Our Priest Who Prays For Us, Part 3; Heb. 7:23-25

Hebrews 7:23-25

Message recorded 5 August 2012

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If you would open your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 7.  We'll take a third stab at verses 23 to 25 in Heber, seven

We need a priest to pray for us.  We really can't do this on our own.  Now maybe you found a way are think you found a way to try to make it through life without complete falling apart when talking about is that we can't consistently go through life.  For example, in our interrelationships interpersonal relationships and give grace consistently to one another.  Think about it have a delightful conversation with a family member or brother sister in Christ and in tone you just bought and then you start thinking of where that come from or maybe you have a fantastic walk with the Lord and everything is going well in your rejoicing in the Lord in your worshiping him as you you go through your day and in about you know your day and everything when send all this ugliness explodes all over your life would come.  We need a priest to pray for us CC is always lurking there in the shadows just waiting to catch us unawares.  And that's what attacks.  That's why we need a priest to pray for us not I recall years ago when my grandfather's funeral what we are altogether that my agent was suggesting to all of us that we ought to give money to the priest so he would pray for my grandfather.  Now there's a lot that's wrong with that.  But one thing I want to focus on what struck me as I why did he need money to motivate him to do his job.  That's what a priest is supposed to do right they did be like going to McDonald's and him having to spit the cashier a few bucks just take your order.hopefully they will overcome the but praying for people is what priest are supposed to their e-mail when I hope that we really get it today is that we have a priest he doesn't need money to motivate him to pray for us his need anything from us to to to move him kicking into gear to to actually pray for us.  In fact, he really is every reason to pray against us into what we deserve is that he although pray that we be cast into hell the fire turned up to its hottest in the were made to be its cruelest and us being tossed into the deepest of hell that we deserve but that is only it's by God's wonderful mercy and grace are priest Jesus Christ prayed for us, he prays for our sex in these and related not not by money or by anything that we do it.  You don't even think in terms of wealth if I'm a good boy today then you know we'll pray for me doesn't work that way because the Lord's prayer for us even when we are in us he's motivated by his care that is what we can say about that.  But he loves us.  He is loving he loves us then he's motivated to pray for us because he loves us and him and show some examples of later is also motivated by a his purpose the grand design that he has at the drink Trinity has in everything that takes place in history.  The grand design the end of all things we where it is that that God is moving every is to to bring himself will so he's motivated Jesus is motivated to pray so that he would be glorified through me and review that's his motivation selected follow with me Hebrews chapter 7, begin verse 23 to the end of the chapter in the former priests the talk about the Old Testament priest on the one hand existed in greater numbers because they were prevented by death from continuing but he Jesus on the other hand because he abides forever holds his priesthood permanently hands also he is able to save forever those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them but was fitting that we should have such a high priest only innocent undefiled separated from sinners and exalted above the heavens and does not need daily like those high priests to offer sacrifices first rezone sins, and then for the sins of the people because this he did once for all when he offered up himself for the law points men as high priest who are we but the word of the oath which came after the law talk about Psalm 110 appoints his son made perfect forever.  Now except the context would been chipping away at these three verses 23 to 25 and we said first on the one hand old covenant priests Dying and we saw that verse 23 they Dying the sheer numbers of them prove that no one of them was capable of saving anybody the advance they were able to to to hold off God's wrath is not poured out) until Messiah would come in make the perfect sacrifice for all of those who would be redeemed of all ages on the one hand old covenant priests I and then the second point on the other hand are new covenant priest keeps on Lindsay what a contrast between the two knowing have always priest he dine here we have this one priest who lives on and the writer gives us we so we started looking at three results of that fact that our new covenant priest he's on living a B&C regulars to you.  We are you look today this was never that the daisychain I talk about all will illustrate that again.  If you want running the daisychain think about it either got Patrick they zeroed presages the Clover right medical trained to a his forever life establishes his forever priesthood is forever life establishes his forever priesthood.  Jesus as God simply it's and he is forever he abides forever in the office okay in light of that fact.  