The Calling of Priesthood – Heb 5:4-6

The Calling of Priesthood

Hebrews 5:4-6

A series by

John Dugas


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If you would turn within your Bibles to the book of Hebrews, chapter 5. This morning we will be looking at verses four through six in Hebrews chapter 5.

People love being in the inner circle. As our presidential campaign is gearing up and gaining momentum on to think for a minute that maybe you might happen to be if you were a you a relative or a close friend of one of the candidates and you don't begin with particular but on unit would be friends with him.  I don't know but let's say there was a friend of yours who was one of the candidates and the leading candidate in a team with the appointment and they had a real chance at the presidency and so you you find yourself in the inner circle and the vast you do to help advise them in their campaign and with their policy everything so as things are moving along, you find yourself jockeying for position with the other relatives and close friends of this politician because you deserve the possibility that you could be appointed to cabinet position or maybe ambassadors to some exotic place and see can just taste the honor of of securing an elevated position like that will seizing the opportunity for power and prestige is nothing new.  In fact, it's been around as long as there's been power and prestige to behalf.  And it's even happened in unlikely places it even happened in the budding administration of Messiah.  Initially, the disciples looked at Jesus ministry as a spiritual, political campaign to be something that they thought would on one hand freedom from oppression, but also usher in the kingdom.  Now moms want to see their kids succeed and some of them will do whatever it takes even resort to meddling to see that happen and James and John found that out the hard way and with amici.  And he recited her with me back to Matthew 20 we look at for just a moment of have set the stage for what we have in the work force this morning Matthew chapter 20 and look at verse 17 that he tells us in this Jesus was about to go up to Jerusalem is to be is his last track in the city he took the 12 disciples aside by themselves and on the way, he said to them, the whole we're going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be delivered to the chief priests and scribes, and they will condemn him to death deliver him to the Gentiles to mocking scourging crucify him and on the third day he will be raised right after that Morrissey happens is mama Zebedee Gratzer signs and brings them up to Jesus because she's wanting to do whatever she can do to make sure that they get inside in a secure positions of power.  Now you can just hear her son's as his Dragon, not mom it's not a good time just is going to die and she responds as any metal or and only a meddler could all nonsense is good I he did say he was the rise again suffusing the dead for three days we had get your positions locked in now look at verse 29 the mother of the sons of Zebedee came to him with her sons bowing down and making record a request of him it's a shame that the bowing down really, stands in contrast which is asking he said to her, would you wish, she said to him command that in your kingdom.  These two sons of mine they said one on your right and one on your last Jesus answered and said he did not know what you're asking for.  Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink they have no idea what they're saying.  They said to him, we are able to cut my cup you shall drink but to sit on my right in on my left this is not mine to give, but it is for those for whom it is been prepared by my father.  So first of all mama Zebedee's timing was really bad for a lot of reasons but that is reason her timing was bad was because this was Jesus first advent it comes to asking he didn't come to take over and rule became made purification said her perspective even more tragically was bad to she failed to learn that in Jesus kingdom that his kingdom is not built upon the typical worldly machinery, but on heavenly distinctives show that she didn't get what he was about.  She didn't get lots and she asked the wrong thing.  Now we too might be quick to follow these two knuckleheads and their meddling mom.  But you know we may not have done any differently we were in their shoes if we knew with a new fellow with a fellow believer.  They believe and live the life they lived we would've probably done the same thing the other disciples were probably just upset that they didn't think of this first until Jesus started talking and they were glad they have Missy we too can easily forget that Jesus is really like, we can so easily forget his care and that's all important.  We have to have in mind we have to understand who he is it's is not like us in that way and scared as we consider her continue her quest to learn how to consider Jesus the apostle and high priest of our confession.  We need to consider his character.  We need to consider what principles he lived by you.  Consider what sets him apart and this morning will consider how Jesus was superior in his calling they turned back Hebrews 5 they see how he is superior in his calling on the reading of selected follow with me Hebrews 5 start, verse one.  For every high priest taken from among men is appointed on behalf of man in things pertaining to God in order to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins he can deal gently with the ignorant and misguided since he himself also is beset with weakness and because it is obligated to offer sacrifices resends as for the people so also for himself and no one takes the honor to himself but receives it when he is called by God even as Aaron was so also Christ did not glorify himself is become high priest but he was said to him, thou art my son today I have begotten the justice he says also in the passage of our priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek we see in these this first section verses one through 10 that the writer is presenting to the requirements of God high priest where is going to service high priest they have to first be human.  We looked at that last time you look at this morning that they also have to be called would be legitimate high priest they can't take it for themselves.  