Many Faces of Faith

Hebrews 11:32-35

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John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Be resolved to obey God no matter the outcome
Think often on the better things that await us.

Turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews 11 will be looking this morning and versus 3032 through 35 my voice cooperates Hebrews 11 about you, but our study this time, through Hebrews 11 has really been wonderful for me.  It’s made me appreciate it so much more whenever I would come to Hebrews 11 in my daily Bible reading be as I love Hebrews 12 so much is rich truth the just really kind I resonated with me and things I knew I needed to hear stood out to me that I would I would describe you fly through Hebrews 11 and second looked at it as one of those stories you know and I know about you know a ball on no one Abraham and all those guys and and so I kind of speed read that section, but having slow down.  Now it’s been a real blessing to me and I so much more that I need to know I need to learn about faith and hope that you’re finding that as well for you that your learning these lessons really important lessons about faith itself about how we as believers in Jesus Christ need to have faith in what that faith is like how we exercise and I hope that today we find more circumstances come in many different shapes and sizes we might suffer and other times we succeed it.  It’s not all one way or the other you know that a lot of people don’t get that message.  They will look at some things they find in Scripture in the pool those out in cannot isolate them thinking that okay this is the whole of the Christian life.  And so Psalm from with a monastic dance they may decide that they want to go out in the desert or live in a monastery or convent or something like that in the ideal Christian life is to be one of of poverty and basically daily adversity suffering is is to be a constant and and that’s the normal Christian life and and then we also find others on the opposite end of the spectrum who believe that everyday are to be success and that we should be completely free all the time from all adversity that if we had adversity, then we don’t have faith but neither of those is taught in Scripture like that there are times we succeed there are times we suffer, and both are there now do we need a balance is that were looking for will not exactly what we need is a better perspective on on all of this on always different circumstances that we face the circumstances that God ordains for us to respond well to that is by faith to the various circumstances.  Whether he’s called us to to be valiant and war are whether he’s called us to suffer and die to respond all of them by faith he seeks faith is able to rightly respond to any circumstance circumstances do change, but faith doesn’t change faith can stand strong in weakness faith can remain humble and strength and success and faith can even endure defeat see the many faces.  If you will of faith by faith one missionary those out in the mission field and is able to lead hundreds or maybe thousands to Christ, and by faith.  Another missionary dies in his first is by faith parents raise a child who grows up to be a man or woman after God’s own heart to serve the Lord diligently and by faith parents raise a child who runs up to be rebellious and to love the world by faith one person has a a career of five great success and blessing and move maybe up the corporate ladder quickly you have a stellar testimony for Christ and by faith.  Another person in the work God has given them to do find a lot of discouragement and they find maybe even persecution humiliation by faith we disciples someone who goes on to serve the Lord so diligently and passionately see you in by faith we disciples someone and they end up walking away circumstances come in all shapes and sizes.  Resist the temptation to make them one size fits all that this is this that I experience is to be the norm for everybody are this is the way I would like it to be for my whole life.  There is one faith that faith looks forward beyond death to the better promises that are laid out for us in Christ will our experiences may differ the God we trust never changes his promises never fail that remains constant.  And so our faith remains constant.  It’s the same faith.  Whether we are in a time of success a were in a time of defeat for suffering genuine faith endures both good and bad.


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