Because Jesus abides forever.  He holds his priesthood how long permanently forever and so his forever life establishes his forever priesthood.  There's the first part of her daisychain is forever life establishes is forever priesthood.  Now be is forever priesthood produces our forever salvation is forever priesthood produces our forever salvation.  We said that Jesus has the power to save us fully and forever though the word you have their forever it has acted flustered.  I will more has this idea of of fully in every way as one translations is to the outermost then a brand that little shade of forever as well because it's it's fully all of it.  And for so is forever life establishes is forever priesthood is forever priesthood produces our forever salvation and now I forever salvation is secured by his life for forever life of prayer but for salvation is secured by his for ever life Prairie see how those daisychain on each other as we might say textiles look at this one our forever salvation is secured by his forever life of prayer that we talked about but him saving is fully and for fully in the sense of justification, sanctification and glorification when he brings all that's left would there still and a lot of wonderful left for us is reserved in heaven for us that inheritance that we will one day received in its full us that's the fully it's going to be forever takes so and how is that take place one of things he wants to focus on here is that it's because Jesus lives on is not like other priests he doesn't die he he.  Now as priest because he has risen from the dead is never to die here and so he holds his priesthood permanently there's no shortage to his ministers is no waning there's no wearing out in there's no lack of motivation is that whatever get the point I there is not doing enough for me and psalmist I pray ask to why must she live on as priest will look at verse 25 again were to look at the with with looked at most of this already but and focus the last phrase hands also he is able to save forever those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.  That's why he lives on forever as priest to make intercession for them for whom was the them ways Re: establish that and verse earlier, verse 25 to do to draw near to God not just anybody who draws near to God those who draw near to God through Christ.  We looked at that last time me more detail now I I did say last time to do that means he's not saving everybody a suffering forever.  We learn also in John 17, where Jesus says I pray for those who believe in me and even says I don't pray for the world or so pray for those who don't believe in me startling thought to a lot of people today even are writers telling us that Jesus prays for the sake of those who draw near to God through him.  Now we this ministry of intercession what is this prayer ministry.  Jesus has to his people those who do draw near to God through him will to intercede means to meet with someone regarding an object regarding something in mind to meet with someone regarding an object enough it isn't like you going to the government office the bank someplace where if you need help in trying to get that for yourself.  That's not intercession.  Intercession is for you to go to an office like that to a person who's in a position to help, on behalf of someone else maybe you're going, on behalf of your aging parent or a a child with special needs or somebody and some other kind of need you care about but you going to this person who can help you, on behalf of them.  That's intercession and that's what Jesus is doing now want me as he prayed for us what is the intercede for us or to do is to take some time to look at some different passages relative couple your Hebrews and where look if you the passages and there were but try to see what is that Jesus prays for us other maybe other things that we won't cover on but these are things that are mentioned specifically in Scripture that Jesus prays for work in regard to us so first turn here in Hebrews back to chapter 2 and looking verse 18 says in chapter 2 verse 18 for he himself was tempted in that that which he has suffered he is able to come to the aid of those who are tempted he's able to come to the aid of those are tempted so one of the ways that Jesus helps us as he's praying for us when we are tempted you see where those who draw near to God and he helps us will were tempted now look at chapter 4 verse 16.  Let us therefore draw near with confidence to the front of grace there is that drawing near again we draw near to God why that we may receive mercy and may find grace to help in time of need.  No doesn't say they're the Jesus praying for us our first 725 is telling us that those who draw near to God.  Jesus is praying for them and back in chapter 4 in chapter 2 he saying okay it is you are drawing near to God for temptation helping temptation and bought a broader concept of help that we know that Jesus is praying for us okay those are some of the reasons why we should draw near to God as we draw near we know these praying for us forward for example turned it.  Luke 22 do member when after that at the their last supper together with 22 of Jesus had some really tough news for Peter Wilke versus 3132 he told Peter gave them a little heads up that really severe trials come this is what he said the 2231 Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like we but I have prayed for you why that your faith may not fail in you when once you have turned again strengthen your brothers is he said.  