The Piety of Priesthood, Part 2 – Heb 5:7-10

Hebrews 5:7-10

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Was a good morning to all of if you would turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 5 this morning we will be looking at the rest verse seven through verse 10 at one ask you what is salvation for those religious terms that we have we, all know what it means but maybe really don’t know what the but for some people salvation is getting in the habit and for other people it’s avoiding hell in both of those groups see a crisis point if you will in salvation for them the crisis point is when they extended before the gate of heaven and ineluctable will tell jokes about how do they stand for the gate of heaven and never the way he to see if they qualify to getting a with you know the Scriptures you know that he wait until that point he would’ve looked miss the real opportunity salvation is about a crisis point.  Yes, there is a point in time in which a person does come to faith in Christ.  Some of us know when that time is in some of us have our time what pinning it down to an exact date but we know the did happen but if we minimize salvation to the point of having Justice this crisis point, even if that crisis point is the one in which you come to know the Lord Jesus if you minimize it to that.  Then you can easily degenerate into is getting a ticket to heaven.  That’s not the essence of biblical salvation are writers around the letter it is going to develop but this very the role of very needy definition concept of salvation is a take 13 chapters to develop what would salvation units and it’s not just a crisis of the writers in the New Testament, take all about the crystallizes them into different thoughts and is one of those a predominant thought is that salvation is an entirely new kind of like the idea of the size his life thing about the apostle John and one of the the most famous verses in our age and John 316 I okay those who believe we are told inherit what eternal life like not a ticket it is more it is blotters and the crisis point later.  John will a record.  Jesus said that he came to we might have life that we might have it abundantly ACC there is this and much more there than just this ticket to heaven 90 later much later John in his first epistle going to talk to the house we passed out of this state of death into state of life initiative talk about their in chapter 3 how that line a apply the Lord your each of us who believe easy this is.  It’s a much richer concept and we sometimes will attribute it idea of salvation.  But that was the apostle John Paul use some slightly different terminology to describe salvation he said that the person is saved they become an entirely new creation.  Says that the been re-created they are a new creation and River he said the old things have passed away.  He him the new things have come I see so this is easy it’s a broader concept than what sometimes we in our culture today relegate to this this religious terms salvation.  It’s more than a writers and talk about the same old not only the gold expressway these new things coming he’s been talking chapter 6 about these better things which he says accompany salvation that he is confident of his readers he considers believers Peter calls are salvation a living whole is an inheritance that we enjoy the even now in part, and then in the future in heaven will receive the fullness of our salvation all of it that’s been promised for us comes then but is he living whole James and the other apostles describe it is a new sort of life that gives rise to which a genuine desire for obedience and faithful doing of good works is you think about James talking about the faith that is that it doesn’t have it doesn’t give rise to it works.  So the idea is that in salvation.  We are saved from disobedience unto obedience and is is not just a matter of okay well it.  I got my ticket to heaven.  I find and then you know if we think about that.  Just picture the ticket have an illustration as such a poor description of salvation really a better description is what is being studied during the Sunday school our programs progress that’s a better picture of what was salvation is yes there is a point in which you enter, but there is that the whole journey in that is is the fruit of the salvation is the solution look at it is does it a point in time but did write the book is if okay you here’s what happened is in the city of destruction in he believes he does that again any Zen and in a into the store because are so much more to it than salvation isn’t just about getting have all these things are expressed throughout this letter to the Hebrews I mention of why is this important well in enterprises today the writer is going to tell us that Jesus has become the source of eternal salvation is so if we have the wrong idea about salvation we can miss it entirely we find that’s what happens to people that they they make a profession of faith because was presented to them is just this ticket to heaven view and anything okay well hey I’ve done what I need to do whatever that might be found in they go about their life and nothing ever changes.  