Our Priest Who Prays For Us, Part 2 Heb. 7:23-25

Hebrews 7:23-25

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Turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 7 once again will look into this wonderful passage we have before us in Hebrews seven it talks about, teaches us about our high priest who prays for us.  Take a second stab at this passage verses 23 to 25 and will need to take a third one next week were willing Hebrews chapter 7 as I was driving to work the other day I saw one of those decals the ones that are shaped like a ribbon and other magnetic that people will put on their bumper of the car some words to represent different causes and the others yellow ones that I think originally new called us to remember our servicemen and women and then there's pink ones that call our attention to breast cancer awareness to fight for a cure, but this was new on me and not seen one like this was black and all other was black except for the very top.  It was a little white-collar and it had words.  These words on it.  Pray for our priests now as you know the priests have had their share of problems and scandals lately and then so they called this is calling us to pray for them but having meditated on Hebrews now for months and thinking over and over and over on these themes what came to mind for me when I saw that is that I have prayed priest who prays for me, he is holy he is righteous, he has done what is necessary to fit me to be able to draw near to God.  I have a priest who lives to pray for me a priest who is always hurt by his father he prays for me is no other priest can he see these various priests in the so-called Christian religions are patterned after the Old Testament Levitical priesthood the scene facing a continuity between the old covenant and the new basic continuity between the priesthood and there priesthood they they save the CVs one flows into the other in the other draws off of the previous one but is a problem arose loud problems with that, but one in particular is that both the Old Testament priests and the Jesus priests in modern times or in the church era for sinful man think about the Old Testament era in the first priest you never his two sons Nate at Tanabe who really great guys running on all got killed and in Eli.  Another man serve God faithfully those horrible father his son talked me into the house.  They were behaving immorally with the women who served at the 10th at the tent of meeting God ~it was said of those last two that they were worthless man and this is why they did not know the Lord.  I'm sorry I missed it with the holy faithful effective priest from the order of Melchizedek.  I don't want a senator representing media Center I don't want somebody who is we who was a sinner who is ineffective.  I don't want priest to meet my prayers all had Jesus.  Thank you very much wanted try to force a continuity between the old and new covenants why try to try force a continuity between the priesthood and whatever is this new priesthood why do we think about it Scripture little bit in the own the no one in the new especially here in the book of Hebrews tries to to show us there such a profound contrast between the two so Jeremiah a letter to the Hebrews quoting Jeremiah would say that this new is now the whole they're two completely different kinds of comments that had its purpose the old was a great covenants and it accomplished what was set out to accomplish but it was never meant to say anyone it contributed in the plan of God who this new covenant which would come along and beef be established but they're not the southern one doesn't flow into the other.  Sadly this is continuity.  It has even bled into evangelical Christianity and the reason why is because you know we we have studied Heber is likely not to a study Hebrews with this guy does it he says okay you a continuity between the two a Texan accent he chopped it from every different angle becomes that a just demolishes any argument that anyone try it might try to muster to say that with the new is built on the old not there to they're two different classes as covenants go to White we want anything from that old ineffective priesthood ineffective.  And since they could not say we suggest that if we fully embrace the new.  This new covenant is damaging to our pride it is damaging to our self-sufficiency and is damaging to our low standards that may be why weren't comfortable embracing the whole of it and letting go of that old covenant and community.  Most of us here have never been under the old covenant and so we may say why I our problem.  But you hold on something that the old covenant can represent it is a party that wants to hang on little bit too self F trying that we either your to come to Christ.  At first word to stay with Christ depends on me and someone.  But what happens it is that Jesus is far more demanding as exceedingly higher standards for us than the old company may seek out at think about this though John that there's so many hundreds of laws that old code-you say that is that new is more demand radiance his lawn Jesus law is harder his standard is perfection his expectations demand our close attention all day every day but it's not just a low standards that are offended these ideas of of pride and self effort.  They are offended.  And by the offended by this new covenant he see there is within each one of us a subtle presupposition that we are the captains of our own destiny is in their will a hard time letting go without their heart these subtle shades of self Lordship the words on God I call the shots got all the sideline that you can Jesus I'll let you know when to follow you.  There's subtle shades of Lordship, lurking in the shadows and sometimes it comes out rears its ugly head the most the time it stays back.  