Jesus was praying for for Simon for Peter that here's this trial coming is to be a rough one think about what happened when Jesus is taken care way and how peer when he with her how bitter he wept over Jesus said that I pray for you that your faith may not fail the Lord you're not going follow way as Judas would I pray for you to pray for him.  I pray for you and that once once the trials is over and I have helped you, you'll be ready and able to strengthen your brothers I'm not a linguist proceed to trial the through that on the use you to strengthen them is a great example of Jesus praying in helping his disciples soaps know that when you draw near to God with with help that you need that Jesus is praying for you.  Now after this episode with Peter Jesus is in his disciples go out to the mount of olives and River Jesus prays that he's facing an unprecedented trial.  Trials in the tough guys are behaving like with Jesus the back of her is but you have to go through uncharted territory.  Nobody had ever had on although wrath of God is due to all the redeemed of all ages poured out on him at one time people suffered a lot people were crucified but never when they hung on the cross did God pour out the fullness of his wrath on in the were made their Jesus was going to do some things it is as unthinkable to we have to go for a does prayed that God would help but it amazes me that you think of us but if I wind get ready to undergo trials at things are you know sometimes you know things are common it may be the pain is starting to ramp up things are starting to fall apart worker Homer where furnace typically unit will pray Lord you help me here and we think about our brothers and sisters to pray for the but that's exactly what Jesus was doing he is you revisit this he's praying for us it turn now to John 17 that passage that we often refer to as Jesus high priestly prayer and hosted to see some of the things that Jesus to make some of the things that Jesus prays for when he is praying for us to bear in mind that this was recorded in Scripture for us to God but it was important for us to know what Jesus prays for regarding us.  So when Jesus says father and praying for my disciples.  This is what I'm wearing these are some of the things he prays for us look at the first a verses because we need to see first is have Jesus starts this prayer out because it drives everything else is he when he does first is he rehearses before his father that Jesus didn't need this and his father didn't need this that Jesus was showing us in his life how we are to live depended upon God and so even though he was God didn't need to depend on God he chose to River the Philippians to he emptied himself if you will or he chose not to exercise all the prerogatives of being God.  He showing us how to depend on God and so this is the first thing he doesn't prayer looking verse one John 17 verse one in these things.  Jesus spoke and lifting up his eyes to heaven he set father.  The hour has come.  Glorify thy son, that the son may glorify the even is about gavest him authority over all mankind that you all whom thou hast given him immediate eternal life and this is eternal life that they may know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.  I glorify the on the Earth having accomplished the work which thou hast given me to do and now glorify thou me together with myself with the glory which I had with the before the world was I manifested thy name to the men who now gavest me out of the world designed they were about gavest them to me and they have kept thy word.  Now they have come to know that everything thou hast given me is from the for the words which thou gavest me I have given to them and they received them and truly understood that I came forth from the and they believed that thou didst send me see it we learned back in chapter 1 that Jesus is the one who not only created everything holds altogether.  But he's also moving everything forward in history to its appointed end in here he's he's telling is what that appointed and it's it is for God to glorify Jesus and Jesus to glorify is for the Trinity to glorify himself.  It's for God to glorify himself that's the grand design the chief in the store point of history that's the goal that encompasses everything you want to know why all of your why questions fall under that that God would glorify himself insignificant to consider this just as Paul but it was good significant to start off the book of Ephesians that way special verse 14 verses he goes through their telling us okay here's the grand design of everything it is for God's glory everything, it all falls under that number it tells us were history's heading it tells us what God is accomplishing along the way it's is important for us to see this why is it that Jesus is praying for us as he is will get to see some specific quests he has why and just inadequate site we do this ourselves whenever we pray we pray for yourself or someone else.  It would be helpful for us to at least periodically somewhat regulate rehearse before God Lord before I ask you to help me with my pain before ask you to help my brother in the hospital I I I'm asking is for you be glorified so regardless of your we have decided which are going to do.  