Nothing ever comes of and they think that it’s really just a in I bought a ticket later on I’ll get in my get some of the people in this church and is writing the last they fell away from think they can understand what real salvation it was just another religious terms.  Another religious idea if it’s keeping the law and there is salvation in Jesus the, pick which one you know what all roads lead to heaven and him so they fell away his readers are in danger of missing Darrell that’s what is writing this letter what has happened to others he doesn’t want to happen to them and so he writes a letter that is filled with both very strong warning but also very your precious encourage and he weaves both of them for a letter we finish this passage today their verse 10 is what happened next is is going to now lead us into his third warning passage and for most people it’s the biggest phonebook law at and he’s going to address this problem selected follow with misery Hebrews chapter 5 and will back up verse one 4110 Hebrews 51 for every high priest taken from among men is appointed, on behalf of men in things pertaining to God in order to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sin you diligently with the ignorant and misguided as he himself also is beset with weakness and because of it.  He is obligated to offer sacrifices for sins as for the people so also for some knowing take the honor to himself but receives it ways called by God even as Aaron was also Primates did not glorify himself so as to become a high priest but he said to him thou art my son today I have begotten the disease is also another passage thou art a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek beginning of Jesus in the days of his flesh he offered of the prayers and supplications with him climbing into years the one able to save him from that and he was hurt because I a little he was a son he learned obedience from the things which he suffered it having been made perfect he became to all those who obey him the source of eternal salvation been designated by God as a high priest according to the order of of in verses one through 10 the author had as it is telling us three main bases talking about these qualifications for high priest which Jesus had to attain but also how is his qualifications were greater than any high priest is ever lived.  First he tells the first three verses that God high priest must be human and then at 436 that God high priest must be called and in seven through 10 talked about how Jesus as God’s glory your high priest was devoted to God’s will that is not a requirement as the first to or but something that Jesus did it was was you who will it be a requirement of his higher-order order because in so when you’re in the midst of this the third point that Jesus was devoted to God’s will for it continue that you the last time as we started looking into that.  It’s all that they were before things this passage that the author is telling us about Jesus is greater high priest is one was devoted to God will he first told us that Jesus condition then Jesus steadfastness Jesus fervor in our look at the fourth pointless to make the results of Jesus devotion to God will there be three results to that the results of Jesus devotion the first result we find there the end of for 70 back and read the whole first in days of his flesh he offered of both prayers and supplications with loud crying into years to one able to save him from death and years will refocus and he was heard because of his piety it we talked earlier about Jesus the week what are others on that Jesus was in the guard when he was there praying specifically a lot of prayers throughout his is ministry but in the author is focusing on those where he’s asking God to save him not from dying but through death and it would be very the garden focusing it was there they had does this for for prayers and supplications crying out to his father he prayed to be delivered from this group he prayed that God will with now were told here in verse seven that he was her Jesus is used that before your we talked about it.  