Something From Nothing

Hebrews 11:3

Message recorded 9 June 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Orient your life as a humble creature toward your creator.

1) By faith, we grasp all things were created by the Word of God.

Job chapter 38 that’s where we will start this morning, most of us are familiar with the basic story of Job suffering how he basically lost everything he had, and losses, health and so many other things us all of his children everything he owned and how great was his suffering.  We also are familiar with the that are the story where his three friends Eliphaz bill.  Dad and so far that they hear about his calamity and so they come to console him in so when they first see Joe they almost don’t recognize it is just a in the affliction is so great upon him and the first thing they did was really a wonderful thing they just sat with him and cried they grieved over all that he was going through it all the loss he suffered the pain and anguish and he was enduring.  They did that for seven days and seven nights were told, but during that time there was this question hanging over their gathering is the print proverbial elephant in the room if there no one wants to admit it, but then after seven days his friends decide speak up Joe gives a lament and he’s recognizing that I don’t know why this is happened and his friends can’t sit quietly.  They’re convinced that they know why he suffering and you can boil all of those many me chapters and in just heaps of words down to basically either had send it had dealt with it, God was punishing him rated heaven.  Affect and God was punishing well when they throughout Job would interject his thinking and he rightly he rightly defended himself.  He defended his integrity he defended his righteousness, but in his zeal to defend himself.  He went too far because at one point he’s like okay God speak because these guys are saying things about me that are not true.  In he even goes to the point of demanding to God, let the Almighty answer me well you see all of this, including Jones.  Response there was part of God’s plan, God brought Job to point where he knew God more deeply than he had ever known before he even increase is already great faith more than it had been.  But he had some very pointed things to teach Job and to remind him will look at the first part of God’s response to Joe the first part of the test to do with reminding Joe that God is the creator and not Joe in what he’s doing it when Joe remembers that fact.  The truth is going to demand from him that he ordered his life.  His attitude his response, or all of that to the creator God is the creator and I’m not.  I’m a creature and I need to to bring everything in my life all of my thoughts, my attitude is my responses my actions to bring all that he didn’t oriented to God my creator to look with me Job 38 in ordering the first seven verses after all of these men has spoken up and there was a fourth man spoke up after that was done we read, then Yahweh answered Job out of the world world wind and set is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge.  Now your loins like a man and I will and ask you and Joe okay you be a man and instruct me okay question one, where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth no answer tell me if you have understanding question to set its measurements since you know you know so much that you can demand that I give an account of what I’ve done in your life if you know so much, Tony Joe for stretch the line on on what words bases sunk or who laid its cornerstone when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy to see what got the way, God began his response to Joe was to get Job oriented to the doctrine of creation to remind him that Job I’m the creator and you’re not he sang Joe because you weren’t there, you have to accept my words by faith that I created everything is then I am the creator of everything, and that includes you, Joe than that truth must shape every part of your life so that your every thought your of reaction you ever response betrays that you belong to me and I have every right to do with you as I responding by faith to the doctrine of creation Job demands a profound humility and in time and thorough submission to me and my plan do we accept the doctrine of creation by faith doesn’t shape every part of our life.  That’s what I mean.  Let’s explore this further.  Now turn with me to Hebrews 11 Hebrews 11 I like to read beginning in verse one.  Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen for by the men of old gained approval by faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible and why does the author as he’s giving us all these these examples from the Old Testament.  Why does he began with this one.  I think there are three good reasons for that one.  He leads off with the beginning because back to the beginning is his by faith we believe what God told us happened in the beginning here we have it would is going to doozies going to to then launch into examples of eight people who were in that book of beginnings Genesis and somebody starts at the very first of that book in the point that he’s going to be driving home to us by pulling out people that we really talk much about like a bowl and Teaneck is to remind his readers that from the earliest of times faith is always been the way, God is prescribed for his people.  It’s always been that way is another.  Think more significant reason though this doctrine is the perfect example of a doctrine that we have to accept by faith because is no way that we can go about learning it on our own, we can go about proving this was that God’s word for as we saw last time we have to believe by faith that God is true is word is reliable and we believe it because he said that was the first thing he said to Joe network you Joe, when I created everything is the fact that there was no one there in the fact that God didn’t make in a DVD of it.  Some kind of recording means that he’s the only witness and therefore we have to take his word for it.  So this is the perfect example of something that we can scientifically verified we will never have empirical or scientific evidence of creation, whatever going to mean you might I know a lot of times we we hope we’ve always wish that they could find something you know the fossil record whatever just proves creation onto a right now’s not going to happen by very nature, we weren’t there is not any that there isn’t any way other than in of God had set up of Cameron video himself doing all this, the there’s not going to be any way to scientifically prove it.  Now I will say that true science done genuinely will never contradict the fact that God created everything true sunset they can play with things little bit try to make it sound like that but that always gets proven wrong science done rightly will never contradict Doctor the doctrine of creation the truth that God created the universe has to be accepted by faith because no one else was there’s a third reason why he starts with this.  It’s a great example of a doctrine that we have to accept by faith with its optimal by faith that it’s a great example of how doctrine.  If it’s accepted by faith has an enormous impact on our lives.  You may not have thought about that too much.  You may have thought okay well this is one of the things little armor kids that God created everything and I need to know that evolution is wrong and you know they try to say the name of science you know that it just happened.  That’s wrong.  When irritated beyond the hope today to to push us all to to see that we have to go beyond that and this doctrine does impact our lives very profoundly released should we should live differently in light of that if we accept by faith God is creator, then we will live as if this creation belongs to him.  What a concept right real live like this all belongs to him and that he has a right to do with it as he pleases


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