Not This Mountain

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Hebrews 12:18-21

Message recorded 16 February 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Before we turn to Hebrews 12 alike in turn with me to Exodus 19 Exodus 19 will be doing there is getting a grasp of the background that are authors I take us there in this passage in Hebrews 12 it will be looking at is 18 so set out with the Exodus 19 before you started.  I do want put in another plug for you coming to hear Dr. Hannah next Saturday night and Sunday.  I can't overstate how what what a blessing it will be for you.  If you do come to hear NTG is a gifted teacher of the word, and very knowledgeable probably one of the best and most knowledgeable scholars in church history living today.  Respected topless is a real delight to share with us.  Terri said he is very down-to-earth very down-to-earth and him and he just bring so much joy to his teaching.  When I was in seminary after my first class with Dr. Hannah, I decided I to get every class I can with this guy and so I decided to double majors.  I could have the church history and its take all the elective classes which really good classes and so I did that.  Oh, what a blessing it was my credit God's work in teaching me about the true nature of sanctification of the spiritual life the walk that the believer has with Christ.  I credited Dr. Hannah with as we were working through studying John 01 and coming to understand the nature the real nature as I receive so much teaching that was unbelievable and around when that light came on and what a glorious day that was theirs is that kind of thing that you will get under this godly man so i.e. I can't recommend it high enough so I do, it will prompt you will be a great blessing will be like to meet God for the first time you probably think it be unforgettable for the ancient Israelites as they came out of Egypt and they met God Sinai.  It was unforgettable, but not so much in the positive sense, as were going to see three months out of Egypt God told Moses to tell the people.  It is they will obey me, they will follow me and I will make them to be a holy nation, a nation set apart unto me, set apart from all the other nations, they will have my particular blessing so Moses really that to the people and they all with one voice said whatever God says will do so.  Gus is okay Moses have people consecrate themselves for three days and then bring them here.  The mountain and outside, and I will give them my law and so on the third day when God promised to to come down now is also given the command to make sure that every man in person, every animal stays back put boundaries they were told Brown that mountain to let anyone or anything trespass, so you can see already the tenor of what's going on here, you might be excited thinking I needed to the first time in Moses is already met him there.  The burning bush and and subsequent times now we get to meeting the all of a sudden bit of dread and see if any person or animal broke through the barrier they were to be killed instantly by stoning our someone running them through with a javelin, so that they didn't have to cross the barrier in order to kill the person to see if the Israelites didn't do this if they didn't, police this that said, what will happen to us in my holiness.  I will break forth and I will consume many of them to make sure no one comes to the mountain and if they do kill them instantly


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