Our Great Defender – Hebrews 8:1-2

Hebrews 8:1-2

Message recorded 9 September 2012

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Turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 8. We have made our way into a new chapter this morning Hebrews chapter 8 in which they find ourselves transitioning in the the argument of the author as he's been telling us about Jesus our great high priest and it turns a corner here and is actually going to dive more deeply into this wonderful truth about our high priest who is far, far greater than any high priest the world has ever seen now when I was a kid, I received one of those children's Bibles and and I love this will Bible it had on the cover is kind of the cloth diaper cover and had a picture Jesus and will children in the Nicene and it it had a zipper on it and on the local train for the zipper it had a gold cross.  I mean that was the bomb.  I just you I had the best vibrant world.  Now what I really liked about the Bible that one is being give others a real Bible is had pictures in that unit were or when he moved up to the youth Bible did pictures and more into and is like a great it is a read but he what I like about the kids Bible did pictures not just pictures but I love looking at them and reading the stories and picturing for myself the various things especially that Jesus did those are my thing.  I love just blue envision him and of teaching the crowds and feeding the 5000 and in all those things that before you think too highly of me and think about what in the kit need to know really dark secret about before the I love this Bible stage for cover.  I stuck a pin in Jesus.  I yes I know you're preacher stuck a pin Jesus.  I am having enough after I thought cosmos and you know for sure I mean you got lying, stealing blasphemy and sticking a needle in Jesus.  I have a into had no idea that and afterward I forgot about that you know silly kid thinking I at I really did love reading about Jesus.  I really did love looking at the pictures and reading the story and in plain.
And will would be sad and worse than sticking a needle Jesus I would be if I were to be given a chance to actually sit and talk with the real Jesus and say no thanks.  I've got my nifty little kids Bible in pictures and I'm going to sit with that I would be sad when if I would turn down an opportunity to actually be with the real Jesus and prefer instead the pictures of Jesus as know nice is they were one would anyone prefer a picture of Jesus when they can have the reality behind the picture you see the readers of this letter to the Hebrews were offered a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and the author is trying to teach them more about this Jesus that they hopefully have come to know but they are tempted to go back to the pictures were talk but that means they really go back to the copies and actually some of the people from their church had done that already.  They had already sent you know we'll have copies better were going back to the copies will the copies had to place were very important in God's program but once the reality had arrived.  Why would you want to go back to the copies of what was genuine.  What was real.  Yes learn from those copies and yes we still read our Old Testament we still read through it up Exodus and Leviticus not it we learn about all the details.  We still do that we should do that because they can teach as about the real high priest the real priesthood the great sacrifice the perfect one that he made a few of you were once part of Judaism a couple of you I know were Russian Orthodox but if any of you were Greek Orthodox are not a lot of you were Roman Catholic it went all those that I listed are content with copies they're happy with copies of the original now for all of us to me face the temptation to lose sight of the real Jesus, we face the temptation to let fall by the wayside a lively faith in him our great high priest the great perfect sacrifice we are tempted to let fall by the wayside the main artery of life for us to forget that to live is Christ and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in him us in the who and these himself up for me.  We once were dead in our since we without hope and without hope and without God in well but our great high priest the one in whom we have Fay died in our place offered the perfect sacrifice for our sins paid the penalty once for all.  He didn't merely cover send he dealt with it permanent he dealt with it fully there is only one high priest to reigns in heaven.  There's only one high priest who prays continually for his people and you know what is so wonderful about this that were look at today is that this priest is ours.  He he.  That's how it's follow with me Hebrews chapter 8 verses one through six would only look at the first two verses but we read these for context.  Now the main point in what has been said is this we have such a high priest who is taking his seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven administer in the sanctuary immature tabernacle, where the land which the Lord pitched not man for every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices it is necessary that is high priest also have something to offer them if you were on Earth he would not be a priest at all since there are those who long for the gifts according to the wall and serve a copy in the shadow of the heavenly things just as Moses was warned by God when he was about to direct the tabernacle for see, he says that you make all things according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain, but now he Jesus has obtained a more excellent ministry by as much as he is also the mediator of a matter covenant which is been enacted on better promises.  So as I said earlier were in transition at this point is we come to the beginning of chapter 8 in the book of Hebrews he's been showing us from the middle of chapter 4 up through the end of chapter 7 how Jesus as high priest has is met qualifications that are not only equal to but far superior to the qualifications of the Old Testament the Levitical high priest and so is now going to transition to die of even more deeply into this high priest of this whole is going to take up some things of covenant and sanctuary and sacrifice drawing first upon those those old Jewish themes but he's going to show that that those urges copies of something much greater that we have were going to see how those things work were types were shadows easily compare them with what they were representing easily compare those copies enticing shadows with the real the genuine one the true and in so when wanted do is start getting our minds around this idea that is important is those Old Testament objects and things were that they were shatter of what we have in Christ.  