Leaving, Living and Receiving

Hebrews 11:8-12

Message recorded 30 June 2012

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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We’re going to look at Hebrews Chapter 11 this morning and where look at verses eight through 12.  And yes, really.  I think will make it through all of those verses.  There’s a saying that I think were all familiar with you choose your friends, but you’re stuck with family and it.  Sometimes that means something negative and a lot of times it does it all of us are thinking of somebody in our family that were stuck with intercourse were being thought of at this moment and by somebody else which is something good in that because it’s nice to know that given all of our faults, given our propensities to stand that there are people in this world who know all about them you know, up close and personal, and they still put up with this, so there is a bit of good in general.  It also makes us comfortable with what is familiar actually the word familiars related were family and we are familiar with each other because were in a family together and is we think, especially in terms of Bob are our immediate family see we will tolerate our family in ways that we may not tolerate the same things in our friends and acquaintances we may cut a friendship offer real fast.  If they do certain things will put up with that same thing for years in our family and then there’s a good side of that in that we are willing to bear with one another is a bad side of that to you and that sometimes we will tolerate their sin and will do anything about it.  We won’t rise up and say okay, look, we need to work on.  We need to humble ourselves and sale gamut take the log out of my own I first so that I can do that, there’s a lot of humility so that I can then minister to them and help them take the speck out of their own time we’ve learned how to live at a low level of grace in our families a lot of times it’s become familiar received while there is this prospect of of all that God promises us in our lives and the lives of the believers around yet there is a level of fear is a level of down and so we opt for that which is familiar and so we are okay with Christianity that is just enough to get by.  Unfortunately we are we are okay with that time what I’m getting at is this Christ promises.  So much more for us through his grace and yet we typically choose the known over the unknown because is the promises that he makes for us those things are unknown.  We we may have seen it happen in other people’s lives.  We may have even squeezing them happen in our lives.  But whenever push comes to shove on this particular issue on this particular day what happens is that was a if I if I humble myself if I put in the hard work to do what Christ said to do in this situation, it may not turn out well or if I trust him in seek to put to death the sin that’s in my life, then what he promises for me may not satisfy easy we have fear we have doubt and that’s unfortunately, what makes us choose were familiar with the known over the unknown, even though it promises to be so much better that’s not the way of faith at the lack of faith.  Fear is a lack of faith that out is a lack of faith and it’s a lack of faith for us to prefer the familiar or going to see from the life of Abraham.  This morning that as I said that’s not the way doubt, fear disobedience that’s not the way of faith


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