Mt Zion: Heavenly, Festive, Redeeming

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Hebrews 12:22-24

Message recorded 9 March 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Cluster together in order God to Hebrews chapter 12.  Here's chapter 12.  In this morning will be looking at verses 22 to 24 Hebrews 12: Ms. in the Christian life is failing to appreciate what we have an effort to help us with that last time we were Hebrews we look at what is it that we don't have that was important sometimes with a look at these contrasts to help us really appreciate what is we have in Christ, and so now that we looked at that we don't have what has not happened to us.  It's now time for us to take up this subject of we do have in Christ to bring help to our thinking to have a good grasp on the great treasure that we have in Christ.  I don't think it's possible to overestimate to to say too much and I don't there is language is too great for we do have in Christ we have beautiful language that our author has put down here in this passage verses 20 to 24 that it's just glorious freeze after phrase just giving glory to God for what we have in his son's wonderful things I'm glad I had three weeks to keep mulling this over and over and over because
I know I can't do it justice.  I hope I can at least, scratch the surface and wet your appetite to know even matter to explore the depths of these wonderful truths that we have to Christ we need to learn how to routinely appreciate we have to Christ, and we do that well is a different way is the things we can do one is coming gathering together and hearing the word of God taught whether it might be in a Sunday sermon are in Sunday school or a Bible study to have someone else tell us regularly about these wonderful things we have in Christ.  Another thing would be for us to spend time in the word ourselves to meditate on his glorious things from cover to cover in the word of God.  Why do we need to do something is it just is.  Interestingly, this is fascinating stuff is that it was more to it than that.  See first, it's necessary for us to get a grasp on these into regularly routinely appreciate them because we need to do we need to have a grasp on this we can glorify our father in heaven to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ here in his church in and throughout the world.  We also needed so that we might experience the rest the piece in the confidence that we have in Christ.  Think about all the things we go through in our life and those hard knocks that we receive sometimes often and we need to be able to experience to actually do something with the rest that we have to Christ the piece, the forgiveness but also the confidence that we have in Christ.  I don't know.  We think enough about this the we have confidence or we should have confidence to draw near to the throne of grace.  The author has already exhorted us to do that and he showed us why really get as he repackages these things are he talked about in the letter will see you and we said that we can have such rest is such confidence in him, so let's review this passage again, I'm a backup to to get the whole Contreras will start in verse 18 Nineveh to read them to follow along with me 18 through 24 receive this contrast between two covenants Hebrews chapter 12.  In verse 18, for you have not come to amount that may be touched and to blazing fire into darkness and gloom and whirlwind into the blast of a trumpet, and the sound of words which I was such that those who heard that no further word should be spoken to them bear the command even beast touches the it will be stamped and so terrible was the site and Moses said, I fear and trembling.  You believers, you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to myriads of angels to the Gen. assembly and church of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven, and to God, a judge of all land to the spirits of righteous men made perfect and the mediator of a new covenant into the sprinkled blood, which speaks better than the blood of Abel.  Well, in order to to show the superiority of Jesus and the superiority of his new and living way the writer in this letter to the Hebrews is among many other things, contrasting two covenants is is okay know a lot of people from your church left to go back to Judaism.  They want to go back to the old covenant.  They thought in some way that that was preferable, and so he said jokingly tell you about that old covenant.  It was good.  It was wholly it was something we needed mankind needed that.  But that's not where you go to have a relationship with God as a shows the superiority of this new covenant that has brought us to God through Christ, and when he does in this passage in order to show the contrast between the old covenant and the new covenant is he says okay, talk to mountains read about Mount Mount Sinai.  It were talk about Mount Zion and what a contrast is because they stand for something they stand for these two covenants is to mountains represent two covenants and represent to mediators.  The first covenant demonstrates our worthiness to die.  The second demonstrates Jesus worthiness to say the first shows a mediator who was terrified.  The second shows the mediator who is mighty to save the first declares that those who disobey must die.  The second declares that Jesus, the obedient son died so that disobedient sons might live great contrast between two covenants here in this passage, but even more to the point.  There's a contrast between two different perspectives on drawing near to God to bless their church thought that you draw near to God by going to the old covenant going to the law keeping the law keeping circumcision at all those rituals and everything in Judaism and the writers trying to say no no, that's not how you draw near to God because these two mountains.  These two covenants at very different things regarding drawing near to God, your covenant Mount Sinai said draw near and I you draw near, but you stop right there don't come to close you come to close and you need to be killed.  The new covenant is completely different.  The new company says washed sinner redeemed sinner ransomed sinner draw near thy Savior come all the way and stay very different covenants very different mountains very different perspectives on drawing near to God the first the old covenant Mount Sinai was a cause for great dread with the new new covenant in Christ is cause for great joy in Zion.  By contrast, is a picture of drawing near to God in a warm confident relationship, BC were coming to our Savior come into our father.  Yes, procedures God.  Yes, he is judge but the fact that we now have this relationship with healed by faith changes everything because of what he did because of his blood


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