I'm asking your will to be done for the sake of your glory and that will that will it change the director prayer will so we said first he prays for help and temptation he prays to help us in time of need.  And now here number three.  Jesus prays so that God's grand design to bring glory to himself as fulfilled that his grand design is fulfilled he's praying Lord I want that to be fulfilled.  I want you to bring glory to us Trinity Celeste the third thing he prays, gives meaning to everything else you see that and as we read their we get from that is that it was thought.  As a read clippings to you Jesus laid aside his glory he he talks about that here's prayer he laid aside his glory like a role will glory he took it off and laid it aside so that you come to earth in by loving in regaining lost hopeless sinners he could reproduce in them.  His glory he turned them from a wretched sinner into a child of God who reflects God's glory is a Jesus is reproducing his glory in us the redeem his disciples and he says he's going to take that Gloria back up again as he spring he seems like he's he reproduce that and so we are like that that cloak of glory that he reproduce, and then puts it on and he has that glory again.  He said the glory that I had once with you then he would take it up again redemptive history is God's way of teaching us about who he is and what he's like that would bring him glory.  It's it is displaying in a God is one he's lying so that we would glorify him so that we would see him in his glory as he works it out him.  We call history history's like a dramatic presentation of his glory every person in every act of that if you want to look at it from just an illustration of a play for example, it's just this is real every person in every act serves this one in to reveal this one grand that God is glory it's see that's the plot of history is that God would be glorified.  That's the purpose of it all to God will be glorified.  That's with Jesus prays for and that's what he he hits on first now as we work our way through this prayer we will see that Jesus also is going to reveal God's heart is like he's he's opening up and letting us see his heart see the because not just you know some it deistic God is way off verities is okay you know you guys get busy you know glorify me and I'll see later now he he's going to reveal his heart to us in this Jesus is going to demonstrate the deep love, compassion and tender mercy he has for his people will deserve it but he's going to show us that unbelievable lot know priest ever prayed like Jesus your praise know priest ever had that kind of compassion but now verse nine Jesus going on now does.  I ask on their behalf is interceding I do not ask, on behalf of the world but of those whom thou hast given me, for they are thine, and all things that are mine or thine and thine are mine and I have been glorified in them and I am no more in the world and yet they themselves on in the world I come to the holy father keep them invite me the name which thou has given me that they may be one even as we are sick Jesus is mindful of our predicament Lord I'm getting ready to leave this place and him and leave them here.  They're still in the world.  I pray for he leaves us here but he's going to be at the right hand of his father praying for us.  And so when he asks is that the father would stand guard over them is with the word keep means there would stand guard over them because I'm believe that watched but but make sure that they will remain consistent with they will live out what is true to your character five our character is is him by name keep the midnight name keep in truth keep them walking in living out our character as been revealed in Scripture and what he prayed for at the end of verse 11 number four Jesus prays for our unity that they may be one even is we are he prays for unity this is the action be woven through the that prayer to come up again, but this is a big one for Jesus prays for our unity and another fifth Jesus prays so that we might have his joy made full in ourselves corporately the verse 12 while I was with them.  I was keeping them in thy name which thou hast given me and I guarded them and not one of them perish but the son of perdition that the scripture might be fulfilled, but now I come to the in these things, I speak in the world that they may have my joy he made full and themselves.  They see Jesus let us in on his prayers that we would know is praying for us so that.  Another thing to work together for our joint corporately but we would have his joy in us in ourselves between us anything about how important it is Jesus said it first to love one another as we do that we have his joy in us corporately six another prayer is that the father would keep them from the evil one verse 14.  I have given them thy word in the world is hated them because they are not of the world even as I am not world.  I do not ask the taken out of the world but to keep them from the evil one is at work he began to father or guardian watch over them and protect them because Satan when I'm gone he's going to see it you try to come in and take a he's going doing the guard over them protect them a seventh thing he prays he asked God to set them apart using the truth revealed in Scripture set them apart using the truth revealed in Scripture verse 16 they are not of the world a minute even as I am not of the world sanctify them in the truth thy word is truth as thou didst send me into the world.  