I think it you currently it.  It’s a reference to the fact that God answered his prayers that it wasn’t just that with her dad and I may or may not if it means that God answered his prayers in author is telling is why he was is because we might translate this on account of his piety or his devotion to God’s will.  Jesus taught us to pray according to God’s will think about Matthew 610 tell he prayed the garden Matthew 2639 not my will but thine be done.  And then John the apostle would remind his readers.  Many years later in his first epistle in your member first John 514 if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us the prayer which is answered prayer that seeks God’s will and just report citing Michelle always will as well executed.  Scriptures you know that he will that God wills for some to glorify the Jesus be glorified in his church that is church growing beatified buildout the people from the faith and is tells all the specifics about who is doing in the faith and things like that.  We do know what you to pray accordingly that’s how Jesus is the prayer that gets on the same page with what God desires to accomplish us getting on same page with him.  They are translation probably has one of these words that that he was on account of his piety his reverence is reverent submission was godly fear those all the translations but they what the author is trying to draw out here as we look at the usage of this in the greater context is that Jesus was devoted to God will his devotion to God’s will.  That’s what these words piety and reverence and now with the really talking about is a devotion to God’s will and that word.  It’s it represents a concern for God’s honor I want God to be glorified in it is one commentator put it to watchfulness of ourselves so that we avoid whatever might displease God knows I don’t want to allow myself to to do those things the displease God a watch over myself and careful so we can say that it is a watchful careful devotion to God will the idea that he sees expressing here as we look at it in this setting.  That’s with Jesus ultimate underlying commitment will not my will but thine be done.  The first result of his devotion to God was that you his prayers were heard second now were looking verse eight, although he was a son he learned obedience from the things which he suffered the second he became qualified to serve as our high priest you look at it verse eight irrecoverably the reason verse nine will see but the idea there is that he became qualified to serve as our high priest says there that Jesus suffered although he was a son, not because he was you misunderstand it’s not because he was son assigned but it was although it we really should transit is what although he was son because that fits the context better you can translate a son but really think if you think about it.  He’s talking about Jesus as son in his unique sense in which he has been with the father as son in that relationship with father forever for from eternity past, although he was prior to this.  The garden he was a son prior to his suffering he was son think about chapter 1 member throughout that he starts off describe the baptized about it God revealed himself through the the profits to the fathers, but has revealed himself in a or in son because Jesus belongs to the class of one he is the only one that it is son in that sense so he belongs to.  This is superior class if you will as the son of God in a very unique sense a son in a way that none of us who are believers in are sons of God where sons with a small as he is signed with what we don’t English with a capital S, is a senior although he was signed he was a part of the unique class he learned if he has eternally existed as some always they will be us.  We think about it will be seen that Jesus was without sin.  And we know that he always obeyed the father in any do that’s Constanta, slow but that for what I just said about Jesus being a different category actually helps the sound you think about the way how is it we learned obedience when we start from a blank slate the that the innovations such a big dwarf with a slight that’s messed up.  I will.  The cubed there’ll soon in the DAV had to teach her children disobedience you know the Lady okay now here say no, mommy to do this a number determined by this comes automatically extended little natures so we start out in this in this spirit of the disobedience that’s that’s why we are that’s what we do in and we learn by moving from disobedience to obedience that we get there will take the toward chapter 12 we find there that is through enduring unpleasant consequences I him conjure the term consequences wanted words you hate to hear right been instrumental in areas like that the law.  