Learn From Bad Examples – Heb 3:7-11

Hebrews 3:7-11

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If you would turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Hebrews.  Once again we’ll continue our study in  Hebrews chapter 3.

Wouldn’t it have been grand to live in the first century. To sit at the feet of Peter and John and Paul in and just be able to soak up all of their teaching anything about it oh it would do wonders for spiritual life would just think how breathtaking it would’ve been to deliver the time of Moses and the will to behold the mighty wonders of God as he poured out those plagues on Egypt is is he broke their will and their power and to in order to deliver his people and into to part the Red Sea you a walking through on dry land.  When the Israelites and you can look is likely to future chorions on either side of you look there’s this wall of water sufficient herself notices be the possibly is it the wouldn’t really serve to strengthen our faith is funny in the writer to the Hebrews doesn’t share that perspective see what we look at the last two times in and chapter 3 verses one through six we saw that the writer was thinking about numbers chapter 12 were Miriam and Aaron were grumbling about complaining about Moses and God.  There talking about how faithful Moses was will the writer’s mind is still on that section of the book of numbers he has a more accurate perspective on what happened back then and we often did we sometimes we will glamorize those ancient times and we we think about how glorious it would’ve been it would’ve we also tend to think that you why I would’ve been what they do that I would’ve strong in my a and it would just build me up out been on fire for the Lord see that section of numbers should have read as a record of God’s glorious provisions and his people’s grateful trusting response but is it tells of grumbling grumbling and what more from I is you look at that would with that section of numbers numbers chapter 9 back a little bit.  It tells of over 1 million people celebrating the Passover together out that had equal right and we do our Seder supper know around Easter time.  If) you know and it is always a blessing to do that just 1 million people all when place in celebrating all at one time then details about how the tabernacle is completed and you know if that is a great the glory of God comes down in the presence of God is manifest they’re on top of the tabernacle in the fire at night in this this class by day but you can’t get more wonderful right the next in chapter 10 the tribes pick up camp in the lead they leave Mount Sinai, where they hit, sling I you.  This is great.  But then comes numbers 1111 for 14 they could just skipped a few chapters in the history it would be great for them but people began to complain were sick of the were sent comedienne and every day they went when she to be back in Egypt you know because there we had cucumbers to melons and leeks and onions and garlic you obviously they were very forward thinking because give me people crammed together in one place is quite good that you have onions garlic but you know is the reason that we read about glorious things that are happening in the America bellyaching about e-mailing with no he he he he he got to see these wonderful glorious miracles of God in a miracle every day because you get your 10 you know and he wrote is a brush her hair back, he step out and Hannah through for the day it’s a miracle every day because six days a week you that man in the Senate they know men out of all people who don’t with the Bible like to try to explain it away all the miracles of and so maybe okay that the some kind of something blue and you know it would blow in the morning we undersigned had no to skip the Sabbath, week after week after week a miracle every day I but they began to grow close even started complaining part you this is a or in on leading million plus people and it’s where the wealthy of people complaining and so got killed some of them we show his mercy to take the weight 70 race up and put my Spirit of 70 elders and they’ll help you in the work Moses they have mercy on the people he had that they were wanting a little variety in he says okay I’m going to send you point you to be sick.  I sent aisles of quail more than the event as we looked at the last couple weeks numbers 12 Miriam and Aaron this, I complain against Moses got struck.  With leprosy for a while and they arrive at promised to send spies in the land okay you go in there and see what is light it would cause problems for us and come back and tells about they came back this little boy this is a a fabulous land in the characterizing member land flowing with milk and honey the words reach just great that the everything about it just you know it produces a wonderful cross everything by the couldn’t stop by the land is filled with giants and in fact we were there we felt like grasshoppers compared to them and they you look down at us as if we were grasshoppers and the people began to complain and to tremble.  