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Hebrews 13:1-3

Message recorded 23 March 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Let's open our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 13 minute to this last chapter of a rather long and truth packed the Thistle heavily and we have studied how writer wants us to understand the superiority of Jesus Christ, we saw that from the very beginning chapter 1 all the way through In verse 18.  The superiority of Jesus as apostle and high priest in tickly focusing on his high priesthood which we have worship him in regarding to that even this morning in in in 1019 to the end of the book we are now in this section talks about the superiority of Jesus new and living way and that way we have seen already, especially last week as can be developed.  Now, as we move throughout chapter 13 is that every believer in Jesus Christ is a priest and we talk about the priesthood of the believer.  We refer to ourselves as believer priests every one of us is a priest.  It's not one select group as in Israel or in some religions where even those broader Christian religions, if you will have priests as a priestly caste or a certain group of people that are priests in the laity are not Jesus new and living way is that every believer in Jesus Christ is and we we serve him 1019 week we are before him.  His throne of grace, and we exist.  There before him.  We can draw near to his throne of grace and in be in his presence because Jesus has cleansed us Hebrews chapter 13 and this morning will be looking at the first three verses a truism in life is that means allow fireworks is a classic example of that.  It will come to know that one's easy.  We buy fireworks in the blow them up at home.  One of the ones we like to get is the kind where it puts on a shower of sparks a colored multicolored sparks an enlightened are named after flowers or something like that because there's always different colors is like as big an enormous bouquet and in a really beautiful.  For the few seconds that they last.  But as with all fireworks quickly fizzled few seconds over in on the while Newman the next romantic love also fizzles to people who are in love with each other.  They work so hard a trip over themselves to try to win the other person and romantic love blossoms and then sadly, just like those fireworks where after the burnout.  The next morning we go out to the driveway and collect up their charred remains way.  Sadly, with relationships.  After romantic love is fizzled so many people will discard the disappointed relationship thing we think about our own lighter note, conditions, New Year's resolutions, I think something in the things that we set out to do in all gung ho this year is going to be different in we get everything we join the gym or whatever would buy stuff you know it, and where all gung ho and yet it always tell the gym where and I am one of the didn't look like if I'm one of the people whose barrier around okay, I know I don't work hard enough, but it's always fun to watch house early in the year you know, the first Monday in January 1 he back at work and then than last you know he is crowded everything you just can't abide your time and it'll loosen up again and you'll have all the machines yourself again after just a few weeks.  So what happens is things like exercise equipment, musical instruments and foreign-language books and of where it will ourselves because ambitions.  This Dr. Sears no think about gospel seed Jesus talked about see the falls among the thorns and rocky soil had is what happens there sprout, such as real fast.  Looks great, every green environment and everything in it doesn't take on dies out into apostasy falling away from faith, Joe when God's Spirit is truly in residence in our hearts.  He makes us to persevere.  Yes, there are times where we is all in our religious condition than commitment practice, but if the Spirit of God is truly in our hearts.  He will not leave us that way he gets he does guarantee our perseverance.  If you are believer in Jesus Christ, you will persevere to the doesn't mean there are times where the little bit of fizzling, but the Spirit of God is there and when he does he re-energizes us in order to make us to persevere to get back to doing what we were doing at one time, and not just completely falling away in the Spirit of God.  We wish that he would just zap us with you know, this magical perseverance and not want him to think we sit there waiting for this app us with the fireworks.  The way he works is by reminding us from the word.  What were supposed to be doing and exhorting us to using brothers and sisters in Christ also remind us faithful to do things were called to see God's way is to keep us all fully engaged in each other's lives so that we are catalyst air to spur one another on her face to the cave, you're doing great XL still more than the physical to come along and light a fire under that person and get them going again.  Here's how God is glorified by transforming an energizing centers so that they remain engaged in serving each other in contributing to each other, spiritual growth and maintenance


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