Suffering’s Big Payoff

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Hebrews 12:10

Message recorded 17 November 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Hebrews chapter 12 will be looking at verse 10 well the holidays are just around the corner and one of the things on top of all that can make the holidays so frustrating.  She had to that traveling sometimes the good mix sometimes not good to put all of the stress and everything that goes into the holidays with traveling you think about it is you getting ready for the holidays candy making flopped in the cookies burned of your tried to make holiday candy became department like cooking that I was been a disaster with the with candy the serving just has to be just perfect in a prize you know, can turn out GUI you know it.  And so is stressed out.  Overall that could your prepare all of this because you're all going to gather whole family together in you wanted this to be something special.  And now it's going to be embarrassing and as a dig in the GUI and seven it wasn't supposed to be doing well you had to all of that need now to travel to grandma's willpower to the car and it was finally get everything together and we're heading down the turnpike and word going 70 miles an hour and in think things are just great, and then all of a sudden it comes to a screeching stop and go for or more cunning.  I've had thing was like to half hours one time were stuck in traffic for Thanksgiving in it.  It just everything together.
When that happens all that stress new you want to get their journey running late, even though the combination he sees when you traveled to grandma's for Easter or spring break her something.  They had begun tearing up the highway he that will surely by now here is ill holidays and everything will be cleared by the hand and no they had to go and dig up the whole highway all the way down to bedrock or something when it was just a resurfacing okay with resurfacing is nice and pretty and he strives it smooth problem is that sometimes resurfacing just doesn't last very long, because the foundation has problems with the needs to be dug up sometimes, completely and mail I I'm good with resurfacing.  That's why they don't let me make that decision.  I'm pretty happy with resurfacing and my spiritual life to over the past to three years I I've seen some potholes and the surface is looking a little worn and I think you know I can see the Lord needs to new blacktop on their and stripes and all that in Munich it looking good again.  Yeah he had different plans it's not been pretty
will have to wrestle with such heartbreaking try why one.  But if the other or one top of the other than experiencing God's ground shaking faith growing discipline you as I look at my life and the hardest part for me is that it doesn't make sense.  I thought everything you had planned outrightly cinnamic you think through all these Ilkka this is how into this business.  And so my plans for for parenting for husbanding for ministering for working all those things you know okay here's the biblical principles and this is what I'm going to do this over going to follow that and yet you do everything right and all ends up so wrong it seems that God has plowed through my good intentions with earthmovers and bulldozers I look at it, I say you know the plans I had worked wrong and wondering what's going on.  It's as if God is saying well you they were wrong.  They just weren't big enough.  She thought that if I did everything according to the principles I find in the word of God that everything the other be some bumps in the road.  I understand that but they would all turn out in a vast want do these things not turn out the way that I thought that they will turns out I was aiming much too low.  It's as if God assigned meets John your work as a husband apparent pastor employee is as much about you as it is about your wife and your daughters in your church in your job because I'm in the process of training you and all this was something so much bigger and so much more wonderful for you then the plans that you have had what you have more of me in verse this song all I have is Christ were singing that in this morning, though father use my ransom life that next phrase you in any way you choose.  I thought everything saying is important you know you sing in your liking the main but you don't really think it's kind in any way you choose as we honestly, I wasn't okay I know it until you brought something my life that wasn't what I would've chosen.  Yes, I want, but I don't know a big part of what God is doing is training… He wants us to learn how to trust in him more deeply.  He wants us to have a rocksolid faith in him so that we do everything right and it turns out so wrong that our faces and shake that we can sing again and mean it use my ransom life in any way you and start to mean words any way will I trust God even when others will wants me to know him to trust him more for in all this is about having you know the the pretty little pristine Christian life.  I thought it was me a wooden of said I think that's what I thought I was built.  The hard part of the trials is that they are hard sense funny, but this true written is whether trials mean if it's not hard will call it a truck endure when you're foundation get shaken like that when they visit earthmovers come through in a dig the whole highway up all the way down to bedrock and and start over how you do that without losing perspective how you do that without losing home.  Well first we need to know what the prizes that God is going for her moving us through life so that we're going for that to learn how learn why we need to keep our eyes fixed on the practice you know what it is need to know him keep my's because this it's everything else in to perspective.  So follow with me Hebrews chapter 12, and I'll begin back in verse one in the writer's is therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us.  Let us also lay aside every encumbrance in the sin which so easily entangles us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith who joy that was set before him cross, despising shame sat down at the right hand of the throne of God without that fixing your eyes for consider him who has endured such hostility by sinners against himself so that he will not grow weary and lose heart.  You've not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against forgotten institution which is addressed to you as sons, my son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor faint when you are approved by him for those whom the Lord loves you.  Disciplines and he scourges every son, whom he receives is for discipline that you and God deals with you as with signs for what son is there whom his father does not discipline you without discipline of which will have become partakers, then you are illegitimate children not sons.  Furthermore, we had earthly fathers to discipline on us and we respected them shall we not much rather be subject to the father of spirits and we for it.  They disciplined us for a short time as seemed best to them but he disciplines us for our good one that we may share his holiness


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