Oh my God brought us out here in reason to kill with him leaders and there was to look was appointed new leader invite each Caleb and Joshua go to the spies that the toward the ropes over the way the people were responding in disbelief yet the us the most powerful nation on the earth at the time God just broke with plague after plague after plague means regular Army and the Red Sea is been provided for the every day twice as much the day before the Sabbath to pick it all up in my forms seven quail I like the and Joshua and Caleb.  Their mindset is iconic and take him.  Yes yet we we look like grasshoppers in their but you know what they look like that not even a grasshopper was told Moses wondering people are still man, aged gusset Moses into step beside him, kill is testing Moses here because Moses River is his faithful leader in disproving Moses out book.  Just outside module and start with humans take for God talking him and you listen back in prayer back to God for the behalf, on behalf of people.  He says Lords you that you know the other bad, much better you Lord is you told me you are a compassionate God, slow to anger you abound in lovingkindness are six you are forgiving to forgive his people so that the all the nations will say oh yeah he always brought another till law for your namesake because of who you are forgive we don’t deserve it but you do Lord it is or preserve the glory forgiveness often do so, but did have mercy on but it is wrapped he would allow any of them from 20 years old and above to enter the promised rest problems except for Joshua and Caleb many years later a poet the Jewish poet would use the same story in order to write a beautiful song.  Some 95 he wanted to as he is.  He calls his people to worship he also warned them against hardening their heart against God and in many years later after that.  Another Jewish man of God was a believer Christian this time the one who wrote papers pick up that same story again quoting from Psalm 95 in order to encourage his people to not harden their hearts and walk away from the largest in many years later we find ourselves studying is the spirit of God is still speaking to his people so what we need to hear this well personal some of you may maybe now maybe someday why should think about walking away from the Lord Jesus to ban you need to hear this it faster but for most of us indeed all of us.  We need the reminder that it’s dangerous not daily.  The building up our faith strengthening our faith would you do this past week distracting the readers in the first century of this the reason this is a were doing.  We may not be tempted to return tempted to return Moses we are often tempted to neglect the spiritual duties that Jesus is provided for us in order to build up our faith to like you look with me now Hebrews chapter 3.  Wilke versus seven through 11 the rest is therefore just as the Holy Spirit says today you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts is when they provoked me as in the day of trial in the wilderness where fathers trying to me.  I testing me.  They saw my words for 40 years.  Therefore, I was angry with this generation set they always go astray in their heart and they did not know my ways as I swore in my right they shall not enter my rest.  So where are we in the whole progress of this book of Hebrews 12 we find ourselves in the section were the writer is showing us that Jesus is superior to Moses as apostle someone who is a messenger from God to bring word of God he compared in the first six verses are chapter compared Moses and Jesus and you compare them based on not your faithfulness.  But based on their relationship to the father he said Moses was a faithful servant in God’s house the Jesus was faithful as what Robert is a son over God’s house ECE showing us the superiority of Jesus there and now beginning in verse seven England all the way through chapter 4 verse two he’s getting his second warning in this epistle and this letter and worry seen one in our in the second at the second warning in ways warning him is this don’t follow the example of the Israelites under Moses and we see this morning is the first piece of that argument where he retails Israel’s bad example here versus seven through 11 and this is what were going to look at the their three points three main points number 1.spirit calls out through were of the verse 7.spirit calls out through his word.  And the number two God’s Spirit warns that be the first part of a a a God spirit warns minimum 3.spirit gives an example VAB for verse 11.spirit gives an example Naisbitt tells three things about that example a what happened VAB for verse nine what happened be why it happened its first 10 why it happened and then see what were the consequences | slut for the consequences I mentioned that he quotes from Psalm 95 and of the verse numbering is your heart, inspired were original but he quotes from Psalm 95 versus seven through 11, wherein verses 7 to 11 Cisco need the correspondence their but it make anything out of school some 90 Bibles and two parts.  First is a cold worship and then there’s a warning against hardening your hearts is your view coming to worship him the that’s almost is faithful to do this I just as our worship leader Greg is faithful to do just and eight as are all the men who take part in leading us in the call to worship when we do the Orient us arena minds to Scripture for right so that our hearts are then oriented to God in order to lift up some substance would find word which is were are hymns and songs come from the word as we have something to lift up towards the substance to lift up the and we are minds fixed.  