They don't decide if they're going to be high priest God calls them were to see that Jesus not only met the second qualification but even surpassed they were going to see that he surpassed it because of the surpassing character you were following this up outline we saw last time .1.high priest must be human that was the first three verses God high priest must be human.  They were busy today number two God high priest must be called verses four through six God high priest must be called and then we'll see you next time.  Number three Jesus as God's greater high priest was devoted to God's will be versus seven through 10 Jesus is God's greater high priest was devoted to God's will that was sick of the second point God high priest must be called roofline in these verses that the author tells us three things about his office calling the first thing he tells his in verse four it is a no legitimate high priest is self appointed the legitimate high priest is self-appointed look at verse four and no one takes the honor to himself that he receives it when he is called by God even as Aaron Watts, Bakke, verse one we read that high priest is appointed to this office in here is now developing that in these three verses in telling us more about would use these describing about this requirement of a high priest no legitimate high priest arbitrarily takes the honor to himself actually saying here is no high priest seizes this by his own initiative the most about says okay that's office I want, do everything I can to sees that office to lay hold of it for myself if you think the think back on on church you are a Jewish history and anything but that.  Between the Old Testament and New Testament and you know the time of the Maccabees and all the Maccabean revolt in him in the kind recaptured things and trying to get it the Jewish political state and religion everything going again and high priest if you read much of that history you realize that they are very opposite of this number of them sought this and sees did for themselves others were part of that inner circle of someone who had power and to get appointed to that because they saw it for themselves the author doesn't go that because he could draw on those bad examples his readers were familiar with them were bad examples even there they still this point here is to show that Jesus superiority of Jesus is superior to the best of class the best Levitical high priest the legitimate ones.  And he picks Aaron who is the head of the class he says it just like Aaron the high priest takes us to himself we saw last time that Aaron was called by God and I referred to Exodus 21 in numbers 86 their God told Moses okay I want you to appoint Aaron and his sons from among the sons of Israel to minister as priest to me you were you would see if we continue on in the story and number 1617 that what happens is the will of God called Aaron to be high priest that wasn't good enough for some people.  I started doubting that and so one man theme of Cora, who himself was a Levite his eye okay why out of all the Levites you know is Aaron picked my his family one outline and lower thinking about it.  One Levites without my friends here from the tribe of Reuben and list of some of those one them they can't we all just you know because we serve kindness just all come and we can serve like and so Moses first says you know Aaron and I if this was an idea you know if you think about the story.  They did everything they could to keep from being put into these positions and God's no-no they Gatsby that's fine a problem I'll still use you whatever so you should and it wasn't there I he that winded enough or is a no no way we should be able to come in and minister before the Lord like your thoughts to Moses okay what all of you.  You get your will 5505 p.m. 10.  And this man sin sin it like that and it will all come before the Lord see what happens and Buzzelli I might like if I'm right God would do something he had done before is a make the earth open up your to fall in area to be buried alive, if I'm right went wrong.  But you know there like you go far.  With and the so Corey gets to 50 men bring your will fire pans Moses okay of a packet immediate take it away from court his family his it was were following him.  Sure enough earth open up a fill-in.  A lot.  And not only that the gusset fire consumed your 50 the other fire leading to the end of the story.  They're just like us know it'll get you to the people the next morning the grumbling ill the reason that almost Isaiah is because of you Moses and Aaron and so indecisive patient he said patient with us so you Moses say okay.  The two heads of families what you bring your your own Rod they would use wall with the tool that you to bring your Radhakrishnan on it is from on the tent of meeting and the see him and make something happen to one of them.  See who is all mature enough morning we're what happened Aaron's rod it are promoted it take he cut it out of the tree where it of instead but it knowing the information predominance over three, God confirmed once and for all that Aaron was is appointed high priest and so like Aaron them a writer tells us this is our second point that Christ that the criteria of being called to his office Christ but the criteria of being called his office with the first part of verse five just like Aaron so also Christ did not glorify himself so as to become a high priest the author actually says the Christ.  And that takes their minds back to song chapter 2 verse two remember the nations on earth are gathered against the Lord and against whom is going he said minds go back there and that's good because that's exactly where he's going.  The anointed one, the Christ by mentioning that it affirms Jesus appointment to the office of Messiah he says this Christ did not glorify so in Christ member his ministry income saying you know, take this office you it is open somebody stakeouts of Simon the 80 over again is sure to people and responding to his opponents and in Satan and now I'm not come on my own initiative effect John a he says there verse 42 I proceeded forth and have come from God I have not even, on my own initiative.  He I and take the psalmist the father pointed me to us and then in the later that same chapter verse 54 he explained.  