It Is Finished

Hebrews 10:15-18

Message recorded 17 March 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa


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Point 1) Believers have received covenant promises.

Point 2) Believers have been forgiven and God is satisfied.


Open your Bibles with me to Hebrews chapter 10 Hebrews 10 in this morning we will cover verses 15 through 18 and we will wrap up the first major section of the book Hebrews 1015 to 18 don’t think I’ve shared this with all of you yet story that marvelously illustrates already talking about having a share with a few the RC Sproul Junior wrote this amazing story in an email to subscribers of his kingdom notes sort like a blog the sins out, but it’s their email he says this it was a moment over which I remain deeply ashamed the office meeting was getting pretty intense arguments were getting rather heated I found myself in the argument opposing the perspective of the president of the organization who was also chairman of the board he made a suggestion of some sort and I replied while the half-dozen others in the room stared in shock are you out of your mind to his credit, the chairman remained all in reply explaining to me that no it was quite something.  I knew I done badly as soon as the words left my mouth when the meeting was over, I went over to him and apologized if you gave me right away.  I was surprised by that, since even forgiving me as long as I can remember the chairman was my father 10 years later, the two of us are having another conversation this one perfectly peaceful and wishing to illustrate my point.  I asked him.  Do you remember that time at that meeting, when I said that terribly shameful thing about you being out of your mind know son father replied have no memory of I didn’t push the question I improved find out whether he was speaking metaphorically or not.  Either way, I was astonished at his character by heavenly father has forgiven us for far more than and we to should be so amazingly astonished at his character.  In fact we ought to regularly worship him because his character is such that he is a forgiving God.  These are just she’s a creator we have sinned against him and he’s forgiven us in full we should worship are forgiving God has we do that.  What happens is it builds in our character confidence as we worship him as we worship him for his character our character is impacted.  I said we must learn to rest before we can learn to work.  Now add to that we must gain confidence in order to serve well you see, we need confidence to help combat our feeble hearts we confidence to stand strong against the world that constantly opposes us and even take the religious world that surrounds us that oftentimes opposes us.  We need confidence to enter the holiest of holy places in order to carry out our ministry before the Lord and so being forgiven makes all the difference doesn’t think that’s what makes the difference in everything.  That’s why we can serve God because we been forgiven, but there’s even more in this text that will look at this morning that will infuse strength into our wobbly knees that is ours that strength is ours if we will only make use of because we should admit that there are times when our knees our wobbly we are weak and we need to be strengthened Christ’s sacrifice is final.  Into the story.  Case closed done me ask you, do you really believe the words of Jesus when he sat on the cross after suffering that long horrible ordeal he said it is finished do you believe that you really believe that’s where authors trying to drive home to us and to drill in your hands the finality of the work of Christ.  Now if Jesus words still have not convinced you can listen to these words from God the Holy Spirit look with me, verse 15 Hebrews 10, verse 15 and the Holy Spirit also bears witness to us for after say this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the Lord I will put my laws upon their hearts and upon their mind.  I will write them and use them, says and their sins in a lawless deeds.  I will remember what in his conclusion now where there is forgiveness of these things the sins there is what no longer any suffering for sin received by reintroducing this quotation from Jeremiah 31 as he’s already done back in chapter he reintroduces it because we still easy choice he’s getting is now to his conclusion of the place where he was headed all along as he is been building this argument, and then in the smaller section from their in chapter 8 verse six till now through 1018 he is a section on this new covenant how to superior covenant is a in that first quote what he does he eat that you his quotations of Jeremiah 31 are like to booking as we use bookends the whole books up on the shelf the followers disease to booking to hold it all together the very first one there in chapter 8 was to show us that the old covenant had been repealed.  That’s John Collins term it been repealed it been done away.  If you will cancel now this second quote the right side of you will of the book the right book is showing us that there is no longer any sacrifice for sin see our problem was great in the our rebellion had caused us to be enslaved to save and so we needed to be redeemed our sin had alienated us from God.  We need to be reconciled and for sin had put us in debt to God, we needed forgiveness in here God’s promise that he will do just he and for those who have trusted in Christ.  He has done.  He has forgiven us
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