I met with a do in the cold worship is a great does as he sometimes will read Scripture to assert encouraging word to us in between song in and do to the same thing is this faithful man of God back in some 95 he sees in it really doesn’t matter how we approach the Lord in worship it matters where are minds and hearts are is a quick look at some 95 turned back there with if you would Psalm 95 and will slip the first part of that it is are exposition will look at the rest of some 95 147 the you will I’m sure it is a beautiful cold worship old home.  Let us sing for joy to Yahweh letter shall joyfully to the rock of our salvation.  Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving let shall joyfully to him with songs 40 always a great God and the great King above all, God is hand or the depths of the earth the piece of the mountain areas also.  The CD is here’s for it was he who made it in his hands for the dry ground come, let us worship and bow down let us kneel before Yahweh our maker for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture and that she of his he and at 40 goes into his warning that were look at more particularly, through Hebrews chapter 3 some 95 look back on two passages this is in the history of Israel as two examples from a lot of examples where the people behaved this obediently in disbelief to the promises of God leading of God the first is from Exodus 17 and he continued on we won’t do that here this point he continued on in some 95, you find that the writer draw their attention back to that episode and in Exodus 17 wearer in the River Moses named it very the saw and important because the moment but that’s where the people have a lack of water instead of coming before the Lord humbly and saying Lord you know what he we need water in your the giver of every good gift we you bless us with what know if you know anyone there were him and they’re whining, complaining the second passage that as the psalmist has in mind is the one that I recounted earlier from numbers chapter 14 where it of the people that come up to the to the promised land and they synthesize and the spies came back with a mixed record.  The people were terrified network.set password you’re not going to enter my rest they chose not to believe God in the face of opposition and the readers of this letter original readers of this letter to the Hebrews also faced fierce opposition.  Some of them have already responded like ancient Israelites and the others are tempted to and that’s why we sought the end.  Chapter and verse six chapter 3 verse six he says you guys are God’s house admirably was that ominous if if you hold fast with that last time that if demands elaboration.  And so he begins verse seven with the word therefore drawing the might of it.  Let me take more about this this and this is pretty heavy subject and explain some and so this takes us your first point God spirit calls out third his word God spirit calls out for his word the giver seven.  Therefore, just as the Holy Spirit says today if you hear his voice.  What better way to arrest the attention of his readers.  And to quote from the Holy Spirit right is wonderful it.  This guy if he likes it to say okay.  The spirit said this is according the Holy Spirit without giving the names of the the human writers because he wasn’t understand that this is God’s work populism oilmen wrote is full of errors and enrobed but the Holy Spirit was the ultimate offer.  I am here the writer assumes a basic doctrine of both the old and New Testament’s that is the Holy Spirit who is reading out right through the writers and the second Timothy 316 and then also he the spirit of God is moving them along second Peter 121 in move along by the Holy Spirit so that they would write what he wanted them to write so most of the Scriptures were not dictated Thorson time forgot.  So can Moses write this, work word but most the time the spirit of God would be in these men to they would write the exact words using their personalities.  There are understanding of everything that went into their life experience.  But the road exactly what he wanted them because the spirit is the ultimate offer of the book of Scripture is a divine inspiration there is a vitality a power in the Scriptures that is able to even now many years after three to teach to correct to recruit and train righteousness is always say also in first Timothy 213 they he was praising God they received this is God’s word not as were the members the word of God uses which also performs its work in you the word fits this would most like a collection of words and essays and stories and letters to us this word of God is able to perform its work and you will be a get it back then I didn’t Psalm 95 it in Heber Springs any interest the spirit us to speak the a does it he speaks through the Scriptures every day throughout history as long as there is a today he is speaking you need to hear any do believe God and it needs to be some urgent need as long as there is today C that they he the ancient Israelites ran out of today’s make sure you do not run out before you respond emergent God spirit warns of God spirits.  