If I glorify myself my glory is not it is my father who glorifies me one of his glory be nothing if you saw it himself and try to grasp it sees him so because you would be doing so based on the way of the world rather than the the character of God would be operating by the character of God she God doesn't work in warmly ways the way we tend to think he was governed by the character of God Christ example is this embrace humility for yourself.  Allow God to bestow on it was it was would help Christ lived he embraced humility for his bailout God to show you he income the way that that men tend we want coming grasp the power and prestige beyond father point Christ calling was superior Rizzi this and the rest of verse five and verse six Christ calling was superior know the first thing you want to call attention to in verse five is right in the middle are before the quotation but he who said to him so contrast to do Jesus being like someone who would grasp this form self contrast that by he who said to him like Aaron Christ was called by God.  But the similarity ends there.  The author is now going to show to ways in which Christ calling was superior talking about how in so many different things about Christ or superior here's optimize calling out it was superior and it is a week to what is number one he was appointed to the supremacy of son that particular class.  If you will sign now over these in a minute again and secondly he was appointed to a higher priestly order these two points are introduced by the declaration of God but he who said to him and think about it first big chunk of Hebrews from 11 to 413 your with the book ends were that that that sandwiches everything in the middle.  With that is the word God's revelation it would come to us through Jesus Christ he seeking in that we found at all throughout Scripture out that section.  And so, having now that foundation he builds on that basis okay here the father has declared he has revealed that I have called this one.  I've called them to this place of some so how was Jesus calling superior first Jesus was appointed to the supremacy of son.  But the first quotation thou art my son today I have begotten the that this is not a declaration of parentage.  Jesus didn't become by the Sun at this point.  Whenever this is will talk about is eternally been assigned the church fathers hash that out there wrestled with the Scriptures to come to understand that Jesus is always been the son of the him becomes a but he was appointed to a particular position the the supreme positioning God's program it is that position of son ship that that as Messiah as the servant of God that I sent and in so is the supreme position of son that he's talking about here's a declaration of appointment not parentage to Jesus didn't sees this honor for himself he humbled himself we read you know you you look at the gospel he see how he humbled himself our his his entire earthly ministry was that way was humbling himself he became one us and in the East, they took on humanity is him and humbly he was born humbly and little story.  He was born to humble from he lived humble life he was not you know inner circle guy honor his ministry that he was humble Avenue have placed (intermediary disciples is a worldly person.  The defendant of the people break of some and then it the greatest of his humility is in Spanish we suffering.  I spent on Beard pulled out and mocked and scorned the..  On integrating way else is priest you that's what he embraced that Sweetgrass the result of that he was appointed to an additional and higher honor he was honored as son he possesses the highest dignity he possesses the supreme distinction in God's program and us.  But today we we saw this early back in chapter 1 verse five, going to detail but are first to when Jesus was resurrected you to refer to Romans 14 acts 13 verse 2834 talk about that today I have begotten the those today I have given the the Sun this this year you believe in God the son.  Now you have this supreme position in all of my program you are known as son we saw already that that trumps Angel that trumps Moses prophet anybody son is the highest entities in a class by himself assigned he may also recall that we discussed before though there was a sect of Jews in the Qumran community who were looking for to messiahs they misread the Old Testament and they faith leave that okay you have this this kingly Messiah and then the priestly Messiah would come in in the kingly would be subordinate to him and then Michael the Archangel would be over both of them that the writer the Hebrews comes he says nonionizing race all that is completely wrong.  The same thing the Army showed you that in chapter 1 that Jesus is superior to the Angels as he is the son is okay get Michael out of the picture is Jesus is.  Him.  Michael actually worships us as told to pack it in what they saw he had this priestly Messiah in this kingly Messiah and just like if you were the first pick up her binoculars and you look for them you know and you get to images a lot of times kind it is in your your brain doesn't him letter And you focuses what happens is these in this is what happened when Jesus came he revealed himself.  It's like this to Old Testament passages about this to messiahs said what they misunderstood come into focus and they're united one person and so the to which the innovation to pick up this is the same guy guy but they didn't and now that author is making sure the understand us the what might have been mistaken is to broaden the focus is united in the person of Jesus Christ.  So son ship and high priesthood are closely related we are he saw that check back in chapter 1 because of the Sun it was through him.  They made purification I sent so there's this high priestly office as already alluded to is that is was way our appetite will for what was to come and so as we take Psalm two verse seven together with some hundred and 10 for he shows us that in Christ the Royal and priestly offices are united in one sub seen his calling is superior that was C in my outline and then two points under that Jesus which is that that Jesus was appointed to the supremacy of son was appointed to that particular supreme office and the other way which is: was superior to Jesus was appointed to a higher priestly order.  