Shaq's and what Jesus does because he he will tolerate that at not at all.  Noteholder's for it.  So he will go to war against those he looks for them in our souls and he takes out his sword in him he just hacks it to pieces.  He does not want to arrive out any even a little the of me as Lord and my he is not willing to allow a little bit of self effort from you I get somewhere hated my back pocket for when I need ECE three goes to war against those things because he will have all the glory Jesus is very jealous for his glory the father is jealous for Jesus glory the spirit is jealous for Jesus glory right now in the church age Jesus is the one to receive the glory that was to glorify the father spirit but they want to make sure there were more find Jesus and we give him the glory that is do unto him if you read through Hebrews the, is the subject consider Jesus right the whole thing is about he and the writer because he he's inspired by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit says okay to let's write this letter with a thought church of every age order filed on envelopment problem until they get this into their heads that it's all about Jesus and that he it's all glory there's no glory that were going to talk to he's not tolerate in our hearts we tried to stay on even if it's just a little bit.  And so he demands from us a steady growth in humility things and talk more about that here this morning them what hope is there for us if the sovereign Lord Jesus is going to war with these things in our hearts will was not just a suffering anybody's also sympathetic priest right.  Believe it or not he's in our corner praise for us.  He doesn't tell us and the word to come up with too little stickers that shape like ribbons we put on our cars to pray for Jesus that would be ridiculous and blasphemous is need our prayers.  He always lives to pray for I ask it's not the other way around.  And he is able to save us the River how fully and forever.  He's able to save is fully and forever and this writer ties they with the intercessory ministry of Jesus so follow with me I would just read beginning in verse 23 the end of this chapter Heber, seven, verse 23.  In the former priests on the one hand existed in greater numbers because they were prevented by death from continuing but he, Jesus on the other hand because he abides forever holds is priesthood permanently.  Hence also he is able to save forever those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.  For it was fitting that we should have such a high priest holy innocents undefiled, separate from sinners and exalted above the heavens.  There does not need daily like those high priest offer up sacrifices first for his own sins and then for the sins of the people is this he did once for all when he offered up himself for the law points men as high priest who are weak.  But the word the old which came after the law appoints a son made perfect forever.  So last time we learned point and one old covenant priests Nine was so that verse 23 Shooter numbers proved that not known one of those many many priests are the many high priest were able to save anyone.  Some might think there's safety in numbers more the better but not all easy he says knowing take this do is issue number proves that they were unable to save man but here is one one priest and we only need one because he is able to say that would still be true of modern priests because there've been patterned after that old model they are in unable to say that was on one hand I says verse 24 the other hand this was the point to our new covenant priest keeps on leading so the old covenant priest kept dying in our new covenant priest keeps on living He uses three results that come from that and the fact that Jesus keeps living see he will never die again.  We looked at first is forever life establishes his forever priesthood and these are good at ABN see the three-pointer go daisychained together is forever life establishes his forever priesthood we learned last time verse 24 that has God Jesus simply it's and he is for how long forever.  He abides forever.  He remains forever any any says okay because Jesus abides forever.  He he holds his priesthood how long forever permanent right see have as easy drawing that eight he gets on this out of Psalm 110 four in one word of that verse your our priest forever.  And so here's a wonderful little commentary that he's given us on that one word forever the combat thing always time going into the old little bit of a lot of each word stuff like that here he's given is a commentary it also chapter on one word I and so we see that his forever life establishes his forever priesthood now the daisychained forever life establishes is forever priesthood now his forever priesthood the southern point forever priesthood produces our forever salvation his forever priesthood produces our forever salvation look again, verse 25.  Hence also he is able to save for how long forever fully and forever those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.  So here he draws a lot of logical conclusion a Suzuki based the fact that he lives forever his priesthood then continues forever is able to save forever as we said last time I want to bring a little more of that word fully and forever study say he has the dynamic energy a powerful force in order to save us fully and forever in Jesus the only priest that had that power the hand the ability to actually saved us save anyone fully and forever.  Now we have a little bit more to learn about the second point here's what he has in mind about the salvation of hours we saw he saves this by justifying this by sanctifying sin by glorifying us and by glorify need that one day when he would do is he will bestow on us all that is stored up for us in heaven.  