Now if you go out to walk her dog on a nice sunny day as a time of the days he will cast your shadows and sons behind you and Bill be a shadow of you a shadow of your dog and shadows reflect us enough that we can tell that's my showing is my dog to know if you encounter a neighbor.  The neighbor does it come up and walk over and talk to your shadow as he but these we hope you feel like that and he definitely doesn't stoop to pet adoption right will that's the idea.  We need to understand that the shadow in what casts the shadow are different things one has its place but it's not a can't replace the reality it would be more than just a little creepy if we go out to dinner with our sweetheart and there sitting across the table from us and we pull out our picture of our sweetheart and sit there and talk to it the rest of the night.  I wounded at least hope you would.  But that does is silly examples, illustrations of what's going on like I said the the Old Testament priest and all that went with an important functions one of those important functions was to provide pictures sometimes living pictures 3-D pictures of the greater priest greater priesthood greater sacrifice a greater tabernacle all that is.  It's pictures of back but also they would teach us to prepare us so that we would know why the those things are even greater and wider necessary they would teach us about how we deal with sin Altair how does send have to be dealt with it would teaches that we have the perfect sacrifice that this to be the shedding of blood that a substitute would have to die innocent substitute would have to die in the place of the guilty sinner they taught us all and you can tell the writer to the Hebrews is drawing back on all those but the lessons that we are taught were taught by those copies but they were only copies so first we will look at today is look verses eight record number one Jesus is the exalted high priest and he is ours every the first part of verse one Jesus is the exalted high priest and he is ours look again verse one with me now the main point in what has been said is this we have such a high priest we have such a high Meadows you love this guy that wrote this obediently this guessing as to what is main point what's it a lot of times we we look at of the book of the Bible and we're scratching our heads and in every commentator has a different view is what the main point is that this guide is leave us guessing as he is going around says now the main point in what we are saying is this and and weaseling is he saying okay you think about if we had the seven chapters in from 413 to the end of chapter 7 I been really you're going through a lot of detail about the qualifications of Jesus and guess what that's all when what I really want to tell you is that's what I'm getting to is it's in he's going to dine in and talk about now not so much the character of Jesus as high priest and how he is so much greater in his qualifications bases of skip down to his ministry we talked about who he is.  It's now read talk about what he did and what he death us his ministry going from his characters qualifications nice and talk about is ministry the author signaling us that he's moving into the heart of the letter he saying as we saw last time.  Yes Jesus is holy and exalted but just wait until I tell you guys.  He thought that was good.  Hang on him and he's getting to the main point he's also going going to answer a question that was probably on the minds of his Jewish readers not save and see if this pop in your head a point is were talking about Jesus as a greater high priest I think about the Levitical high priest with a we do every year on the day of atonement the high priest would you all the preparations that he would enter the holy of holies perform his ministry and in what came out Jesus is still in the sanctuary so I was he for greater high priest he still in yet it doesn't quite square the disease and talk about even here that Jesus sat down a high priest and sit down in the sanctuary in holy of holies.  So why is Jesus still their hold on the one is the main point says look at that would is the main point we have such a high priest this one that we've talked about with exemplary character he has done something great and is doing something great he has made the perfect sacrifice and your member the rewind a little bit to last chapter what is Jesus doing.  We know right now besides sitting on for was you is interceding for us because we were told that he always lives to intercede for us right so those wonderful truths and author saying he's I this this high priest is ours assault going back to the copies because of what the greater work he did in the greater work he is doing that high priest is ours you when you do Bible study need to watch for the main part you look for us not always as easy as it might sound this one.  I think should be you should go pick out the main invert any guesses it's in the very first part of the first verse one.  And we have to have we had you know we'll think about his role in us not an action verb the knowledge but we possess this high priest we have everything in the sentence revolves around idea modifies it it the other verbal action in the in the verb in the sentence is contributing to it in helping us to better understand it we have this glorious exalted high priest is ours.  Now does that make a different how might that make a difference immediately just of one scenario to help us picture this is a work what he's talking about for stability to understand the gravity this now you know we we mean in a society like to tell jokes about it oh well okay you know this know this off you know so so so so you Rabbi priest underwent to heaven if there was have extended before St. Peter in that kind of thing he always it was sometimes they like to heaven standing before God now in a much of more profitable sense think about is if you're familiar with evangelism explosion your that the EE the two questions one of those section of that question good way to start a conversation about the gospel.  