It was were number one and number two God spirit warns is a a he says this is the spirit talking do not harden your hearts as when they provoked me do not harden your hearts were hardened we get our English words for Rome and sclerosis and if you know little bit about that.  It’s a hardening of soft tissue a hardening of arteries and things like that in the heart is the inner man their disobedience we lose that tenderness toward God as we talk about hardening your heart and disobedience losing that tenderness toward God persistent disobedience will make us obstinate and stubborn spiritual that’s what happened to them that’s what the writer is going to make sure doesn’t happen to his readers.  He sees this, hardening the disobedience and all that goes with it works against faith and so the issue is here a prohibition this is technically what this is.  It’s a prohibition other words even been hardening your hearts he says stop, if you haven’t started hardening your hearts he says don’t start is what prohibition that is the force of it has to be that serious because the stakes over 3.spirit gives an example is a be reluctant God spirit gives an example of an Asian tell us three things about that example first he tells is a what happened is a the for verse nine what happened with the with me after seeing do not harden your hearts says as in the word as introduces an example to us do not harden your hearts as when they provoked me is in the day of trial in the wilderness where your father’s try me by testing the and saw all my works for 40 years and what writer does a little different from Psalm 95 is he translates those place names Mirabal and.  He actually uses it is okay I’m not taking is just name him executed with any merit means rebellion and we had word provoked you saw means test this is the day of trial that that we have.  The text and this one has begun testing and is always talking about the going got the test they were acting as judges sitting in judgment on God they put God on trial one is you get what they wanted.  And when they want, when you grumble you put God on trial where you struggle to believe God, where were you stripped to believe now Aedes able I’m not sure one way you can tell is what is you grumble about that UUNET grumble about.  But you grumble inside here you grumble if you do that’s where you’re struggling to believe God you’re struggling to believe you that that he is able to help to give whatever the release but it got good give me one last that’s exactly what God says verse nine the they try to me by testing they put me on trial they were happy with the way I’m doing.  Believe me that I’m able and I’m good at putting to the test to see how long his patients would hold out in the face of the rebellion in their disbelief and to show how serious the rebellion was not at that they saw my works for 40 years make changes the punctuation will but for some 95 some 95 was the four years with the been following thing that his anger for 40 years, but the writer here as he’s following the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew is a PC same we I want to emphasize for you how long they see guys were because it in a that’s the Psalm is when these people to get this and the right of Hebrews was his people to get this and wants us to get us the Psalm guys works for so long and Cheney then responded Fay is the octet writer says it was just one long propagation provocation of God in numbers 14, verse 11 boards is Moses how long would this people spare me and how long will they not believe in me despite all the stories which I have performed in areas commentary Wescott explained.  They found reason to question really should have rested easy patient is sick now the Lord in all things back into and in the parting the Red Sea the man of the quail water that should cause them to rested fate but it.  This is the fallacy of our evangelism this believe that you know is if we would have healings here and other miracles and to bring believers and Navy SEALs there is how there really is a little believe the remotely the right will in numbers chapter 14 there is 1,000,000+ reasons why that work miracles seeing miracles does not produce faith.  Faith is a gift you must be given I said so was what happened.  Now verse 10 he’s telling us be why it happened, why it happened in the rebellion in disbelief caused by be become angry with them verse 10 therefore I was angry with this generation and set they always go astray in their heart and they did not know my ways uses the word for angry here to mean that the angry provoked disgusted with to blow and blow the sex of the word that we have in our English text.  I can some 95 that’s the kind of anger is talking about the little with them because of their persistent behavior why does he uses a strong he tells us he said.  They always go astray in their hearts the whole inner nature.  They’re buying their will their feelings, emotions talked and so they persistently refused God’s direction and provisions always being constantly just persistent diabetes keep on acting area read that you read their story affiliates wonderful thing happened is a wonderful thing happens a grumble race was over and over.  Why would a persistent and rebellion, God explains further.  