Regarding our salvation that he that inheritance that awaits us he's going to bring all that easily the bestow all of it it's form is on us.  We tasted of the good word of it.  Now don't we we have the blessings of that come with our salvation and how were be made more more like him as we are we taste more Bora there so much more yet to come.  So what's were we mean with the goal he saves us who draw near to God see only the priest Jesus has the ability to fit us to draw near to God think about the Old Testament priestly why would you want priesthood patterned after that they did when they give a said state of a don't come here only the high priest it's the go all the way in once a year if you do everything right he dies if you try to me.  I stay back.  Stay back at was a message so will you want priesthood built on stay back Jesus a priest tears the curtain by Donnie paying a penalty in 15 us to draw near to God you see is only by what Jesus has done that that men and women we can actually draw near to God and so that's that's the priest we will all priests would or whether they are the Old Testament priests or modern priests they share are hopeless situation.  They invited the wrath of God is likely it they were sinners a lot just as we will they couldn't help us that's why they say pray for them but Jesus saved us from God's wrath Jesus is the one who brought us into God's presence was mean to draw near what if we look at Heber's whole of it.  He thought but draw near number times and basically we kind of down and look at these passages more detail as we come to them but bore down to draw near we have need of his grace to help us were tempted when we struggle we have trials regarding looked at that we will drawing need to draw near we need help for service.  Yes need help to serve and we will see to that we draw near through Christ for we approach confident why we went to come family and if the high priest activity in the old covenant when he wanted to come into the holy of holies that one day a year he traveled from the tight rope around his people so that if he went any he had prepared himself and God tells them they can drag now secondly get a and if it's you that would would be you your drawing into to draw near to the symbolic presence of God knowing that he might kill you he had killed others in the band's infinitely yourself.  I hope you do there's plenty reasons to kill right and me.  I promised I would be true.  I don't elected what the walking that Jesus has made us fits that we can come confidently before, we can draw here he him with this wonderful confidence and awaits that the writer presents this drawing near to God is primarily in prior that's how we draw near to him with we talk to him that's how anyone would draw near just like the King you make a petition entreaty: prayer we petition law but also we draw near and worship.  So in prayer and worship is how we draw near to God
these people who draw near we saw earlier that these people are those who obey him.  They are service contrast to those who disobeyed him they died in the wilderness these are those who draw near to God.  There believers the drawing near nor did he say the draw near because they have been saved because they they are read and everything in this it every verbal element in this verse is present tense ideas that they do draw near he's describing the them by what they do this is what they do they draw near they try me to try me it's something they continually do.  It's a regular habit is something once in a while or even just once draw near get saved as a talking about with the believer does is he or she draws near he says they draw near to God through him.  This is an important concept in the New Testament this idea through Christ through him we read some of these bits to you seeking see all the different reasons and ways that that we draw why we draw near to God through Jesus why we go through Jesus John 17 that all might believe through him.  John 317 the world should be saved through him John 10 nine Jesus if anyone enters enters through me ask 13 3839 through him forgiveness of sins is proclaimed through him everyone who believes is free from all things prescriptions 86 we fairest through him.  Second Corinthians 5 they are 518 God reconciled us to himself through Christ Ephesians 218 four through him.  We both have access to God and to the father that is both Jew and Gentile they together have access to God in the same way not one through the law in once or something else both through him Hebrews 1312 received through him then let us continually offer up the sacrifice of praise to God see there's that aspect of worship we go through him to offer our worship to God first Peter 121 who those who through him are believers in God you did a believer except through Christ first Peter 25 were acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.  It's easy that's why we we can't do anything and should even try to do anything to be acceptable to God is mean will try to please God.  That's a godly you attitude had but we don't do something like this Aedes serve God someone I him God six you he is happy with me.  I'm acceptable for right now until I blow that as wrongheaded thinking it's all through Christ were acceptable, through Jesus Christ and one more first John 49 that we might live through him.  Even in our sanctification is the moon him all of it is like are not salvation is exclusive we don't like hearing that people to daylight.  If you need to people.  The gospel most of them are going to be offended by them one of the reason they're offended today is because the old we can only go through Christ is very intolerant of you and Vince Vince doing so they're intolerant us right you see it's popular in broader Christian circles today have a more inclusive view of salvation ECE they say you know it in you see in him churches you hear this that, if the one is trying to come to God.  