Yes the person okay suppose that the were to die tonight and understand before God before his throne and suppose he should ask you not the will but to suppose that he would ask you why should I let you might have and see what they said any get all kinds of answers about one that point is in the reason why that can be a good question is because the most terrifying event in a person's experience is to stand before God on his throne he sees whenever a sinner dies in no matter how hard they had tried to pretend that God doesn't exist and they gather around them thousands and millions of people will you agree with any of you know God or or if there is a God even though really easy on send and now reality in a way that blows the idea of reality away it's like he doesn't get more real than this and this is God on his throne in all his glory and he is taking send serious he's judging people force that is the most terrifying event a person could ever face if you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ.  Now, it will still be a terrifying event but for whole different reason for us is going to be the the the all of his grander his glory and that's been be different if we know Jesus if we hit with we trust in him is going to be different easy we will be able to stand before God for our meteor fall on our faces all those things that we will probably do and not want to flee as fast as we can were going to sees to be different because that's why we stand there before his through were not going to be along the left the writer I'm just happened I let the nurse made to stick we will stand before his room but we will not stand alone why because there is we as we look at the throne there get God's right hand is our high priest and he is not silent he is going to stand there sit there and just let us know take are due for all of our sent he's our high priest he's already taken everything for our sin is taken although wrath of God.  He speaks up for us and in fact he is right now interceding for us and you will always be interceding for us ECE we will be able to to be a front of God strong and be glad to be there, even though it's going to be you know and unbelievable experience in like John we will fall on our faces.  I am sure by it's not because we think God is metastasis and it's not because we think he's going to now finally get us for everything we did this is because he is us so awe-inspiring so holy but they will also be the place of greatest comfort for the believer because our high priest our Savior is) God right hand pleading for us and his father always hears him that will be the best place in the world for us because were nursing easy with the writer is saying here even though this is written in an action were imitated him class show us the direct action persecuting the better that the death another not better than this he is how it's the think about that they seem can with your before the throne of God his son the team the high priest the Savior is your hearts is the anything he shallots he's my it's not just that belonged to his church and you know among the right side in a good and evil a know we have him.  We possess him as our high priest were to see how significant that he us the the readers of this letter there are unbelieving Jewish kinsman only have a copy in the Old Testament are you know the Levitical high priest they have a copy of the real high priest they Minister as a copy of the real Temple and sacrifices their just copies of the real sacrifice but believers all believers Jew and Gentile alike have something far greater we don't have copies first that might not sound good we don't have copies we of the real genuine thing we have the read step said number one Jesus is the exalted high priest and he is ours.  Now number two.  This is our last point Jesus as high priest functions in and exalted ministry.  Jesus as high priest functions in and exalted ministry look at the rest of verse one.  He who is taking his seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens and so hearing is introducing for us the work of the ministry of Jesus as high priest and first thing he says about that.  What Jesus did is he took his seat he sat down.  Now we reject 10 he's going to just explode that is going to elaborate on how what that means but him sitting down the faith that reference to the sacrifice at the other high priest they get do that, then sit down were all done never again need offer sacrifices know the did work that way for them but we'll save that for Can where is Jesus present place he says at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven now that's kind of a poetic way or another more descriptive way of just saying.particular got father he could is that adhesive right hand of God and that's true but is trying to to describe for us more about that he's at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty see trying to enter minds create these images of grand jury Majesty because he wants us to see who are high priest is high priest is not that sinner like us that has to do all of this rigmarole and then go into the holy place and hope we does it Rite Aid and I and then comes out next year same thing again next year same thing again and they eventually dies now he's trying to paint a picture for us that I a high priest is up there were all the grander role glory and Majesty are you may have thought about Psalm hundred and 10 want and that's what he has in mind here.  David when he gave that's only are we spent a lot of time about talk about chapter or verse four from Psalm 110 thou art a priest forever well backing up two verse one.  David also said there that God the father would issue an invitation to God the son the Messiah the high priest, sit here at my right hand the author is already referenced that back in chapter 1 verse three in chapter 1 verse 13 he River chapter 1 what the writer was doing he was trying to show for us a he's setting up first of all that Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God by he's trying to to prepare us for this will thing they he's not going to develop as much is the priesthood.  But he doesn't want us to forget it because it's important to understand that are high priest is also the King suggested he did chapter 1 this is okay you have the one who who reigns over everything the one who created everything is moving everything forward to its appointed end that one which heaven in your mind team announced talking about this high priest and he brings them together again so he wants us to see you got to have those together in your mind now you understand this who high priest is important you understand how much greater he is that all the other high priests before him one commentator put this what Jesus ministers with kingly dignity and divine power Jesus as I as high priest that's how you managed now here is the answer to that question that may have popped up in your head why is Jesus still in the sanctuary on heaven the sanctuary in the throne room are one is he doesn't come out because he's on his throne at the right hand of his father easy and he is still doing his priestly ministry he still intercedes for us as me can come out time time but the fact he still in the sanctuary might seem odd at first but we remember that he's not only high priest but he is also keen it makes sense because he is there in the throne room if you will is the one in the heavens way to bring that out okay.  