and misguided why since he himself also was beset with weakness probably the hardest part of ministry is people right now that’s funny this strength into a faith belief we have to minister to people. They have to be in the equation ministry but so rewarding and joyful and trouble-free right, him, people do so you know I’m guilty as well. When you try to minister to me. I don’t make it pleasant for you. He knows they too well ministry without people will be free of frustration and disappointment because we frustrate each other were not grateful usually are often one people injured us and if we do recognize that the minister to us. We find things wrong with it in a week we can frustrate each other or in more to the point. These coupons and him i.e. think about when you minister to somebody maybe your kids is sure you’re discipling. Maybe your spouses are trying to minister to them are just brother sister cracks me attributable to stop sending images keep falling and falling and falling in you put everything you’ve got into the bringing to the word of God and you’ll come to understand that maybe there’s some good Christian books which were walking through it that gets into the word of God to understand it going to the and he nicely stocked up here he frankly calls the recipients of high priestly ministry that is all of us you know if we were Jews. It would be used on a particular acne Old Testament times calls and ignorant in the sky that is picking on him is not noticed Matt and then going as we saying here. Interestingly, if you’ve read through the law the Old Testament the scene that there are two classes of sends errors that are distinguished by their consequences at you Hannah first of all, those those defiant high-handed sends forged there is no atonement Bishop sacrifice those premeditated sends sends of apostasy is no sacrifice for them it is curious to see dads like you could do this and you’re waiting for payday, or for an ally in the fund we senses that they had the person is a new rally typically to that execution the slums talk about here is talking about, and the bulk of sentence he will visit the everyday variety of sentence, which is rather broad it could be in anything from a response to do this for I is right now. I have business for the Senate initials to do it but it can also be intentional since full to do that, doing today is not the same as the high-handed no apostasy in a murderer things like that but still send me talking here about the everyday variety of Cindy is going back to the Old Testament is borrowing the idea and that’s what he’s talking about because those are the types of sends that atonement was made for which was the bulk of sentence the term paper and misguided. We would put this together. I think the ideas this those who disregard God’s law and stray into second those who disregard God’s law and stray into syndrome explained Lord ignorant can refer to breaking a rule. Without knowing it, you’re driving down a new highway that you ever been on and you to the gas is there’s no sign speed limit sign and you missed it it look like he should’ve been 55 it’s a safe number. For highway and bungled it wasn’t think about what is present the better way, if we look at the Old Testament to understand that term is to bear as an like to err is human. That sentence to care better and more I think appropriate to this topic is to disregard it recently to very send this to disregard and I think that’s their waited to take that word here. The word for misguided. This is word of that for which we get our term planet and you know what planet means one or and recently: that is because if you just observe them. They, what they wander through the sky, the so-called wanderers and so misguided actions talking about straying or are wondering the said okay that that is like as being soft on send you ignorant misguided and is not really. It’s showing the death of man’s hopeless situation. As a sinner man sins, even when he is trying his nature referring to numbers 15 and Leviticus 431 read more small test examples, but here’s an important point about said since were fully devoted to caring out all of God’s will. All the time. We wander in to send them said another way, we are intent on actively doing God’s will over to set out to do that we don’t set out to obey his law on purpose without a purpose. What happens is we wander into same enticing more! I am intending to get here I will send out okay. I’m going to do this and sometimes we do but how often do we just neglect were supposed or we aren’t responsible to remember or supposed think in terms of a child. They are and the plaintiff radar couple kids plan out there that have footballer kicking around, throwing her support that and you told them in no uncertain terms, you may not ever going to district unless I’m with you. You may not ever going to the street at so they’re playing all and new with all seen it will probably died Sunday kicks the ball goes off the side of flood in guest workers would’ve gesticulated to join right after industry with you so if I am game that I wasn’t thinking sorry you broke the rules, consequences apply it justifiably they were required to remember because you don’t want and he killed his same as example we selected sometimes weekly. Just it. We caught up in the morgue. He caught up in dizziness everything we neglect were supposed to do we do something were not supposed to do and still send easy to Us in the death of our depravity and to minister to such people could be frustrate and so he says the high priest must be a will to deal gently with now this term deal gently is built into words one which means 222 measure out to set limits to something to properly control is tied to word for word for feelings that they were half thoughts, so it’s to to measure those out in in in order to moderate them. Think about your backyard fence uses switch arts Lot of us have a fence around the yard and the reason we do that is because we’re marking our setting a limit to it for the kids of the past. This is as far as you can know and good example, but while both sides of us. We are neighbors of dogs and their great dogs. They’re just as nice, friendly, playful but because they’re not used to our yard if they get into our yard. They can be mischievous and tear things up with it or do things that no maybe they don’t know they’re not supposed to do visit our yard after yard and in one dog bless his heart he can never get enough to eat and in all these don’t like me he still can’t deny the and is well fed but and so what are Weber fences was getting that old wooden fence this is recent and dog would make his way hidden, find our dogs for bizarre dogs one that you know funnily enough to leave play food out there will the stock is greatest in a buffet and and and so whenever I had to put up a new fence we set the limits to how far his dogs or mind for the reluctant is a something here about her feelings. This feelings aroused by the sins of’s and high priest has to be able to moderate those to settle in because didn’t people mistreat people can be frustrating it can make you angry. He said we have to be able to temper that to moderate that and that’s the idea the picture that he’s giving us so it means to deal gently with a sense of avoiding severe responses over to avoid it growing up at him because I just had not yet gotten on my last nerve. The high priest has to restrain is to bear patiently with which the week to take them. The reason that the typical political high priest, who himself was the center. The way he was able to moderate that is he would come to realize that he wasn’t any different than they and indicate money sees not speaking here directly Jesus we saw last time in verse 15 chapter 4, the Jesus can sympathize with us because he’s been tempted in every category as us but it was the qualifier yet without sin is not talking directly about Jesus pay some about how those high priests could minister in a way which they could moderate their response to people said, he says that they could deal gently with her flock because they themselves were beset with weakness now that were for beset receipt again in chapter 12 verse one where you have this cloud of witnesses surrounding a certain that’s the idea.

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