We go from disobedience unpleasant consequences to be it’s a but she Jesus is not from our class or category if you is from this other son in the unique sense okay so he’s different than us in this learning if you will is different.  He began his earthly life not like we in beginning with disobedience he began his earthly life the way he always been for eternity past of the end different easy cc entirely different from us our Seder had to me are high priest had not just, cover over sense.  Like the other high priest.  To say God hand of judgment until a greater sacrifice and he was the it’s and he started from obedience he never deviated from Paul said for these 28 he humbled himself by being obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross the okay John Answer the Question If He Is Sinless Why Did He Need to Learn Obedience Will a Couple Reasons.  One It Was Necessary That Are High Priest Suffer Temptation in Order to Sympathize with Us River Back Chapter 4 Verse 15 and to Sympathize with a High Priest Had to If You Will Learn Obedience to Suffer the Is Still Obeyed Only through to the Very All the Way to the Point the Right Second Friend to Die in Our Place He Had to Live in Perfect Obedience to God’s Law, God Will Because We Don’t Easy Because We Don’t Obey Him.  We Need Somebody Who Didn’t Obey Him to Dine with Us.  And so That We Might Receive His Righteousness Result of His Will He Feels Temptations That Suffering That We Might Have To See If That Is Credited to Our Account Romans 519 Four at Us through the One Man’s Disobedience at the One Man’s Disobedience the Many Were Made Sinners of Yellow Us Even so, through the Obedience of the One Is Christ.  The Meeting Will Be Made Righteous the Ones Disobedience Will Consumers Than Once a Week the Righteous the Father Will That Jesus Take the Path Suffering They Might Be a Fit High Priest for Sinners He Had to Face Specific, Concrete Situations As a Human As He and Experience the Situations with Their Trial or Temptation, Sling to Sympathize with Us and Said Goodbye the Computer Science As He Learned What Happened Is He Manifested His Character Is Character of Obedience He He Manifested That in His Humanity and See His He Sees Sufferings As They Bore down upon Him.  They He Drew out His Resolute Determination Thing about the Sponge Had If You Use Sponge to Clean up the Kitchen Enter Bathroom Wherever You and in You Know Sponge Is Designed Is a Water but Where Was in the Water and Squeeze out of the Sink Affect Well UNI and Whenever We Are Squeezed by Faith the Pressures of Life Pressing upon Us We Are Squeezed Oftentimes the Water Comes out Next Wednesday When Trials Come upon You the Respond Anger, Anxiety Is Constantly but When the Pressures of Life You with Jesus When He If You Will Squeeze What Came out Was the Purest What Is There Is No One.  Ever Anywhere There to Make the Watermark Jesus Flesh out in His Humanity.  When He Had Always Done in His Did Give His He Learned Obedience He Came He Submitted Ours Himself to the Trials and Temptations That We Experience and He Flesh out in His Humanity See It Never Obeyed God As a Human before Having Taken on Humanity He Flesh out What He Always Done in the Is in the Picture with You Isaiah 58 with This Really Wasn’t of the Test to See If Jesus Could Do It or Not It Is Predicted Several Hundred Years before He Lived and Suffered Isaiah 50 Would Find His Steadfast Determination His Attitude toward Obedience in These Verses Isaiah 50 Verse Five the Lord Yahweh Has Opened My Your and I Was Not Disobedience nor Did I Turned Back I Gave My Back to Those Who Strike Me and My Cheeks to Those Who Pluck out the Beer I Did Not Cover My Face from Humiliation and Spitting the Lord Yahweh Helps Me.  Therefore I Am Not Disgraced.  Therefore, I Have Set My Face like Flint and I Know That I Should Not Be Extreme Those Prophesied of the Servant of the Lord Jesus Hundreds of Years before He Suffered Is No Question Way It Always Does What You Will Always Do.  Whether He Is Divine or Human Is Both Say You They Know This Phrase Learned from the Things Which He Suffers Convincing Them.  There’s Actually a Play on Words Is Learning from Suffering and It Has a Long History in Greek If You Take the the Infinitives You to Learn and to Suffer Great a Run My Thing-If It and You Agree to Pick up on How Do They Define That Their Literature.  They Talk about Enough Learning for Suffer by the Writers Using That Same Idea Here but Is Using It Differently Because We Learn Because We Suffer What from Our Own Center-Right but You Suffer It’s Because of Sent and A Lot Of That Is Wrong since We Jesus Learned If You Will He Suffered Because of the Sins of Others.  