The Piety of Priesthood, Part 1 – Heb 5:7

The Book of Hebrews

Hebrews 5:7

John Dugas


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If you would, turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews 5 and this morning we will look at most of verse seven.

One of our greatest fears might be the fear of the unknown.  We oftentimes because of what might face us were not sure about that they can cripple a sick and crippled us into inaction.  Shakespeare put it well on the lips of Hamlet passage.  Most of us are familiar with he says that we grunt and sweat under a hearing life and as will a good way of summing up our existence is in the reason is because of the drain that we have of something that's after death would've we don't know what we need is a result in the human condition they don't know what it is that awaits them on the other side of death.  And of course as believers we have a lot more knowledge than the average person does about what comes but he goes on to say that he calls it the undiscovered country from whose born or you that destination no traveler returns is when someone dies they go on the other side of death.  They don't come back and tells you is really great over there were originally back over the no traveler returns it's a puzzling the will and he says it makes us rather bear those ills we have is that which will put up with a lot that is horrible in his life rather than fly to others that we know the words those who have and have gone on before us.  He talks about how we can be cowards when it comes to facing death because we don't know what the other side it's perfectly natural to fear the pain that's involved in the process of dying is nothing wrong with that but we shouldn't fear the ultimate outcome by faith we know that the very worst thing that could happen to us if we are a believer in Jesus Christ is that we will end up in the presence of the Lord will always be with it.  So really, what is the worst thing for us is the best thing for us, it's only worsened since of our ministry earthly ministry was cut short by really for the person who dies and is a believer is very best thing to happen to get to be with the Lord earlier than they might of thought of that.  So playing with the word worst and really meaning best you would if God guaranteed you that you were going to go through what is really the worst possible and it was there was no if's and's or but's about guaranteed you're going to go through the most horrible the most horrifying experience of death possible.  So there's no fear of him exactly what's coming.  That's what happened.  Jesus answering talk about today.  He sees is precisely what he experienced not only did the father ordained for Jesus to undergo the very worst thing possible the father even made it clear to him up for what he is going to him the foretaste of what is, for us if we know is that it if there is something back on the horizon.  When one or not I had because we know the we will fear will tremble will worry and that's usually worse than the It that way always it something in your life that you're just.  Just each you know what happens it when that I have for all young lady it wasn't great maybe it hurt a lot but when as bad as you feared it would be and you something medical which will not right I want to know don't overtreated it is not me out and it is how we did you imagine knowing ahead of time all of the horrors of Christ's passion and then having to go through the knowing what's coming knowing how bad it's going to be in and having to endure the thinking deeply on these things is an important part of considering Jesus the high priest of our confession is important to think about how he handled those last hours of his life.  Why because it's a great help to our faith to our rest.  Tomorrow the city would follow with me as I read Hebrews chapter 5 and will back up again, verse one the right choices for every high priest taken from among his appointed on behalf of men in things pertaining to God in order to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins he diligently with the ignorant and misguided since he himself also is beset with weakness and because of it he's obligated to offer sacrifices for sins as for the people so also for himself and no one takes the honor to himself but receives the what is called by God even as Aaron what's so also Christ did not glorify himself so as to become high priest but he who said to him thou art my son today I have begotten the disease is also in a message thou art a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek not talking the Jesus in the days of his flesh he offered up both prayer and supplication with laughing crying and tears to the one able to save him from death he was her because of his eye although he wasn't some he learned obedience from the things which he suffered and having been made perfect he became to.  However those who obey him the source of eternal salvation been designated by God as a priest according the order of his the writer has told us in the first verses of chapter number one we seen this already, God high priest must be human we saw that verse 123 a high priest must be human we saw him.  The second point he's making God high priest must be called verses four through six God high priest must be called in our but again this last point .3 Jesus as God is greater high priest was devoted to God will versus seven through 10th Jesus as God's greater high priest was devoted to God's will to first ones to notice this a Jesus condition but giver seven.  Jesus condition in the days of his flesh to eat he's introducing for us we talking about and he sees orienting us to this particular period of time in Jesus experience he showing us in this passage and in one is to to think on this as we work our way through it how how thoroughly Jesus identified without so keep that in mind as we work for it.  Think about how he he so identified with us that he went through that the quirkiest suffering suffering far greater than any of us ever undergo they did as a human.  