Seated and Superior

Hebrews 10:11-14

Message recorded 3 March 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa


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Open your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 10 and we will be looking this morning at verses 11 through 14.  We have ways of knowing when something is complete.  For example, we know that sleep time is over when the alarm clock goes off right happen to us this morning.  Sometimes it’s not so welcomed but there are things in life that let us know when something is complete when I was growing up we knew that my brothers and I knew that when mom called for us to get up that it was not yet time to get up.  Now she would call for us probably 10 times every else will they morning for mom I know we knew that it was time to get up when that was up was having his coffee and we just calmly say boys get up and you to hear three sets of feet hitting the floor, but we knew that we would figure that out okay when dad spoke sleep time was complete all sorts of things indicate that something is complete mom knows that the cake is done when the timer sounds right.  We all know that meal preparation is done when mom sits right will in a similar way we might say that priestly posture is an indicator of priestly progress that is their posture.  Let’s us know whether done or not see we can look at our priest and we can know whether his work is done by whether he standing already sitting.  It’s that simple.  Now you may say what should we can yes, very much so because whether or not our priest is done is going to affect both are security and our service.  He sees going to affect our security because if I priest is still working and working and working to make atonement than what assurance do we have but also affects our service because he seeks if our priest isn’t done them what’s going to happen or if we don’t realize our priest is done, then what happens is that our service is done with the whole different character.  For example, if I priest isn’t done, then we are going to do what we do were going to serve God with a view toward trying to earn his favor trying to at least in some small way earn or contribute to our salvation because see if he is it done.  They we think that we still have some work to do it with the contribute to that in some way.  And so it does affect the the character of our our service you see if our priest is done, then what we have is this opportunity that we have been set free and we no longer have to try to earn his favor because argument we don’t have to our salvation because that’s already been completed were free.  Now to just love him or to serve him out of loving gratitude because we love him because were grateful for what he did because we want to obey him.  We see we do it for that reason, rather than trying to okay Lord I hope that I’m I’m I’m you know pleasing you and that you know I’m then again, rather we are able to look at our service as I did to do this, simply because I love my Savior.  I want to thank him forever and ever for saving that’s a whole different kind of service it may look the same on the outside but in the heart is a big difference.  We see that’s important because if we serve him out of love out of gratitude out of a desire to obey just as we saw Jesus had that desire to obey just because I want to obey God, then Jesus gets 100% of the glory.  I don’t get the glory because I can say well you I I contributed to my salvation.  I did something that that earn God’s favor know we say I serve hundred percent because would Jesus and it’s based only on his marriage that that there can be any merit for me, some based on what I do based completely on what he did


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