Push Through the Pain

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Hebrews 12:12-13

Message recorded 1 December 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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If you would turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 12 Hebrews chapter 12, then this morning will be looking at verses 12 and 13 people who go into the medical profession.  Whether their doctors or nurses are physical therapist.  For example, they should have a strong desire to help others.  That's why when ministry of fading get it.  Sorry sorry just kidding.  Now that they really do need to have a desire to help others.  We you want a doctor who cares you want a nurse who cares about you and about helping you to get better.  Whatever your need may be those who go into the more specialized field of sports medicine also have to have a desire to help others and but yet you add to that the need to not only help people get better as we might say to be able to walk again after an injury but they need to be able to restore the athlete so that they can actively participate in their sport.  You see, there's there's so much more to it is not just getting them better, but it's getting him back to the point where they are able to participate and hopefully successfully in their sport they when an athlete is injured.  They not only want to walk again.  They want to be able to run to jump to swing a club to swim to tackle to kick it with your sport again so rehabilitation and restoration are two important goals for those who go into sports medicine, but there's two other goals are just as important to one of the things they wanted do is to help maximize the athlete's performance and so those who go into sports medicine.  It's a broader field than just hoping someone get better when they been injured you see you there is the teaching and training someone how to do things so they don't injure themselves, but so they can also maximize whatever sport.  They also try to help prevent injuries.  That's the best thing you can do is you help someone to prevent injury from in the first place rather than getting hurt.  We see that all the time, where athletes may push themselves even their coaches allow them the coach who should be wise in a single things are, you've got no problem right now I need you to set out because I don't want you to get injury because you may not come back.  Or maybe a long time before you come, preventing injury is just as important, maybe even more so because it allows the athlete to continue dissipating without losing any of their their abilities and athletes care requires strength training overall fitness, proper exercise, proper movement proper execution and those who are in sports medicine help to achieve those things.  That's why it's it can be a fairly broad field specialists in this field are priceless to the athlete athletes should and I think do appreciate consider these important characteristics as I've listed these functions of someone working in sports medicine.  They have to have a desire to help others.  They work in preventative training in his training someone to prevent injuries performance training, and then when needed.  Restorative care know whether you've realized or not you've been called if you're believer in Jesus Christ, you have been called to a ministry that is a very well picture by what we today call sports medicine, Inc. about how we are as we saw back in chapter 12, verse one, wherein that long, grueling race the race of agony use it was called do you have a desire to help others as we consider that picture of sports medicine someone who's trying to help others do you have the desire to help others.  Now you're probably on sports medicine, but your in the body of Christ are you developing the skills to minister to each other, to help others when they need some restorative care skills like in teaching instruction to help someone to grow in their Christian life so that they grow strong and they learn things that will keep them from spiritual disaster role in this long, grueling race opponent sin is deadly sin lust to to scatter obstacles on the track in front of us.  Sadly, we sometimes are those who are scattering obstacles in front of each other on track those kinds of obstacles can have serious consequences as if you're running down the track.  You look that picture again and you're in a race and there's a long lane in front big rock sometimes even a small way you try to step over, but sometimes if you don't hear just right you can injure yourself sometimes badly, but the race itself can where on this long lifelong race.  It's not like you know marathon, which is long enough.  There is an end to it, and you're still in this life.  Now you run that day, you're done but the race of faith that we have been called to as believers is a race goes on every day until we are with our Lord as we as we were running this race and we noticed can't drag on our hands are drooping her knees are wildly you see the need.  No speaking spiritually.  Now you see the need for us to care for one, do you see the need for others to care for you are we aware of that.  Let's look at elect a backup to pick up the context he see all this race imagery he's using back in chapter 12, verse one.  Start their


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