And I how they that idea of God is and about Fay whatever this coming to God means might be they that that person will be rewarded with eternal life and they say you can even energy on things they want, no, do you know the ability, you will Buddhism little this letter in and Jesus in there somewhere and is popular today the general that does suggest that Jesus himself was mistaken and we send John 14 six no one comes to the father by the who me, intolerant of Jesus write SSO people and anything only 30 embassy only way you get into heaven as a little you get it on is the Christ.  Yes Joshua: the liar or maybe he was mistaken any interest in going back in.  We get to having a fellow you know by way Jesus goes through you only thing okay become as it and its ridiculous right think that whatever told accident here was filled with the Holy Spirit when he said this ask for 12 there is salvation in member the one us for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be say so.  The world is saying that Jesus and the Holy Spirit of both mistake happy at the audacity thing now picking on them maybe, us we are still offended by the how we still like to think that there's something I do it we would.  I think most of us here have justification for history the like the Galatians we think that sanctification is by faith and works not faith resulting in works but faith and were trying to sell that you I have to do things to make God happy.  We think about whatever you send you think this a good wherein and things start out pretty good and somebody doesn't do things the right way they put the cap back on the toothpaste or something you lose from across the room and yell out over him where the like will that you know point even talk to God you didn't want your for me now the rest of the day I want to the day and you think like that's that's this kind of thinking.  And so we suggest a couple ways in which this is offensive to us having to go through Christ humble thoughts and think of Christ humbles us going through Christ for everything in line for us that were not the captains of our best were not even cocaptains.  It throughout the Jesus is my copilot or the more spiritual minorities my pilot on the Obama not he's doing it on that is mean we don't have something to do but where not were not the ones who are enough okay you look at it you got responded Xavier not all we have to continually down the need for Christ's we have to go through him.  For everything we are always dependent on him and he will chase down the shades of self Lordship any shades of self effort he will chase them down in our hearts until the end where over here trying again we'll go there Lord don't know look over here I because is one little area.  I want this: hang on to this we have everything.  Also the Lord it 99.99999% I what the one right try to hide he will hunt it down until it.  He is the sole owner of Lordship, Jesus is the sole and of which you can try need to only the little bit of it he's going to deal with he is the sole owner of the towing merit he won't tolerate anyone else get any glory it all for the work of a person's is rightfully jealous of his glory as Lord and Savior.  So having to go through Christ humbles us but having to go through Christ also requires faith these can work together is faith humbles it has to first we learn second this one is 32 not all have faith Edward we get some fish are smarter not vision more spiritual.  It's a gift.  Ephesians 28 member the reason that that faith is a gift and the reason we have to use faith.  It's given to us by God is that he thought will is one share he's not going to share there's see we need we go through Christ by faith to deal with our struggles are trials to build send to serve you.  We need to go through him.  We need to operate by Fay to serve here and we need to go through Christ by faith to worship thing about maybe you this probably happened to sometimes when today is a candidate and we were getting ready to start worship service and Brian calls to worship Greg the team,.  They're leading us in singing in worship and then there comes often leads us in worshiping around Lord's table.  I come up and we we can this and there and had come up before the let us and in prayer.  Let us in worshiping with gifts great team come back up again he know there times where were just like that is going to take us on.  Are paid first next to me are across the short are you thinking about everything else thing about Monday knowledge yet to do some in Italy, which is now we need by faith to come through Christ to worship.  Whether it's helping with trials and since help to serve and help in worship when he made come by Fay PC by faith it is impossible to please him were learn that chapter 11 verse without faith it is impossible to please him it we may think it okay but it will okay what just wait there him and go do this service for you so I can please you.  This is not that way.  If you do that I will not be please you.  Let me work through you and then I will be please because why when you do that and things in it ends up being a good ministry then both you and the one ministry will get to say praise the Lord I hear some street you haven't shown us how fast you realize that we are eternally dependent upon the grace of God all John any faith we get to heaven.  I won't live site was to be dependent will always be dependent because were not infinite.  We will never be independent will always be dependent on its correct statement you the these three results 180 is forever life's forever life establishes his forever priesthood and the daisychained his forever priesthood produces are forever salvation and where it comes would mention this one our forever salvation.
