Prepare To Run

Hebrews 12:1

Message recorded 8 September 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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The race requires preparation and endurance.

We need to

1) Recognize our resources
2) Prepare ourselves
3) Run with intensity


What you would open your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 12 we embark on a new chapter this morning Hebrews chapter 12, and will be looking at verse one about 2 1/2 years ago Brett received a call from his brother, who wanted him to join him in a race his brother Eric was going to run in a 10K and he wanted Eric to keeping company and he said you could you could run a 5K partial portion of it will run together in the company well it wasn’t real keen on that idea had not run before and yet Brett Eric wouldn’t let until it finally gave in okay I’ll do now Brett then took up sport of distance running at the age of 43 minutes down terribly remarkable because a lot of people start later in life taking up sports like that doesn’t sound remarkable to either the rest of Brett’s story Brett’s life changed dramatically when he was six is best friend who lived across the street and he was hollering for Brett to come see his new toy truck as they were waiting for the bus and Brett charts out across the street the truck was coming around the corner and hit little breath, doctors in expecting to live much less walk again were talk and yet Brett did live in Brett’s mom was a tough woman they testifies of that how she pushed him and then taught him and reach registration out of her learn to walk again how to talk but his brain was severely damaged and his speech was slow his right side we can get limited control of those limbs in spite of all the hardships that went with his limitations and difficulties Brett had finished school he got a job he got an apartment eventually he got He walked to work everyday 5 mile round-trip.  So when it came to the 5K distance wasn’t a problem running was the problem easy because of his limbs in the right side Brett had a hard time just walking straight line from very far, much less trying to run in a straight line Brett competed are completed his first 5K in 29 minutes to the first he loved and he was determined to do that more you want to get into more races.  This was it an excellent thing for him.  He ran his second 5K they had a cold, but he finished again in 29 minutes they realize that he needed to strengthen his right side, especially his right leg because what would happen is if you retire more quickly and in he would have a hard time keeping his balance.  So he joined a gym that you propose its own problems because first time he got on the treadmill.  He had a settle fast and flew off so it dear lady treadmill.
Helping out got them going again and got got the hang of it and worked on strengthening himself.  He sees his week right side meant that he had had to put in extra preparation extra effort extra focus in Brett set his sights on marathon and you get a 10K yet, they jump in all what a marathon.  Nobody thought that he there’s any way he could finish 26.2 miles he was determined he finished.  Yes, he finished his first marathon in five hours and 39 minutes before the six hour cutoff feeding the five people.  Second, Marathon was actually harder on him and in spite of all the training his his right leg did tire on him pre-quickly at one point he veered into a fence and so he went out the final 18 miles but he finished in only 20 minutes slower than his first marathon Brett so far as run 16 carries a half marathon in three marathon is story shows that finishing a grueling race like takes rigorous preparation serious concentrated effort he has to work very hard to meet anybody does in order to run a marathon, even people for whom it comes a bit easier.  They still have to work very hard and Brett is an example wonderful example of how we have difficulties to overcome it.  Whatever it is we take up whether it’s an actual race like Brett rain or the race that our author is going to call us to engage in spiritual race a race of faith because as we saw from Hebrews 11 the race of faith is a rigorous one.  It’s not an easy one, even for those who were valiant in war in’s and so those who were delivered from the mouths of lions and furnaces of fire.  It still was not easy and others found that a lot more of life was hard and many of them died for their faith.

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