The Peril of Earthly Mindedness, Part 2

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Hebrews 12:16-17

Message recorded 9 February 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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What's open our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 12 years 12, and this morning will be looking at verse 17 do overs are delightful things especially think about in sports if you get a chance when you're practicing to have a lot of developers who can perfect your sport.  I remember when I was at LSU.  I used to like to play golf on the college course and I would always time it's that I would be the last golfer on the course because that way I could take as we do overs.  I wanted antiphons by myself and if anyone did show up and have in place.  In any I could try shot if it didn't work out right that could try again and work my stance and swing everything I was really nice and it's to do overs are great to have in practice because we'll get do overs in a real game, and in life.  Real life.  We generally don't get too many of us would really like to have a do over A lot of hands if you found because we've all done stupid things is all done sinful things and know how we would really like to have a chance to make a better choice than the one for the ones we did note would like to have do over sometimes the wrong reasons.  Sometimes we would like to do over because we like things turn out better.  Maybe we would like it to avoid the embarrassment the stigma now attached to our sin.  Our stupidity, we might want to would like the chance to choose again to avoid painful consequences that sometimes believers do want a do over for the right reasons with the right motive.  Sometimes we would like to choose the chance to choose against that with the glorify Christ list and that's a good thing.  But even though we generally don't get do overs as believers we do know that God will work even are stupid things even are several things too good to those of us who love him.  We know that that is spiritual mindedness is he were able to put all those things we wish we could do over.  We put them into the right perspective and understand that okay even I should not have done that, even though I should've been wiser even though I should've made a godly choice God will even work all those horrible things to good in my life that spiritual mindedness unbelievers don't have the capacity to think that they don't have the capacity to interpret life in light of spiritual truth so that they can put all of life into the right perspective.  So they look at it the right way they interpret it the right way.  They don't have that ability.  Why is that the case because they're unable to appreciate the value of spiritual thing.  They're not able to look at the Scriptures even though you may have unbelievers who have devoted their lives to studying the Scriptures so they can tell you, you know all the ins and outs of the Greek text of the Hebrew text, and now we get a lot of value from some of those people.  But they can look at it and no even the text better than us, but the King appreciate the value of spiritual things that they're looking that they're discovering their Scriptures.  Many times there is completely blind to the spiritual things so Esau serves as a sober warning to the readers of this letter.  These Hebrew Christian you see he had suffered great loss, and so would they bit.  He looked at it from a purely earthly perspective and that the choices that he made were based purely on earthly mindedness.  The author here gives them this warning verses 16 and 17 against being earthly minded of the word godless in verse 16 basically means earthly mindedness to think with the think in terms of what I see everything around me, rather than what I find in Scripture what God has revealed to have an interest in the things of the earth and not the things of God, the author is going to do after verse 17 is he's going to give them a passage where he shows them that hate guys listen your spiritual orientation has changed.  You don't think like that anymore, so, so I need you to put on your spiritual thinking caps and I need you to continue growing into to expand your capacity to understand to appreciate spiritual things, and so he'll show them in the rest of the book would spiritual mindedness looks like he's going to show them through a lot of spiritual directions is to give them is a show them okay, you exist for the purpose of serving God.  You are to show gratitude to God, you are to worship God here to live distinct holy lives under God, and so basically receipt is going to read a little bit into the passage right after this receive it, what with all this is it.  It enrolls up to one simple mindset we are to be Christo centric we are to be Jesus mind.  She he wants to take them to the point where they see that between years spiritual perspective has changed is change because notes oriented around Jesus, and it is all about him.  That's where he's going with this.  So what happens is that when we can see life all of life in light of Jesus and that it's all for his sake over his glory.  It all works together for him.  They know it makes not that we have everything figured out.  I know that there are times we just we still don't God doesn't tell us every reason why every little thing happens to, but we can understand that the big picture, the grand scheme of things, because Jesus makes sense of it all.  It's all about him.  It's all for his glory, and so earthly life comes into focus into the right focus finally when we come to Christ, and we learn how through a study meditation, absorbing the truth of Scripture, and then trying to live it out.  It all comes into the right focus


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