Jesus was appointed to a higher priestly order to per six in here again God speaking to follow speaking just as he says also in another passage thou art a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek such as he was appointed a son he also was appointed as high priest method we sun-dried hold the Jesus was appointed to be hyper he didn't choose that he didn't sees that for himself was appointed to it.  Another arrow of the Qumran sect that was talking about you.  They have the the to messiahs will is a they believe that the priestly Messiah was to be from the order of Aaron like okay scratch your head did not read some hundred and us with offers to he showing that this great high priest is not from the liner he she's using Scripture to show that Jesus is our great high priest was from an entirely different order in order is the kingly will see that later increase mentioned Melchizedek youra little bit about them and take a cue from the writer.  He does it out there were like okay is in this is like not yet but which of chapter 7 at but don't him because the issue was Melchizedek a Jew it was the first you ever had an we were going to find that Melchizedek ministry today.  With the offers doing is, he step back to prior to the Old Testament River problem these guys were tempted to do is follow some of their own who had gone back to Judaism the misunderstanding of the law.  I am biblical Judaism and the author says.  Let's go back to before psychologizing Galatians 3 remember itches of the promise is made Abraham is superior to the law which came later, much later Protestants and a little different way Cisco back to before the Levitical priesthood that's wrong going to build my going to show the that Jesus is superior as I preached So Melchizedek represented a non-Jewish universal priesthood is one of those things that they didn't pick up on but guys people would be more than just the Jews the Jews in the primary but then I can be the only the kingdom would be for all who believe this are author goes back to some hundred and 10 for the passage just quoted three times directly endpapers and alluded to a more times important passage for the author see the author is building his Christology on the Old Testament uses the Old Testament to build his Christology and along with the revelation came and there Jesus Christ.  Notice how the author uses the Old Testament he uses it as such that the New Testament Stanzel shoulders of the Old Testament is the right way see a the Old Testament laid out these are all things God sitter going to happen in the New Testament comes at see the happened in that's how uses the Old Testament and his point at the right now in the are in his argument why he brings up Melchizedek is just isn't say more but right now is just sending using Melchizedek to show the that Jesus was called is called but it was is superior: thou art a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek Jesus was indeed all sort we do with all this will are author he told us what to do with it consider Jesus kept the first one causeways or not like our ways he for up to us you we would've done Lewis okay you look at Jesus come first it is not like 4000 some years after the fall to have Jesus, look this good so that that Jesus come in power first it was a he, takes over says of his kingdom and then worry about the end of Satan them from their sins they is when we would a we we we think in terms of okay you know like when Jesus was on the author is the case of a biking I said okay, now for across and show us you know it.  Tell you what you a little Malay you know if he made them see the Angels that were the just ready to help.  I was scared when you do it that way is because guys like us is a new things the way we would do that we we think you know from our our fleshly ways of thinking worldly ways of thinking not his way you wonder why your game the to advance of Christ in the order they Hueneme say, Savior, and then King in the sense of sight of his kingdom and root why you that were received first causeways in opposition to that was the world he purposely does two things our way is our our wisdom is nothing compared he is why it's perfectly why it's he operates on an hours is diametrically opposed to his wisdom we also makes promises ahead of time he calls us to believe in him by Fay Hebrews that the writer of Hebrews this is really a big thing we sometimes think they really just gets too in chapter 11.  That's not the case at High Point of faith in the letter but that's not the he's been talking about faith now in any showing that okay the way it is that okay Jesus could come in very good come first and set of his kingdom you know it this is no I'm going to send him as this this humble serve anything to do everything pestis, seem just upside down to he but you read what happened Jesus him but I tell you funny or do.  I know really know you funny.  That's how we we think you God calls us to just be the because he said he made a promise and you can go back to the Old Testament New Testament for us and all look at all that he's kept every one of his problems a sizable promises to keep and he would is never shown any unfaithfulness how is the perfectly faith he says.  Believe me we have to believe in by faith it will look like a would expect it was made clear to us that he's not like any God, we would make a all about we make up for it would do things the way we will do the minute it they're not really this more powerful us is all and God is not like it's altogether holy altogether different separate from us.  So from the like are Lord Jesus then it isn't by gaining the inner circle is not like by political power and prestige and oculus doodad and him will be able to bring in the kingdom or whatever like Jesus we embrace humility for ourselves first.  Afterward comes Corey is a going store for his children and is the talk more about this not it's on to tangent tangential but ever back in early 70s I'll wrote the book.  This is the were faith moment in a have a live like kings get and it was so off-base me for a lot of reasons this is one particular reason for this, works embrace humility.  Now we embrace the the sickness that he you Danes for us the trials your gains for us though the poverty sometimes it here Danes for us.  We priest's because were told the that's what he has for us.  Now they will always be that way we will with our Lord Jesus be glorified.  But that's got strategy not ours consider Jesus are high priest consider Jesus our God

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