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Hebrews 13:7-8

Message recorded  20 April 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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I'm with you in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 13 he was chapter 13 will be looking this morning at this one who has risen from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ, and how he is forever faithful Hebrews 13 will be looking at verses seven and a before you started out the song we just saying a deep love of Jesus.  We sang one part of a verse that really stood out to me today was that we saying how he love with ever love it.  Change it never nevermore.  How could you sing that are not mean that and having a hope in life where you talk about people today who believe that he changes and a riff about the about what also wrong with not all strong with his luck wrong with that but it wrote this in the fact that he loves us deeply loves us and that he never changes because think about that those two go together they have to go together because we might think about how much he loves us and how he has loved us dying for us on the cross and then rising again.  All of that because he loves us.  But if it's not true that he never changes.  One day he might decide he doesn't love us.  That's how we are.  We love someone and after enough, they may do something really bad we societal level, many more.  What if that were true God.  I do planning to make him not one love me again.  Read more and I will later today, tomorrow, when the rest of my life do things that make him not want to love me or could you were like me would priest, God is not like me how he love with every lover changes never nevermore.  Today we set aside a day to reflect on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Read article this week by a person who teaches New Testament at Notre Dame and recommend you go there for a lot of reasons enough that article may okay on one study under her.  She was wrestling with this idea that some people are put forth that Christianity stole the idea of resurrection from pagans as you know, there are a number different pagan beliefs that people made up where someone was raised from the dead in you know, even someone who died in it when they were raised.  They became a God or Goddess or something, and so that some people claim that rapper Shinji stole that idea from pagans as you move that and did a horrible job after reading it, I wouldn't be persuaded into for Christianity or censured her Christianity is quite different than ours, but she tried to which he was interacting with partly was how people in her circles.  I and the big argument of that the main point that they have against the idea that we stole it from pagans is that Jesus resurrection is unique.  Now it is and where Harbison ways in which is the misses the real point is not what we saying that no one out there has ever had the idea of resurrection order of you know, a so-called God dying and rising again or something are dying, becoming a God of were not saying that were the first ones to think that if you will, but that's the way they treated we didn't think this would make this Jesus really is stored clean suffered, died was buried, and rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.  There's so much more to then sadly, she was talking about.  Think about what Terry read earlier from prescriptions 15 Paul makes the point.  There that Jesus resurrection is essential.  You cannot get around it and still have the gospel in any hope of that gospel.  He says when he's laying out the various trues of the gospel itself.  There in first begins 15 one of those eccentric screws when you boil down the gospel in you.  You need to be able to give it to some get gospel to somebody in five minutes or less.  One of those churns that's absolutely essential is that Jesus rose again on the third day, which essential part of the gospel.  Yes, it was Jesus death that pay for sins in dying in our place, but you can't separate his death his resurrection, they have to go to gather and in Paul makes that point he says.  For example, again, what Terry had read without Jesus resurrection, even when on the cross as if you could separate that if Jesus did not rise again, your faith is worthless.  You are still in sins, there's more Jesus resurrection is not just a cool idea.  It's not a clever idea.  It's not something that gives us warm and fuzzy feelings and you know it inspires us to be better in love our fellow man more and essential to our salvation.  Unlike any other persons resurrection, Jesus resurrection changes we died with him.  If we believe in him.  We died with him and we rose rose to new life resurrection power of Jesus transforms in gives us the vitality that we need in order to live a life that is pleasing to God.  Think about what Paul said elsewhere in Philippians 3 the tribe of his Christian life was to know Christ and the power of his what the power of his resurrection.  There's more to it that were to resurrection Zorich and finer comments that easy Jesus resurrection power works mightily in transforming his people in Paul was was warning that I want our working in the and would to transform me into the character of Christ.  I would he's resurrection power to be alive in me and making me alive to Christ, if you will to living out his his character in my life.  The resurrection we says essential to salvation.  It is also essential to Christian interesting is that just like in our passage today missing what Paul does there in Philippians 3 is he exhorts us to follow the example of others, and so he goes on there in Philippians 3 saying, verse 17 brethren join in following my example and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have an FCC saying okay I told you what, what drives me and others to follow that example as you look at me as you look at others who are following that example you follow that example seems that resurrection power Jesus working in Paul working in all believers we should follow the example of others as they carry that out as a live that out Jesus in this is the point, where were going.  Today's Jesus is faithful to apply his resurrection power to his people so that they live and grow by faith, all the way to the end of their lives is faithful.  He never changes.  Paul's passage in Philippians 3 with all of its details is helpful details are so wonderful for us to to pour over them in and learn how to do what Paul was doing his Christian life, but a passage which is teaching much the same thing here Hebrews 13 verses seven and eight.  It's important while saying much the same things as so briefly, and so clearly and because of that it is profound and easy to remember.  That's why Hebrews 13 eight especially is so often memorized by Christians and why it is so love is one of those favorites.  It's one of those that by Christians early in their Christian life.  They that's when they memorize Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever when we are in our study we can pour over the profound details of Philippians 3 but we can take Hebrews 13 Adin carried in a pocket's figuratively speaking where going to pull it political high memory we can meditate on it can meditate on its profound simplicity


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