Let Us Hold Fast the Confession of Our Hope

Hebrews 10:23

Message recorded 31 March 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa


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Brief outline:

  1. Grasp firmly and persistently
  2. Grasp our message of Hope
  3. Grasp without swerving
  4. Grasp because God is Faithful

Let us turn together in our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 10  and this morning we will look at verse 23 tug-of-war is intense if you think back to a time when you played that nothing most of us did as kids or maybe even adults think about how determined you have to be if your team is to have any chance of winning a think about all that went into that game as you were trying to pull against the other team you think about it the smell of that fresh summer grass crèche, under all of your feet you think about you know the rope burns on your hands, that you are getting and maybe even the grass burns on your legs as you would.  Maybe fall smell the freshly turned up soil is your digging your feet and trying to get a good footing against your opponent thing about how you your’s, restraining every muscle of your body are putting into holding onto that wrote in trying to hold a position for your team think about how you when you’re pulling like that you lean back as you dig and because you try to use your wave as an anchor to keep the other team from being able to pull you sometimes the incentive was just when, but sometimes they would spice up a little bit and it would make incentive where you have maybe a you body of water in between you, or maybe a big puddle of Mudd okay you try to pull each other into that.  So the incentive that it was added that where you didn’t want to be the one drug through all of that we if we could view the Christian life as something like this tug-of-war it really brings into our churches a lot of fresh vitality and vigor with you.  We need to ask first who are our opponents who we were against if you will in this it’s more battle not a game for us who are sometimes it’s obvious you we have the world the flesh and the devil and sometimes they don’t hide it at all.  You just know you’re fighting but other times it’s a lot more subtle you see our flesh.  For example, can be fighting on the other side him pulling against us and the other team it out.  Maybe when I getting our way.  Maybe other people are just rubbing us the wrong way we like how they’re doing thing in those kind of subtle things become our enemy.  It also be other churches in this whole Christendom movement everything that that happens in and how Christendom no ads and flows in and changes in sometimes even Christian authors sometimes popular ones subtly wrestle against us to be able to recognize it.  We need to know what is it that we are wrestling for what’s the point of it all for us not to fall in my something far more significant.  He sees we battle for the gospel.  We battle for the message that Jesus Christ gave to us the churches original message was a message of hope that which we have celebrated all throughout this morning in various ways the hope that we have in Jesus Christ because of what he did on our behalf dying for us and rising again.  Sadly so many churches as I said the battle against us and we don’t sometimes think about how there really on the other side of the road the other end of the road.  She what happens is the lose sight of the original message and for them the message becomes trying to be acceptable to the world their messages we’ve got a try to feel the auditorium.  And so we have to do if we want that is our message as our goal then we sometimes have to change the gospel and maybe a lot and years ago that wet slippery slope you change a little bit.  It’s going to change a lot and so with the duties is they maybe add some things to the gospel.  That’s what these readers of Hebrews were wrestling with.  They didn’t realize that some of their brethren who had left and others were Judaizers work influencing number trying to influence say no, what about the law and you still have to keep all of those rules and regulations in order to pull that legalism back into the gospel message, but today we find some churches that do that, but it’s more common for them to wrestle with things like cultural wrote cultural relevance the other sites well you know the church of today has this old message and really no one wants to hear that.  Funny thing is no one’s ever wanted here.  Not until God gave them a given ears to hear eyes to see it’s no different in the need of man hasn’t changed is always been that man is a center is a alienated from God and he’s under the wrath of God.  These needs to be rescued from the chair we can sometimes get distracted sometimes good things is our message the sanctity of marriage.  That’s a hot button to is that we need to spend our time on is that we should be preaching every Sunday is that we should be telling everybody out there is you is you interact with these people in your neighborhood of the Scripture store and it in your workplace and schools is a suppose worse must be hammering home you know we got to fight for this it is a significant an important issue, but is that our message is our message political conservatives order, behold the other side liberalism.  Maybe that is a political whatever is that our message and so what happens is we find that we really is if we think about the real message those things start becoming more parent’s we noticed them more clearly we need to know what were battling for what we need to remember is that we battle for Jesus message as we battle for it.  We also need to remember, though it’s not possible for us to win not ourselves were not going to win any war in our own power.  We need to remember that our foes every one of them are formidable there too much force ourselves and so we need answered his credit questions what exactly is our message and is there any hope for us and for the purity of our message we but there is and that’s those of things read talk about today


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