Jesus Unmatched – Conclusion

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Hebrews 13:22-25

Message recorded 8 June 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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What he would turn with me in the word of God to Hebrews chapter 13 Hebrews 13 this morning will be looking at verses 20 to 25 Before we get into our text only give you a brief of roadmap of for preaching for the next cut to three months.  As you know, were finishing up fevers, and so maybe one or more going next first limited do is take us back to the Old Testament like to go back occasionally to the Old Testament in her last time we did limitations little heavy this time I thought oculist is the polar opposite of limitations and look at the enthronement songs.  There's six Psalms that are classified that way is enthronement Psalms because they contain the phrase Yahweh rains or God reigns, or something very close to the arsenals and celebrate God is a picture God ascending to the throne and taking his seat as he over everything beautiful songs and the pure joy in other there's no limitations in there and I thought it might be a real joy and blessing for us.  If you're wondering what those are probably not identify that way your Bibles that is Psalms 47 9396 seven 897-4793 90 678 beautiful songs will Lord willing next we be looking at some 47.  That and as we go through those Psalms also be sometimes where some the other manner going to be teaching for the word God and to give me a chance to is an advanced studies on our next big study, which is coming up after we finished enthronement Psalms as I look forward to hearing some other men minister to us may wonder if it would annex) on well it's been a while since we have looked at particular genre of Scripture and quite a few years and I think high time that we go back to the Gospels, and so will be looking at the Gospel of John, though been thinking about that now for quite a long time forward to it the all are but John, such as a special note so many people love so much of John and that's which used so often when you hand out copies of portions of the Bible almost always the Gospel of John Wright because the Gospels.  Some clear and they're not that it's not clear the others.  They all have their own purposes.  John's seems to be suitable to usher in the Gospel and I think this fits very well with have in our church us the gospel where we are added think this is a great way for us to lose sight things for us to to get a grasp on that Gannon to be renewed in our love for him are understanding of the's so that we could introduce him to lost men, women, young people in our city.  So I look forward to taking us there Gospel John pedagogically rough week tougher than usual.  It propelled me to the throne of grace often and what things that made it even harder is time I prayed the trial got harder and I I did fight frustration discouragement because it had an arm with thinking we pray so that a get better right sons, Charles will be okay with finally get to the end of this art or that it would be easier or something.  At least that's the way you think.  Think about reminds us know what happened, so sinking deeper into grief and yet I felt the temptation to throw in the towel to save be done in order, but got Me from sinking into despair great grief, but not spare why because as I fell in grief that was this this underlying rich theological truth that caught me and not just, you know, talking and you know these abstract theological terms, the truths that we've been studying for the last years and Hebrews coming to my mind is on send board.  I'm praying to you and it's getting harder it was as if you stripping everything away so that I was left with nothing but my Jesus, and so always trues are coming to my mind and I'm like yelp, but the outlet and you know that Dendy Street just kept coming and coming.  Having been steeped in this book for for all this time, these truths just kept coming at me and reminding me that is my shepherd; Leslie because he was sentenced to die for me, and I think about all of that's true.  All that I have that strong and mighty to hold me up and it did.  And like some of you.  I'm nowhere near the end of this yet.  I'm smarter still heavy with grief


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