He Suffered for to Pay the Penalty for the Sins of the Difference Is Still Play on Words of the Mistaken among so Results He Said in One His Prayers Were Heard but You He Became Qualified to Serve As Our High Priest and Now Number Three He Became the Source of Eternal Salvation of the Verse Nine and Having Been Made Perfect He Became to All Those Who Obey Him the Source of Eternal Salvation Is Received.  Jesus Did Not Move His Sister Having Been a Perfect Move from a State of Moral Imperfection to That of Perfection Is Always Talking about Here See This Idea of Both to Perfect Still It Is Drawing from We Just Said He Having Learned Obedience Even This Sinless We Worry Seen This Idea of a to Perfect Refer to Jesus Back in Chapter 2 Verse 10 Says That That It Was Fitting for the Father to Perfect the Author of Their Salvation Perfect a Perfect Him and We Sit Back and We Looked at That Is the Idea Was More of Completing His Is Qualifications to Be High Priest in Service High Priest and That’s Exactly We Talking about Here.  The Qualifications of Jesus Thinking That to Be Are High Priest Also Said Back Then in Chapter 2 Verse 10 That That Whole Idea of the to to Complete His Qualifications to Perfect Them If You Will Have To Do It Draws upon an Image from Our Words in the Old Testament Where the the Priests As He Would Be Dead for His Ministry.  They Would Use Words That Were for to Fill His Hands like You Know Is Priestly Garments Okay and Whatever Told He Needed to Carry out His Priestly Service and It Was Even Used to Filling His Hands with the Sacrifices As He Was Going to Go in Even with Them on the Altar Are at Them As a No Wave Offers of His Filling His Hands Easy Was It Was 15 Him Preparing Him Qualifying Him to Serve As High Priest Is the Idea Here He Was Perfected and That’s It.  This Flow from the Previous Point We Became Qualified to Be Our High Priest Jesus Accomplished God’s Will and Thus Became Fully Equipped to Serve As the Greater High Priest and As a Result in Says That He Is Become the Source of Salvation.  He Is the Cause of Salvation He’s the One Responsible for He Is That the Source from Which Salvation Springs If You Will We Sit Back Again in Chapter 2 Verse 10 Were: the Author of Our Salvation but That Idea Had to Do with Him Being a Pioneering Savior the One Who Would Who Blazed the Trail of the If You Will Him to Heaven Blazed the Trail for Us Those Whom He Would Save a Would Lead Us As a Company and This Idea of Source Think in Terms to We Go to the End of the Story Relation 22 in the Eternal He Anything Pop in Your Mind about the Second Source Your What Is It That’s Going to Use Bring Forth Flow Forth from the Front of God and from the Lamb Really Refers Living Will.  I the Water of Life for the Gives Life a Gives a That Water Then Nourishes the Tree of Life It’s Infinitely Use the Healing of the Nations Is Leads the See Jesus Is the Source of His Life’s Eternal Life They Here Calls Eternal Salvation Is the Source of That in Hebrews, Salvation Refers to Being Delivered from the Penalty for Sin Is Deliverance from the Wrath of God Sinners Deserve He Calls Eternal Salvation Because Is Not Just That Little Crisis Point If You Will Note That I Looked at It Hebrews and It Uses This Term Eternal like Your Eternal Salvation and How These These Uses of the Term Eternal the the Time Together for This Concept Read This to You and I’ll Give You to Again It to You Again with the Versus Ever Thought about Ways Eternal Salvation.  Jesus Blood Offered through the Eternal Spirit and Infected and Eternal Covenant Which Provides for His People and Eternal Inheritance and Eternal Redemption from Eternal Judgment They Have Our First Chapter 6 First 29 1214, 15 and 13, 18 Look at the Course Is Finally Uses of Eternal to That Eternal Salvation.  Jesus Obedience Produced Our Salvation the Source of Our Salvation and That Salvation Is the Source of Our Obedience Little Baby Get Saved We Obey Because We Can Say ECM Is Source of His Obedience to Christ for Salvation Which Is Rest to Our Obedience Our Obedience Is the New Covenant Is Will Provide Our Obedience Perfect Easy to 36 You Find That He Will Cause Us to Walk and Speak to Be Careful to Obey and the Salvation Is a for Everyone Is to Those Who Obey and Is Immediately Get It but Those Is We Don’t They Ever Never This Is a Review to Those Who Teach a Person Can Be Saved Not Obey Jesus Resurrection People Often Say As a Whole Group of People Whole Organization Have Their Commentary to Have Books They Have Conferences Everything in Which They Are Telling Is Spreading the Falsehood That You Can Be Saved Now He Christ.  