I also sent them into the world and for their sakes I sanctify myself that they themselves also may be sanctified in true I do not ask in behalf of these along.  But for those also who believe in me through their word sanctify them and treat set them apart according to the truth of Scripture so that people will recognize that they came from us but they are our children if they do that by the easy sets him apart from the world he's in it to make them unified a verses will go and read all those but verses 21 to 23 to reflect the organic unity that exists between the father, son and Holy Spirit.  And he asked for this to to work its way out among so that we behave toward one another with that same kind of unity so that people know who he is our father and then eight thing he prays verse 24 that they may be with him continually his disciples to be with him continually to behold his glory continually that's we've been talking about in Hebrews River chapter 3 verse one to consider Jesus to think deeply on Jesus.  Jesus as I want them to remain with me so that they will constantly behold Michael that they would be thinking about it thinking deeply about my glory.  Now Isaiah 5312 go there.  It was prophesied that Messiah would pray for intercede for the transgressors Casey did that.  That's that part done by we know we can as we continue to send after we've been redeem so is there a chance we can lose our nerve I favor his acceptance can anyone bring a charge against us because Satan sure likes to do that.  And unfortunately we sometimes like to bring charges against others will those stick one last passage turn to Romans eight Romans eight verse 33 who will bring a charge against God select God is the one who justifies philanthropy.  No one who is the one who condemns Christ Jesus is he died.  Yes brother, who was raised is that the right hand of God, who also intercedes for us this is okay you save anybody else decide they want to bring a charge against God's elect we have Jesus sacrifices as he died and the writers the get that had not that yet you get into a lot of details about sacrifice.  Jesus made perfect sacrifice for us.  And he prays for us continually.  So, then the charges the state God will accept any charge anyone might bring against is a lack because of Jesus sacrifice because of Jesus ministry of intercession he prays for us on going now will within your this teaching of Jesus prayer ministry has been perverted by some they have God is lady like the unjust judge these hardhearted mazelike I'm not going to pray a magnetic some mainstreamers is limited Jesus all please father please begging and pleading please please that's the most the time Jesus is even to analogies light on I pray for them etc. but this is God it's is limited.  Mary mom go over there on Jesus.  You pray father mom said the dysfunctional from that's not only find Scripture we find in Scripture is that I Jesus is passionate about praying for us and his father is eager to grant his request all I tell if if Bruce put it is commentary.  Jesus prays is a four wounded priest came is a priest king who is on his throne in his power is a throne priest king asking what he will from a father who always hears and grants his request we have is a father who is eager to grant Jesus request I sent a Savior who is eager to pray for us and Mary needs are for his prayers as much as we did.  That's the way it Scripture presents you as we wrap up have to do with your homework last week I said okay what things are going to motivate you to draw near to God.  The whole idea drawing near to God with the motivate you they will these things on the list.  But you he starts be motivated to draw near to God first to bring glory as the first thing Jesus lifted up that's what we should Lord I will bring you glory but when you to be glorified through whatever is unmask United Way you enter in which answers your second be motivated to draw near to God knowing that Jesus always lives to pray for you knowing that Jesus always lives to pray for you that a change don't ever think of now I am.  I pray this and this hits the ceiling bounces off gets up to Jesus is like and about try some else he lives to pray for us third be motivated to draw near to God knowing that Jesus prays for you with tender compassion we saw in John 17 that the to the heart of God that action as a compassionate in the law the tender mercy that he prays for these in these believe down here in the world amidst Satan in the world everything he prays for you with tender compassion we have some wonderful things to confess as Christians here's to that that we've seen today and, say the which is a them with me, some first and repeat with me.  I have a priest to prays for me.  I have a priest who prays for me a number two.  I have a priest to live is to pray for me.  I have a priest who lives to pray for me by this this is change we are I and my question for you is this.  We you confess those things over and over to yourself to God to be we need to hear it in order to strengthen your fate you do that to strengthen your faith in the fact that you have a Savior who lives to pray for you

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