Joyfully Embracing the Future

Hebrews 11:13-16

Message recorded 7 July 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Was Turner Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 and this morning will be looking at verses 13 to 16 and just a disclaimer.  Apparently some people are her little nervous about the fact that I preached to sermons in a row where I took more than one verse.  So I think okay try to hurry up because removing a no no not spies in all not going anywhere.  Sometimes it fits better and sometimes a trying to make it but I think we will get this morning looking at three verses of Hebrews chapter 1113 to 16 ever noticed how your eyes are connected to your heart Dreiser connected to your heart before we came to know Christ our eyes could only see the things that are around us the things of this life.  For example Jesus in the sermon on the Mount said this if you look there's the eyes doing something you look upon a woman to lust for her.  Then you have already done what you are you committed adultery, where in the heart so we might think in terms of well you know how the world says you looking out ties that's okay.  Jesus is that that's not okay.  Affordable because you already committed adultery and the heart.  He see the eyes in the heart are connected the heart drives all of this the hearts says to the eyes.  I need pleasure go find it for me.  And so the eyes roam about looking for whatever might serve the idols in the heart, but when we redeemed were given new eyes in a new heart and they to are connected think about Job for a minute even would Joe said Joe made a covenant.  He told us about the member with that covenant involved.  His eyes.  He said that he made a covenant with his eyes.  He was trying to defend his integrity and his godliness that against accusations of his friends you said you must be suffering because soon.  And so Job it's like he takes his eyes out.  He sets him down.  He says okay eyes.  I don't want you looking at a woman to lust for her and they agreed the local writers like to take images like that that sound funny in to us but they stick and are minds may help us to understand what is going on in it covenant with his eyes his heart and his eyes new covenant together to agree to this eyes also serve to orient the heart before we were redeemed what eyes did is they reinforced the self-love of our heart the self-centeredness of our heart our eyes looked about around us and in all he could see is how can that how can they how can this benefit me okay bring me pleasure.  How can is serve me everything out there is for me and it reinforced that self centered orientation that was in the heart that salvation arise because we receive new eyes.  We received a new heart.  They also have an ability of the old eyes didn't have either new eyes have the ability to look beyond this life just what's around us to see around us that there is his life and there's this barrier of death.  Death is a barrier in its fishing how so many people's have always looked at a death is some kind of a barrier that is difficult to cross and you can't cross it in this life.  But you by faith we can not cross it, but our eyes can peer beyond death to see what is after death.  We were able to see the promises of God that are stored up for us there in heaven.  The Bible talks about how all of these things these these this inheritance that we have at all that goes with it in of the remainder of our salvation.  There so much more to come in our glorification alone is is a wonderful thing that awaits us but everything in Christ will be ours and it is there in heaven reserved for us waiting for us and we by faith can see it with our eyes of faith in fact like our new heart these new eyes actually prefer that they prefer what is on the other side.  Now sometimes we forget.  And we start thinking that while I I like what is around me.  I like what I see it was forgetting oriented to that again like her old eyes used to do to them is our brother mentioned the spirit God reminds us says no you prefer that which is beyond death later in chapter 12 were going to see that our eyes are to be fixed on Jesus and as her other brother said no God is our inheritance.  He is our reward.  That's why God is one has said is the gospel he's a real treasure, and we fix our eyes on him, but then in Colossians 3 Paul talks about fixing our eyes on the things which are above were Christ is because it's not only that he is our inheritance, but with him everything he has is our inheritance all of this and that will come with him the remainder of our salvation the fullness of the inheritance the fullness of our salvation is waiting for us in heaven, where he is and it's all wrapped up in Jesus Christ and so these new eyes that we have these eyes of faith are able to peer beyond death into the future that far distant future will know how far it is for some of the people of of faith long ago it was extremely long for us, it could be five minutes in, it could be 5000 more years we don't know that there in the future we can peer into the future and seeing those promises as real and certain sees faith does it sees the promises of the real it sees them as sort


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