This Is Reviewed Also Corrected for Those Particular That to His Writing Thinking That They Might Have As an Option to Obey the Law Okay Wednesday Obedience Is Important so Will the Back of a Law No Was the Say That You What Is He Said You Have To Him so That Jesus Will They He and Which You Notice to Would Tense Is Those Who Obey the First Because and If a Component Present Tense Was That Day Is Just Talk about a Crisis Point Back When You Will They Initially Present’s Because Those Who Will Be Saved Those Who Are Sick.  Yes They Obey Jesus Initially When He Said That We Must Trust in Him Was Prepared to Believe in Him.  He Obeyed That That Is What Happens at That Point Is We Obey the As a Result of Perfect Easy the Faith Gives Rise the James Appointed Faith Gives Rise to Obedience Easy You Will Learn Anything That’s What Point Jesus Burned It All by Disobedience As a Result of That We Obey.  But Three Results the Fourth Point There but It’s Not Result It’s Really a Summary and Transition a That’s the Fourth Point Summary Transition Is Verse 10 Are Writers Really Good at Making a Transition into the Next Topic If You Will or Is He a Shift Gears a Little Bit He’s He’s Going to Take up the Problem That We’ve Been Talking about in in in More Detail Is Going to to Fold Them Really Good and Us Cigarette but Fortunately Us to That What May Be the Biggest Song in the Book Is Followed by the Best Encouragement Is Lot Wonderful Encouragement Is the Think about It to Talk about after That the Chapter 6 That We Have Whole in a Reversal and It Better to That Which Is See That That Is Make a Transition into His Next Point in These the He Says Okay out That Verse 11 That I Want to Talk about This Melchizedek That Introduce to You.  This Is the Topic Asyst Offer 90s Is Okay and He Feels the Gathering Record of Any Do with the Problem You Have and Will Move on Get Chapter 7 As We Away from Little Bit over One Chapter before We Get It so He Takes on What He Said Here in These Converses and Even Some before That the Rules It off and Then Here in This to Verse He Says.  Jesus Has Been Qualified to Serve He’s Been Designated by God As a High Priest According to This Higher Melchizedek in Order Heaven Having Proven His Unbending Devotion to God’s Will He Is Designated by God As a High Priest According to the Order of Melchizedek Wilderness Summary in a Transition to Melchizedek Pushed Pause Button the Top Third Warning.  The Encouragement after That Long Pause Verse in Chapter 7.the Ask for Your Life Is a Characterize by Obedience Me at All That You Know a You You Should but You in Any, You Look at Your Life He Saved Now Don’t Really Find Obedience Is Really the Rule of Life for Most Good Chance You Haven’t Truly Say It Turned Jesus into His Work along the Trusting That along in Order to Be Say If You Want This Eternal Salvation That He Offers Only His Obedience Is Pleasing to God Because Only His Obedience Is Perfect.  It’s in the Face of an Affront to Jesus to Try to Get to Heaven Now Merits Only He Is Our the Perfect When He Saved When I Preacher Him Saved I Know I Will Pay As Much Thought but Should the Rest.  And Trying to Set the Those Who Obey His Present Tense, Present Tense Is There Enough in My Life Maybe You’re on That Performance Treadmill They Is Covered with the Tears Talk about in a Little Because of She Look at What He Wanted Your Aggie Try and in a Failsafes His Quest Is the If Need to Revisit This Your Obedience Is Never to Be Good Enough It Was Never Intended to Be Good That Is in the Sense of Earning His Favor God’s Favor Your Be It Is a Ever Wanted to It’s Always Going to Be Jesus Obedience and Jesus Work through You That Is Would Be Pleasing We Have To Keep Everything Going Back in Trusting in Our Own It What I Disobedience Thing That Drown What Would Muscles Do about That Will Maybe You Been Obeying a Wrong the We Should Never Obey Taking Is Approved Your with Jesus Obedience Why We Obey Should Exist If You Love Me You Will If You Love Me He Loved Us Is a Perfect Life He Suffered in the Perfectly through the Sufferings in His Perfect Obedience His Perfect Righteousness Is Perfect Sacrifices All to Our Account.  If We Trust in Him Alone Not Us Whenever Try to Earn Any but We Must Obey the Graphic the Lord Look at the Gospel and Soul Wonderful.  I Can’t Believe You Did That for Me.  I Can’t Believe in Love Server Because I Love You with the Love You’ve Given Me the Shield Cacophony He Says, Keep My Commandments

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