The Peril of Earthly Mindedness

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Hebrews 12:16-17

Message recorded 26 January 2014

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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It's open your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 12.  He was chapter 12, and this morning what should be looking only at verse 16.  Social be part one of our study of the peril of earthly mindedness Hebrews 12 will be looking verse 16 near the Sea of Galilee on grassy mountainside.  Jesus taught the people one day in because there was not a sizable town within a reasonable distance Jesus decided to feed them through miracle what a crowd there was that day.  They counted 4000 men, and in addition to that they were women and children seated see an enormous crowd had gathered to hear Jesus teach that sign one of many signs that Jesus performed they were designed to show the people that he was indeed the Christ that he was the promised Messiah.  You would think that is doing the things he did and teaching as again that there would be a lot of gratitude in the nation throughout the landing think of the religious leaders would be happy here is the Messiah look at what all he's doing look at the wonderful things just now even on that level of the feeding people who were hungry and as he said they would've fainted as they would head back home or to some larger town to find food, but is he in his disciples departed by boat for another region.  Jesus was met by the Pharisees and they were not at all grateful they fact putting to the test they said show us a sign unity dyspepsia Jesus how many signs and already done seats assigned is of no use to a blind man.  They kept asking for signs, even at his trial they were still asking for signs after departing their Jesus warned his disciples he said watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod Herod was an immoral and godless me the Pharisees do so religious were just as godless as Herod Jesus said you Herod is lived among the people of God.  He has heard the word of God.  The Pharisees they supposedly live and teach the word of God.  They know it and you buy a having such exposure to God's word God's people worship of God.  None of them were impacted by the work and Jesus was warning his disciples to not be like to not let that let them influence his disciples, if you're going to live among the people of God.  If you're going to hear the word of God.  If you're going to expose yourself to those things don't be like them and not be impacted.  Now, it is Jesus said beware of the leaven of affairs the Pharisees and Herod in the disciples the other not getting it yet.  And so he's six) and Jesus is like and yet she says to him, do you not yet understand, but the merciful Savior, a minister to them by giving them another picture.  They still haven't really caught on all the messages that he's been teaching them through pictures and through direct revelation so use them in a picture they arrive in that side of at the the upper tip of the Sea of Galilee and as he's been ministering in that that region around Galilee this whole time in people bring to him as a heard about all the things he's doing people he's healed a bring a blind man to Jesus This is in part a picture of what Jesus wants his disciples, CNN a sense he takes the blind man by the hand, just as he's taking his disciples by any leads the blind man outside the city and processes got shocking to us.  We would never think that this is okay.  He spits in the guidelines in a and then he lays hands on it.  This is what you see in the guy he is his eyesight is still a little fuzzy a says I asked the man eloquent treaties and that there walking around anywhere churches, but was cleared is a Jesus lays his handling again to now what you see in and says that Mark tells us is that man looks intently he's trying to focus and easy did that that fuzziness when way they could CEC clearly testified we can see clearly now the disciples are are still at that place where the man was at the first step of this miracle.  They're beginning to see but not clearly and the very next thing happens.  Jesus is okay you who demand say that I am and he says okay you say that I am an empty are starting to see your Christ.  This is good to Jesus is okay with that means I have to hear the fuzziness comes back Peter says over my dead body, not if I can help it would Jesus it in rebuking him.  He said Peter you're not setting your mind on the things of God on God's interests your setting your mind on man's interest you're thinking, just on the human plane you're thinking okay he's the Messiah.  And I remember from the Old Testament all that is says that the Messiah is going to do in this Kingdome and everything and let go work.  If you he wasn't thinking from God's perspective.  And so after Peter rebukes Jesus.  Jesus rebukes in even more sternly see when God brings a person to face at that point, they get eyes to see the no longer blind


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