Is secured by his forever life of prayer are forever salvation is secured by his forever life of prayer really get to that one Lord willing next week as we mentioned secrecy have as daisychained is working and will will will do next time is look more closely at the manner and purpose of Jesus intercessory ministry his prayer ministry.  I want to spend the last few minutes focusing on this are drawing near to got the price Jesus prays continually for those who draw near persistently Jesus prays continually for those who draw near persistently is at present tense idea.  In both of those now one is Jesus need to pray continually.  And why do I need to draw near persistently well answer to both of those questions is assigned using life just pulls us away.  We get up in the morning and then we we have their time and the word are atomic prayer spends time God and cement his legacy is just like pulls us away you know we we get brush her teeth, Harry contrast with the worker we hold we do the school we do whatever supposed to be doing and what happens when about he sees were doing all this in our own power that's what life does he you wonder why you just can't seem to master these trials one that I can't defeat sin once and for all will part of the reason is this without trials without battles against sent in this life we can naturally move away from God BC because it we don't need Jesus help brush her teeth and comb her hair and some of us may be the We where but you will but we we extend Cadiz of things we do but happened is that God created us to build functioning.  So we'll have to say okay put your right foot forward on telephony not don't fall if we just do things by habit but we can extend that terrorism our allies in so when a pipe interact with my wife or my daughters.  I think I know how to do that I have it will sadly not know God know by habit and they could tell you will but right order directly you with people at work of people who wrote them.  Unfortunately I have a habit in dealing with people not only here but Jesus": see life has a way of just pulling this way from the I draw near to him in the morning and then like just pulls me away and I think that I'm operating on had if it's, like this that and those that were together last night I finally thought of the name of this him think about carnival rides the kind that uses centrifugal force of centripetal centrifugal force at the centrifuges light and John Wert put together the means to flee the center to get something spinning right things are inside of that what happens to the outside right they think the carnival rides the others ~were old and lives try to think of Roundup take is that the cage a lot of alizarin.  List will list on words and have read I can find – it was always whenever remember the name they will filled will first 11 you in any rental car but you know with did really people and what happens in Vegas around so fast that everybody squishes the guy or gal on the outside right and in so you don't want to end up in her lap and we did your your pulling on that that Roddick is you find out you keep pulling detritus they often in their like to offer a right order.  Reaching over Messiah in your pulling it out yourself.  This way and it is old right back or on Roundup we is a big round cage they with the top he and you stand around outside or inside of your of your back is up against the cage wall and that is what will change with little dog collar snap you know that the whole journey in his role encouraging her it is one my favorites the because the different forms of but this one the DG spinning around so fast that it hold you against that cage wall and so starts out as being this way.  And the this where I as it goes up one side Danziger doing this over the fact that it was one down at afterworld used in a South is cold barrel of fun and him again it your is of his big barrel and you know needed it would just laying up against the wall and of course the bottom would fall out in and all breakage but the fee everything is in dispute it's what happens whenever you you you try to you put your hand or leg outers and what happens when you relax and slams right that's what life is to us in we play with that metaphor old David life is spinning in a listen in on Jesus is the Miller God in the middle were trying it.  If you are trying to draw near God.  Life is always pulling you back it's trials battles with sin those kinds of things that remind us that we need to keep moving back to the middle either life keeps pulling me.  I need to go back to the middle yet you have to do that intentionally he did it by faith in you do it through Christ.  That's which minute drive home to us those battles draws back moment by moment even look even though life like centrifugal forces pulling us away.  It helps us to remember that we need to depend on him and his his grace constantly moment by moment.  Yes I can call my here by myself but I can't deal with my wife and my two daughters by myself.  I can't deal with you by myself and everybody else I aikido trials by myself you not everybody gets the point you may think it's okay eliminated to the point where the item off my day and trials don't face gauges bounce off in on in I'm walking through life there is bouncing off it's not and had not your with Jesus and because as a trouser, and you should be drawing the by God's grace he gives us as those battles trials by is wonderful grace he is appointed one high priest but he is ineffective.  I is able to save us fully I him and this priest is in your prayers.  He prays for us when effective high priest he prays for us priest for you to priest for you.  You priest for you right now Springfield in the one we have a high priest to priest for us, so the lady with this knowing that how is that can motivate you to more faithfully more constantly draw near to God through Christ think about the fact that he's praying for you right now you need his need a lot of restraint listening another guy we need a lot of grace to process in a minute were going to interact with each other.  These grace for that here just second were to sing praises to God.  We his grace for so how is knowing that Jesus is praying for you can motivate you to keep drawing here to he to God him

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