They did not know my ways their disobedience arose from a lack of faith where God’s ways he read about that a lot are Scripture especially in the finest songs and all over the Old Testament God’s ways causeways or all those things that characterize the path that God has marked out for righteous living anything about the songs.  Let’s talk about you this this that God has for us and sometimes it’s called his way but incident uses the plural of the wet and greasy does that these are my ways it’s all the various things that that characterize walking on that path.  If the example in our normal Sunday school a subject writer for the adult Sunday school in the group progress right and you got to remediate easy walking on this path and he needs all these you know interesting people and strange people everything but it’s we would what bunion is doing there is he showing that okay this path of God’s the only other a lot of pitfalls along the way things are going to enjoy the there are a lot of features in that that you characterize the to the path that a man of God will take the will characterize him as he walked that path thus is the didn’t know the the was it embraced by Fay you know the me that they them on the surface we they heard it Moses say okay here are my paradigms ways yoga 10 Commandments in the old one from the Commandments is a flow from the happen not only how will will do that same period the year they eliminated know get the drift in the on the surface not really that integrates by faith say no you got and therefore the my of do everything I can to make gospel is selected be like you.  They have C the 13 he says about this example, he tells them what were the consequences, verse 11 what were the consequences of their with God continuing as I swore in my wrath, they shall not enter my rest.  And holy wrath he swore that they would get the rest the promised land but he promised is Legault promptly promises for them.  They got there they said all right Egypt it’s too scary this is okay you’re not going wrath got strong settled opposition to that which is evil is strong settled opposition to that which is evil to guys impassive about sent he actively opposes it and we think wrath what is it we think the way we have wrath you I lose my temper I blow up in my letter know were inside the cell for that’s not at all what God right this life he remained perfectly composed as he actively opposes evil he did he never loses his is usually told Moses to step aside until it that’s not the way we is not like us were just an and we lose it about exactly what do and think about how long had he put up with these he wasn’t the first time they a sentiment he does okay.  I that are and over and over again and once again the land remember lamentations where that came from year after year, decade after decade is out is slowing they squandered their opportunity they squandered their today I saw but they refused to humble themselves before God and follow him.  But there were two notable exceptions party mentioned come back with me to numbers 14 dollars 14 read verses 20 to 24 were two men who were exemplified who who exemplify genuine faith in God.  In contrast to the people in numbers 14, verse 22.  Surely is the Lord speaking truly all the men who have seen my glory and my science classes here which I performed in Egypt in the wilderness yet have put need to test these 10 things have not listen to my voice shall by no means see the land which I swore to their fathers nor shall any of those who spurned me see it by serving table because he has had a different spirit and has followed me fully I will bring into the land which he entered and his descendents shall take possession of my son missionary project Joshua also received that blessing from God because of his faithful his they trust God in spite of opposition they kept picture to enter the promised rest in that promised rest the land was a picture of a greater promised rest of God’s that the writer of Hebrews is going to develop as we move third chapters 3 that is spiritual rest resting from your works, trusting only in the work of Jesus.  That’s true rest.  And that’s what these two men they know Jesus by name but they trusted by faith in God and we now know more about the one we must trust to follow way.  Yes, if you have the kind of faith that the grumbling disobedience disbelieving Israelites had if that’s what your faith is like our guys people were born Jews.  That’s faith in what you are fingerboard Asaro faith you headshaking know and you’re right because if you have the faith of Joshua and Caleb the no you can’t call away you see in the face of small disappointments and great trials they had that okay so we go the while that’s why okay we the same thing every three meals small trust big things the guys in a language I have huge.  The walls but from our God because e-mail they had faith to believe in God you must have faith that arises from a new art because God is giving you a new heart and new car comes with faith and bad faith, responsibility, trust the only follow Jesus next week will see what is an evil, unbelieving heart is even further develops and fills out this this idea of what is to follow way.  And why some don’t follow will look more into that

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