This idea of of his Majesty and everything but also I think it's it is drawing off of these very Jewish themes and they are Jewish.  Jesus is a Jewish Messiah because it goes back to the promise made to Abraham and you can even say make you but it's a brand promise that in him his seat Jesus all nations would whether it's the these nations in Mexico and him are and the land of Russia different places.  We support was forward here.  ECE it he's not just the Messiah over Israel isn't just a high priest over Israel.  He is that these high priest over all who believe in him from every nation to the Jew first yes but also to the Greek religion time and so he says among what he's done as he's introducing his ministry to his he sat down in you look at verse two he calls Jesus our high priest, a Minister in the sanctuary immature tabernacle which the Lord pitched not man is a Minister in that sanctuary the high priest was a Minister in the holy of holies once a year just for little bit of time but he was a Minister in their he had the priestly service to do in their on behalf of the nation so that they of God would a tone that God would cover their sense of that year but that was only a picture of place where Jesus is that he is right now a Minister in the sanctuary he still in the heavenly sanctuary down yes that is the work of his that work in giving the sacrifice the perfect sacrifice that work is done but his work is high priest is and I he still has his ongoing ministry of interceding for us in his high priestly work so he continues to serve he continues to Minister as high priest in the heavenly sanctuary while he is on his what else about this place well this sanctuary which represents the holy of holies was in member the old one was in the tabernacle originally was a big tent or tabernacle means is can't at those is big Cantos for special-purpose in he had the holy of holies that they had these various you know of courts were there go from here to hear into the holy place will that's the sanctuary in which ministers but that sanctuary is in the greater tabernacle our tent and I know exactly know what this is no like in heaven per se we would learn some about it from there they went but he says that that holy place is in the heavenly your this true The one that will that was copied you true he doesn't mean true the sense of the opposite of faults he's not saying that it and we'll take what that we had back in the Old Testament the depths fall so we mean means true in the sense of June you want this is real thing so it is the Old Testament tidy and now the anti-typing Kittitas means the reality had is not the type that's we talk.  He says that the tabernacle in which Jesus ministers is not copy he should draw from that wind the world which wonderful back to God gave Moses the plan to follow weaseling mountain there he showed him a play and is okay here's a pattern this is what it's like in heaven Remick a copy of that here on our because I want my people to learn about these these true to soak Moses under Moses those men work with a were filled with the spirit and erected this this tabernacle a 3-D picture of what's actually in heaven.  And so with the with a build the was built by the and he says here at the end of verse two that were Jesus ministers was not built by man.  It was pitched in words for to pitch a tent he was pitched by God is not earthly was made by me is greater because God is the one who erected that heavenly tabernacle nuts sometimes the Jews would would mistake the copy for the real thing he for the original they forgot that God told Moses okay here's the pattern it's going to be a pattern of what was in heaven.  I want you to build that you create a 3-D picture of people to see in to learn and they would look at that it's a well you know for these are the real and know that alters real and those animals a diver really thought this whole thing was the genuine one the real thing but they were only copies and they would forget that some of the folks the one to that left this church that the Hebrews were in this took the copies for the original see copies whether be a photocopy for us in or picture photo painting even the pain.  They're designed to reflect some things about the original as a don't ever do it justice.  But the the maybe teach as many remind us the help us to to visualize something when the original is there I have in my wallet a picture of my family.  Now when I'm with them.  I don't think that picture Outlook why because I have the real thing infinitely now what is that picture.  Therefore, but sometimes like to show them off.  But it's there for when I'm not with them is to get me by until with that's with copies the Old Testament for they were designed to get men by until the original he until the original the great high priest with the perfect sacrifice ministering in the heavenly to Temple or tabernacle the sanctuary in until that he this is a point we'll have copies anymore and we should want the copies why because we have such a high priest that we've been talking about it he has so much more to talk their rigorous see the rest of chapters 89 and half a 10 we have such a high priest he's how is in the source had yet it takes a lot would have to take time this weekend for the rest of our lives trying to let that sink in right Jesus is my he's my high priest I can trust him to make me right with God you were leave you with this how ought knowing that that we have such a high priest how ought knowing that give life to your walk before God how ought knowing that is is our brother said we take we have all of our mental faculties our intellect everything we devote all of that to our life our service to go how should it vitalize your fate don't take this as it is if you and not think about again think it's think on these until they start sinking in the having that in the do for us what all the pictures and copies these are these are pictures but they aren't do something for us because they point is to the original the original is so one in so glory us he's a high priest who is sitting on the throne of heaven that aren't do something for us

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