Another incarnation here when Jesus became man in when he was born Mary he became man and then in the days of his flesh if you will but we saying here is that he's identifying with our present condition our present existence the way we are now in so unit with all of our weaknesses and with with all of our human frailties he became like us John spoke about this time in your member what he said the word became what is/any get what he dwelt among us that Jesus still does having human nature he's not suggesting here that Jesus no longer like after resurrection as a human nature we talking about is that in the days of his flesh is when Jesus became like us the way we are now not with without sin obviously but we are still perishable would not receive the first printed 15 that body which is imperishable which which will have over the Lord He he was like us in this perishable body a body that could die so the days of his initial earthly existence and his ministry were unique is how they were unique he lived in total dependence upon his father the father in heaven of the total dependence upon him.  He lived as I said with the natural limitations and weaknesses of being human.  Prior to his resurrection and we received importing to this in these terms by a person supplication she see how how he was so dependent upon his father that he turned to him with his knee into his greatest need was were going to see a when he was crying out to him.  Jesus readily turned his father where it would find that throughout the Gospels you read you see how he will play for and weep over the condition of mankind.  But with the writer has in mind here are not all the of the various players that Jesus pray during his ministry but he has a particular narrow, specific time
I think that is the garden against them just to talk to get 70 turn with me to Matt Mark 14 read couple passages about that experience, the refresh our memories on so Mark 14 relook verses 32 through 4214, verse 32 this is after week old Last Supper of the first Lord's supper right before Jesus would be betrayed to the came to a place called her named Gethsemane and he said to his disciples sit here until I have prayed he took with him Peter and James and John McCain began to be very distressed and troubled he said to them my soul is deeply grieved to the point of God remain here and keep watch and he went a little beyond him and fell to the ground and began to pray that if it were possible the hour might pass him by and he was saying father all things are possible for the remove this cup from me yet not what I will without will and he came and found them sleeping and said Peter Simon you sleep could you not keep watch for one hour.  Keep watching and praying that you may not come in to temptation.  The spirit as well.  But the flesh is weak.  And again he went away and prayed, saying the same words again he came and found them sleeping, for their eyes were heavy were very heavy and he did not know what to answer him became the third time and set them pretty still sleeping and taking your rest.  And it is enough the hour has come behold the Son of Man is being betrayed into the hands of sinners arrives us be going behold the one who betrays me is he then turned to Luke 22 is whether verse is look at some something that is very appropriate your study.  Luke 22 verse 44.  Luke at this guy when Jesus was there praying in the garden and being in agony he was praying very fervently and his sweat became like drops of blood falling down upon the ground he turned back to you respond so we looked at Jesus condition.  He was human just as we are in our our basic humanity is not human to be a center sinners honestly help cheeseburger sinners with his condition.  Now let's look at second point be Jesus steadfastness he says in the days of his flesh he offered up a prayer is in supplications how do we respond to attend pressure well if it's really intense we do is we grow up in a ball right we get depressed we we turn inward on ourselves and we would Gruver are pitiful plight group will going.  That's typical for us but it was typical for Jesus you see because he was in total dependence upon his father what happened whatever intense pressure came upon him and written about the intensity of your its own little good at reading of the gospel accounts in but when the pressure came on on Jesus instinctively turned his father he offered up these prayers in supplications to him rather than doing what we do and turned in on ourselves this word offered up is the same word with worry seen and used of offering gifts and sacrifices of here as high priest he is going before God.  And even as we offer up to this you were going before God intend we are were lifting up to him these requests just as we might offer up especially in the priestly days of the under the old covenant.  They would offer up gifts and sacrifices they would sometimes it whole, sacrifice out of them may waive his different things within the same thing with our prayers were were lifting him up to God.  And that's what he is doing here.  Now what's interesting is in the garden he's praying for God's help to him.  The one able to save him from that were defined in chapter 7 that Jesus is still pretty please not praying for himself says he's able to say forever those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for sees continuing his high priestly ministry he's praying for us right now in the next few moments.  And on and on.  He will pray continually and does pray continually for us a prayer is a fervent entreaty that's make to God his word is used exclusively directed toward God is not something that used of the Write to you ask you for help.  He supplication on the other hand, could be made to daughter could be made to someone else who's in power.  Some visibility to deliver what it is we needed and it's basically it's a humble request it's a plea for help.  