Knowing God – Hebrews 8:11

Hebrews 8:11

Message recorded 21 October 2012

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If you would turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 8. Hebrews 8 and this morning, Lord willing we're going to look at verse 11.  We looked in the last couple of weeks at the first promise that our author gives us from Jeremiah 31 that God put his laws into people's minds and writes them on their hearts and now he gives this promise, this better promise, that the recipients of this covenant will know the Lord and the ways that God seeks to bring glory to himself in the grand scheme of things.

 is to bring people in and really vast numbers of people to a basic knowledge of himself that he is he wants them to know that he alone is God.  We know that one day every need of every person shall bow before the Lord, and they will acknowledge that not only is he the only God you he is the Lord is the sovereign now sadly so many of those will then be ushered into hell.  Now spend an eternity apart from him by God desires that a portion of mankind come to have a profoundly deeper knowledge of him one where they can haven't an intimate personal relationship with him with God and he wants them to have this relationship with him for all eternity to be so united to him forever and ever that we can say that they know him now as a tool toward that end, what God has done in history and continues to do is specially we look at the greatest evangelistic lesson that the Lord gave her series of lessons was in the ancient near Eastern Middle Eastern theater from you have Egypt, and then up to Israel and everything in between, where, when the Lord with ancient ancient Israelites brought them out of Egypt.  And while he was bringing them out in order to bring up initially he he did those amazing miracles those plagues a poured out on Egypt so they would let his people, and then he brought the people out and they plundered the Egyptians met itself was one was amazing that God caused everything to happen in such a way that the Egyptians were eager to give.  Here is our goal everything taken no and then God takes the Israelites safely through the Red Sea, and then in the wilderness as they wandered around, even for 40 years.  He still do a wonderful miracles as he fed them and gave them water to drink, then bringing them into the land more miracles as they defeated sometimes larger foes foes with with an incredible wall and the Lord through all of that was showing his people and all the peoples who beheld this and even all those who would hear about it Yahweh alone is God.  There is no one, and then what God would Jews he said okay, now that you guys saw all of that.  I want you to teach this to your children because generations will arise we didn't get to see all of this vibrancy to if it's written down in my law and what you teach that to them.  And so he said every generation from now on is to teach their children about what idea we find in the New Testament that even under the new covenant were told to bring up our children how discipline and instruction of the Lord, where to teach them about our God just as the Old Testament saints were to be teaching their children about God.  Now that he had done all it was recorded about him now parents those of you.  Some of you are done.  If you will with your parenting for the most part of semi-your stolen and love it.  There's a bunch of you who have yet to take those who evidently started you know this that everything that you put into your children to teach them about the Lord is insufficient to give them that deeper knowledge that personal relationship with the Lord right because… Safer sake of argument that you did everything right.  We all know how much we blow but say you did everything right you know that it's still not going to bring those children that you're working teaching that evangelistic teaching itself is not going to bring them to the Lord, that you may create the finest theologian in the world who knows things better than Calvin and Luther put together better than all the seminary professors together again and they still may not know the Lord

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