Let Us Draw Near

Hebrews 10:19-22

Message recorded 24 March 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa


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Starting notes:

  1. Draw near, confident in our Great, High Priest
  2. Draw near, with a single focus and solid faith
  3. Draw near, because we are spiritually clean

Turn in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 10 what a wonderful way to prepare us for this new section of Hebrews, then to hear after we had a couple years of no truth know truth know truth not know is not that indicate and out of you know truth.  Now as couple of our brother and have shared with us live truth lived.  Literature taking that out to another country to our brothers and sisters there to encourage them to love them serve them and help them in proclaiming the gospel and Lebron even getting ready to go be even more prepared and trained stability that taken out to the world take the gospel to the world.  And so that’s what we’re were doing.  Now we were entering a new section of the book of Hebrews, we’ve had a lot of doctrine this is what you should believe this is what you need to know and now the author is shifting gears.  This is okay, now based everything we know these are the things we must do this is what God is calling us to do with all that we have listened this knowledge we’ve amassed so they do that was to think first on the last few minutes of Jesus life there on the cross we think of those last few minutes thing about the moment where they they lift up to him that the sour wine and after that he said declared it is finished the three of the gospel writers tell us that at that moment when he died, that the veil in the temple the veil that separated the outer chamber the holy place from the holy of holies that they was torn into from the top to the bottom.  Now what to like to been a fly on the wall in the temple when you do to get Levitical fly but right for I tried to be there, see and hear those priests when you know it.  The land had become dark the land shook when Jesus died in this veil was torn this was a big thick veil and just all that going on something momentous And it would’ve how they discovered it, but some priest saw that, the veil is: run until all the other priest now committed all looking at their it appearing in looking there’s the holy of holies expose something that they didn’t get to see but what a dismal site it would be in it was because now that the holy of holies was laid bare they look in their user since the Babylonian captivity dark is gone and what they did is they put the this slab of stone to mark the spot where the holy of holies used to sit the goal of the stone a foundation that’s all you look in there with a curtain once was.  And now you see nothing but a stone though it’s interesting is those priests and stumbled over a greater stone Isaiah talks about a stone of stumbling a rock of offense a rock that would give offense it would offend people that rock was Jesus in his gospel all of those priests were offended by him now the gospel is supposed to offend you.  It’s supposed to shake you up and make you realize that I can’t get there from here that I need something else.  Now that stone of stumbling not the one laying there in the sanctuary, but the one who just died, he would crush many of those priests, meaning that because they stumbled over him, and they didn’t realize what they had stumbled over they would perish but Luke reports that many of the priests became obedient to the faith.  I wonder how many of those guys saw that that veil torn and saw that, there’s nothing there that was symbolic will that torn veil represents the theology that we’ve been learning the theology remember how you understand the how you have each of those bricks or stones that are that are just the author’s argument is he said he wanted the other, and then he had that Stone if you will.  The last one that everything was working toward when he said in verse 18 that where there is forgiveness is no longer any offering for sin you see the authors wanting to put that to rest once and for all.  No more offering for sin, no kind of offering for sin a matter how you will look at it were done would Jesus did is finished.  He was telling the truth when he said that from the cross in so now the torn veil is telling the good news it preaching the good news it was preaching the good news to those priests based on that torn veil it something will what it meant was no more offerings would be made in God’s program offerings for sin and we would also mean is that the way to God in drawing near to him as priests that that priesthood would be were radically changed.  No longer was it restricted to men no longer was it restricted to men who were Jews are men who were Jews born in a certain tribe are men who were born in a certain tribe of a certain family and all that with certain other restrictions the priesthood is now open to every believer in Jesus Christ man, woman and young person more from every tribe of every nation, all you have to do is recognize that your center and put your trust in Jesus Christ and you are you are reprints a priest of the most high God, and that is where our author is now taking us that we we handle the great privilege it we need to do something with what we now know translate the information into action live out your theology.  Extend your attitude of worship to acts of worship you see don’t just bottle it up here.  Extend that your worship so that it’s all of life harness the energy of your worshiping heart and use it to fire up worshiping hand hands, that serve hands, that minister hands, that do that’s what he’s calling us

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