It's we go humbly Leeuwenhoek bowing and up before her like a great King and ask for help relieve mercy is that there's a lot of overlap between the words what is it that Jesus prayed for your will he gives us a clue as to we stopped he prayed to him is able to save him from death, Jesus has identified with us to such an extent that he he actually was capable of dying and we don't get as he was facing that he lived that these prayers to the father who is able to save him from death.  But that is second which you notice now the third thing he tells us C Jesus fervor.  Jesus for the days of his flesh he offered up of prayers in supplications how with chronic him with tears it wasn't you we often picture Jesus in the garden unit you see those paintings you know from way back and you got is very serene and him and he's he's on his knees and he's praying in front of maybe older and and are he's just you know is that the beam of light and you in on you just need to Jesus he looks rosary that's not all what the Scriptures teach us is a with very great heights life, crying and tears your review and we were told by Luke that he he with his his tears and sweat it was so intense it was like drops of blood falling to the ground he prayed fervently he was in extreme English extreme English needed to focus on he prayed to the one able to save him from death because he was facing that this is why I think it was the author is talking about when Jesus was praying the garden he may have prayed fervently at other times prayed with tears.  At other times but that's not what talk about suddenly faced death there in the garden he was brought face to face with the harbor of his passion he felt the full intensity of it.  He felt the full brunt to temptation because the temptation was to turn aside from the path that the father had put him on and him.  Here he is in the garden is on that Patty is done all the things he was to do in preparing his disciples in the book the Last Supper.  He Judas goes out to betray him he's in the garden praying and that the very next thing to come is horrible.  The very next In the path that God put him on was the crap incantations one turns he prayed Lord if possible there's any way to accomplish apply immediately turned aside the He is a very next thing was that his own father was reporters wrath out on his precious he would receive the downpour of God's wrath of millions of sinners to initiate his sufferings, he received a preview of what was in store Jesus received a foretaste.  Yes of the cruelty of near that was to come over the father was getting ready to do him was far worse and far, far harder to bear.  Imagine the punishment of all the elect of all the ages concentrated within a matter of hours in poured out on one verse in the following him the wrath of God would follow him and we have to wave of divine displeasure.  Yes Jesus a shepherd wept over him and sorrows, but now he wept because of what he faced he faced the punishment for all of those sinners he went for the penalty they deserved in the fullness of humanity he took on the fullness of humanity he wasn't adjusted gross the sum of the heretics and in ancient they said even some today will say what was it you get really take on humanity and eight he was he just looked like human and not all in the fullness of humanity someone who could suffered someone who could he would receive the just punishment for the depth of human think about how the you are out of print I him and he received the just had I know is I know the depth of my heart and he knows he got to that's we suffer for discredit his children.  Jesus must not be spared to rescue the she the shepherd had to suffer their peril.  He come to identify with mankind so that he could rescue them.  Listen to how one commentator Philip Hughes explains this moment Jesus life, but now in the garden the moment has come in his self identification with mankind to home the deploying human depravity and fallenness to the very depths as he prepares in all his innocence and purity to submit himself in the place of sinners to the fierceness of God's wrath against the sins of men.  This narrative experience incomparable in the horror of its tour it is torment from which his whole being shrank instinctively but which was inescapable.  If the purpose of his coming was to be achieved.  Imagine with the format the father with whom he had existed for in such a loving, perfect.  The father who protected him and loved him tenderly for 33 years it is my that father now stepped aside from protecting him because of what he was to show that that point Jesus you're awake right now, my God why has thou forsaken me because the father had to step back because Jesus would take up on himself our sins.  Imagine now the father that the tenderly loved him and protect him from when he was a baby, through his earthly ministry and kept him safe from the harm of the in the heart of the devil anyone who would harm he steps why this father moved from being strong protect the holy judge pouring out his fears, he step aside from the sun because of the sins that some took upon himself and so that he could pour out the fierceness of his wrath that was for us Hughes again wonders if the site uses any real but deeply mysterious manner which no one urgent Mankin explained the incarnate son as he hung on the cross and endured the desolating anguish of being torn away from his father.  He took our sins and the sins of the whole world upon himself at Calvary in order that bearing in mind their higher judgment the righteous for the righteous Calvin also explained why Jesus had such dread in the garden.  It was due to the fact that in the death that awaited him.  He saw the curse of God and the necessity to wrestle with the total sum of human guilt see you which he did for us he took the depth of her guilt the whole some of our field upon himself all explained it this way segregates 521 he may be a limited dose into what send on our behalf to be seen.  Jerry Bridges trying to explain this wrote in his book the the transforming grace of the gospel he said when God the father due to his sinless son the answer is shocking e-mailing him to be sent.  