Parable of Obstruction

Hebrews 9:8-10

Message recorded 25 November 2012

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What he would open your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 9 Hebrews chapter 9 in Lord willing, will be studying verses eight through 10 with fondness.  We usually remember the parables of our Lord Jesus, we think about.  For example, the wind of the pearl of great price we think about the sewer who sowing the seed on those various soils we think about the two sons sometimes we refer to that is that parable of the prodigal son but really it's about both of those signs about the parable of the tears that were sown and we are parable of the lost coin parable of the lost she or the parable of the hidden treasure appointed Jesus use parable so much sometimes he did use them in order to conceal truth from unbelievers a tells us about that in Matthew 13 but generally parables are used in order to reveal and to to teach believers something about a spiritual truth something that the Lord Jesus wanted to get across to his people for them to be able to understand a parable illustrates the truth by comparing something that's familiar to the audience and comparing that with this spiritual truth that the Lord is wanting to get across to them if that's why he used so many things that were familiar they we all know about losing things.  We all we know about how you take a tiny seed and when you planted it it grows into something many many times its size.  We know about treasuring something valuable love you heard the parable about the religious institution that actually blocked access to their own God heard that it's actually older than all those other parables, I was just mentioning it was at the heart of Old Testament religion the mechanics of Old Testament worship taught a lesson day in now year in year it taught this last you can't get to God from here like you follow with me Hebrews chapter 9 and we saw last time the first five versus talking about the all the things the furnishings of the tabernacle that Old Testament tabernacle the first one that was in the wilderness as they built under Moses direction and they followed the Scriptures the plan that was given to them by God and we saw that through the first five versus, and then in verse six we saw now when these things have been thus prepared all about that was in the tabernacle the priests are continually entering that out or tabernacle perform performing the divine worship, but into the second chapter 6 is talking about the holy place that first chamber in verse seven's talking about the second chamber the holy of holies of holies place on where the ark of God what is he said.  So the second only the high priest enters once a year only own one day not without taking blood which he offers for himself and for the sins of the people committed in the now he says okay.  This is what the Holy Spirit wants us to get is great.  Sometimes that the writers of Scripture will tell us what the point is a here is telling us with Holy Spirit's point was the Holy Spirit is signifying this that the way into the holy place is not yet been disclosed while the outer tabernacle is still standing, which is a parable or symbol for the present time.  Accordingly, both gifts and sacrifices are offered which cannot make the worshiper perfect and conscience, since they relate only to food and drink and various washing regulations for the body imposed until the time of Reformation father we asked for your spear to be poured out upon us this morning that he would fill each of us that we might understand Scriptures before us that we would be eager to hear what the Spirit has to say to us in this passage and I pray father for me that your spear would use need to explain the Scriptures and to call all of us to either coming to the Lord Jesus for the first time or learning to walk with him those of us who have come to know him in so maybe are cheaper Lord Jesus be glorified in this time before us in his name we pray.  Amen sanctuary and sacrifice of the two things that we've taken up in chapter 9 and their two significant themes but they're not significant in and of themselves they were and and then themselves okay we have a God is laid out okay here's the sanctuary or to build and here's all this to happen in that sanctuary, and then were good you do that you do it right everything is great with you guys would only anything else.  It's not that all the seats they may herald better if you might the preached about us that this this greater sanctuary that exists in heaven and they they told about this perfect sacrifice that was yet to come.  The sacrifice that would be made by her Lord Jesus.  They preached out of their own weakness they were able to declare to us that there is a holy God that we are not holy that shed their blood has to be shared to deal with sin that has to be shared by an innocent victim that we need something to be done to us so that we can be made to be in the presence of our God.  If you think about it when when they built the tabernacle and they had all the furnishings sad and they been prepared in the ark of the covenant was all set up and everything.  It was done it was built right in the middle and had all the tribes around this tabernacle holy God comes down in that pillar of cloud or fire Thursday night and as it were put his feet.  Strictly speaking on that are represented his throne hero and I don't know about you but for them and I'm sure it would be for us if that we would think a lot that's a holy God, we saw we did to Egypt we saw only did to those those who were worshiping the golden calf and those of grumbling those who came against Moses and all that it we saw we does to unholy people.  Now he's living right here in our mitts on the one hand, it's like, wow the God of the universe lives among us felt my he lives among us.  And so the tabernacle and in all that went with the sanctuary in the sacrifices were all designed to teach that okay a holy God can live among you, but there are some things that have to happen but those things that are happening here in this old covenant are built upon what's going to happen under the new covenant because that new covenant is the one that section going to make a difference in section going to make us where we can actually be in God's presence not be killed all of that was was designed to point it these these spiritual lessons if you will that pointed to something greater the old covenant all that happened all the hustle and bustle every day in the tabernacle of the temple, it could accomplish that one thing to make men and women fit to be in the presence of God and not be killed all he could do was point the way to know what they do is talk about sanctuary and sacrifice here he's going to can wrap things up for the most part on the first half of this comparison he's going to showcase here's the Old Testament that were going to compare with, and then you compare that were received be a next time with verse 11, following which is the new covenant.  The reality the original everything was patterned after some number one the Old Testament sanctuary obstructed direct access to God the Old Testament sanctuary obstructed direct access to God look at verse eight the Holy Spirit is signifying yes, that the way into the holy place is not yet been disclosed while the outer tabernacle is still standing, which is a parable for the present time

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