Let Me Count the Ways

Hebrews 12:3

Message recorded 20 October 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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1) Calculate His Excellence
2) Prevent Premature Collaps

If you would turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 12. We will be looking at verse three this morning.  Now as autumn is upon us what you think with me for a minute, let's pretend that we're taking a fall hike of some sort were sitting out on our balcony and maybe work with whatever were doing, where enjoying taking in the beauty of God's creation and as we do that, surveying all that's in front of us and where were looking at the changing leaves and seeing how their coming really beautiful and at one point we notice the Cardinals perched on a branch and you have.  If you've watch Cardinals they like to out chirp and flipped in the make all kinds of a ruckus and that sort of thing is a were watching this and what happens is as is we been surveying everything our attention zooms and in one in focuses on that one object that beautiful card and as were watching him.  We notice that the son does reflecting off of his collar and is like a little flame that just bursts up from the Lamb and we listen to them and we focusing what happens is, he's been able to to pool our attention on to him.  Everything else just fades into the background what happened will out of the many things in this panorama before us one of those objects was able to arrest our attention and get us to focus just on him and then we noticed everything else just kind of blur's and becomes just the background are minds have the ability to focus on a subject area in order to to investigate.  She we have that ability.  There are a lot of things out there that that call for attention, but we have the ability to zoom in on one thing and to explore all that is about we might do this in some like in that situation.  I just gave you.  We might do that out of sense of pleasure enjoying the creation that God has as put before us and allows us to to look at and to enjoy we might do this also in order to praise the one who created we we look at the creation and that the beauty and just a marvel of the creation and then were able to to break forth and praise it may be from our heart and maybe silently praise the Lord, who created all, but there is a we have the ability to focus on something like that not just for our own pleasure are for phrase, but also for personal benefit.  She we can focus on something so that it will help us.  We been talking in Hebrews 12 about this race.  This race of faith, which is an endurance race is one that we have been put into if we are a believer in Jesus Christ.  The race is long at times its grueling and so we need all the help we can get an by the wonderful grace of God.  He provides all the help we need someone explore this says we work our way through trying to understand this race that wherein and how we are to run and well we to do so that we can run it is he said.  Offender so I like you follow with me on a read extended passage from verse one verse 13

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