I don't know if that clicks with you he made the sinless son of God to be sent he goes on to this seemingly strange expression of all is his way of saying that Jesus was made to be on which is abominable and hateful to God all that which is the object of his holy and just wrath as our substitute.  He was made to be the embodiment of all our crap.  Now he all our lawlessness: spicy is law.  That's what Jesus was face that's why he has such a lower court ruling in tears as he was crying to the one who could save him from death in think about this wonder.  As in the garden is pretty and he sees that the father is the one who's going to step back and pour out his formal math on his son but to whom this Jesus to their to whom this time does fly the same one that blows me away I handle it is hard to know that what God was going to clean through he would still turn to that that because he knew that he knew that father could save them from death he wasn't wearing the gusset keep them from dying that we sometimes read that there and think well he that prayer was answered.  That's not we grateful literally he prayed to him who is able to save him out of death he would rescue him out of that he would say Jesus by raising them up on the third day not savings since we beside the rescue him from death.  He seeks the payroll that Jesus was it was a peril that we all work before he came and destroyed death is the peril of death having a grip on us that can never be broken because apart from what Jesus did depths group could not be broken is the only way and he faced that peril, but he knew that his father to the time was able to rescue him from that peril.  Death would have no lasting dominion over him rooms stop there with the text is a would consider in more detail the results of his piety and devotion to God which is the end of verse seven through verse 10 and will save that for next time together in Heber said to be two weeks his readers surely had suffered greatly will find as we read through the city to the text that they did suffer a surely they they wept bitter tears over their own anguish the Jesus your wept over anguish far, far greater than any human ever has wept he experienced human agony in much greater degree than what the author is doing is he's paving the way he's laying the foundation so that he can bring to bear upon them.  Those who are suffering the the the compassion the that that fellow feeling that that sympathy of Jesus to bring to bear upon them as they find themselves in prison as they find that all of their stuff has been taken because they followed Jesus because the various ways they will suffer for Christ Jesus he understands to think deeply on Jesus the high priest of our confession meditate on this theme as we we talked about it today how Jesus agonizing prayer over his impending suffering on our behalf stilettos we we read of the garden and we jump quickly to the suffering across only get to the gardens okay what were those those drops really was a blood was just like you would get the file down by silly little things like that and we miss we should get and so the writer here knows that his mistress and he puts it in here is he wants them to face it wasn't understand the The depth of his identity with us that he suffered the greatest as a it the greatest greater than the human but it was as a human they suffer here's an example of how such thinking on his agonizing in the garden his agonizing because he saw what the next step in one be encouraged by the extent to which Jesus identified with you when you're tempted the the and he understand believe don't ever, ever say he can't understand because that is sent that is wrong that is un-biblical he understands better than you understand your own suffer because he went through far worse than you went through fact he went through what he did because of what you do and do the encouraged when you're tempted BZ that Jesus understands number two thinking about the depth of suffering he knowingly went through should remind you of how deeply he large feet ever wonder if you really love you go to the garden gets and put yourself there is place and think about what he thinks that the very next Was to bring upon himself the wrath of God for you and me and all of us will probably could say this you I love you but I I I I know me I would probably much as I love you but turned aside if I had that look, from the time about for a number that I could hinder the and of his he he he thinks about we space he thinks about you is going to do so I can redeem the temperature name I can redeem Zhao right Rex, I feel for wonderfully lush the cross is a good place to go.  This is the card because as he faced the cross, he decided to go there anyway because he loves you.  Number three that knowing that how much he loves you should move you don't him through the steady growth in diligent service that's what these people were struggling with really get into that here the end of chapter 5 they were grumbling they were serving when and that's the problem is you see how much he loves you should make you say okay Jesus and serve you for every day from now that you know your file that you but you heart that I'm going to I'm going to show my love for you and would do this not because of an earlier favor, we've been told but that right rest resting we get that sets us free, that sets us free to serving just because we love you and that should be another thing moved that you to an end finally number four follow his example of turning to God for help.  Yes, God the father is the one who's ordaining the trials you go through the turn to that same God just as Jesus turned the same God who would pour out his wrath on him and God did hear his prayers he was rescued from the grip of death and death no longer has any kind of grip on him at all on us to believe because of trying to train yourself to instinctively turned to the father 30 told us that tells again, we saw that I the last person verse of chapter 4.  Let us therefore drawing near with confidence to the front of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

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