The Return of Obedience

Hebrews 10:35-39

Message recorded 26 May 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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1) Confidence is a treasure, don’t throw it away.

2)Why not throw it away?
Perseverance is a path of obedience.

3) You need endurance because you are among those for whom Christ is returning.

4) Be encouraged by remembering and doing.

This morning will be looking at verses 35 to 39 Hebrews chapter 10 before the service society made a faux pas with my words.  I made the blunder of mentioning to John that is in behave himself that we might have to come all over there to Kentucky and I seem to have given them an idea of how to get us to come visiting so I messed up there that but we certainly are going to dismiss her dear brother will be the same without him as Derek is already reminded us of that which is consuming the news right now most of the news channels weather channel that the tragedy from the more tornado he also talked about how they’re different ways in which people will respond to the different kinds of questions that they ask one of the things that I like to do whatever there is some sort of tragedy like that is to listen for how people responded what in the things that they say what of the questions they ask and it he referred to several different kinds of questions it people do ask during times like that and I want to take a look at a couple of questions in particular that one that kind of fascinated me and puzzlement little bit was that coming.  I watched a couple of series that they had specials on the tragedy of notice the how incredible that was on both of them seem to focus on this question why if you live in tornado alley which you not have a storm shelter to die.  I guess that’s a natural question you might ask if you know that things like this are coming fairly regularly and they tend to Lisa’s always that chance people responding like it is Oklahoma were used that as we grow up with this units like you in on they say well you know how convenient to the schools whenever you have the threat of tornado in this it would never have school this is Oklahoma in everyday’s a tornado taking potential.  But the these programs word asking the deeper question you can add it to look elsewhere.  Dig a little deeper listen a little longer before you got to the deeper question of why and one of the things I look for is somebody who wants to throw out a against Michael in a nontraditional what they think is nontraditional that’s becoming traditional and nontraditional answer one that seems to be popular right now and a comic comes and goes, but as you know, liberalism has taken on a new form and it became unpopular for while and so they put a cool look on it and that’s what’s popular and see things like this it that’s article that I saw it in its tends to be typical whenever things like this happen when they try to address this question of why this one.  Reverend wrote an article about the bad theology that tends to flow in the aftermath and I agree with a lot of what he said.  For example, he said.  There’s a lot of bad theology that in these clichés that people will say you know whenever a tragedy like that happens.  And there are a lot of clichés and unfortunately I think we sometimes are guilty of those because a lot of those clichés may have a little bit of truth in them, and they sound okay the one that frustrated him was that God will never give us more than we can handle that you may be thinking, why is that true life you if you think is true.  Don’t do it now, but later lookup second Corinthians chapter 1 verse eight and if you have lived as a Christian for very long.  You know that God does very often give us more than we can handle.  I will buy you a maybe you guys are stronger than I am that I tend to find the best the norm that we got since me trial is not one that I can handle, lest the whole point right.  That’s that’s why we have to live by faith that were going to bases God doesn’t say okay your strong John a messenger this trial and you can handle it.  What good at it right because when he wants to do is to get me to trust in him more than I already trust and so the norm is that he will send us trials that are more than we can handle.  Now I know first roentgens 1013 but it doesn’t say that would it with that verse means is that God will not send us a trial where the only option to send were the only option is to tuck tail and run.  That’s with the versus me.  I also agreed with this writer in that we need to suffer along with we sympathize with those who gone through the tragedy are those who are affected by it in whatever way, even if it’s it like those of us who were miles away from it we still we still felt their pain and it may have even upset us a good bid and even though we might not be there with them.  We did cry along with and if we can be there with someone who goes through something like that we should be eager to cry with sympathize with bad to draw the line with his last two points.  He ended with this talking about in this whole context of sympathizing with the hurt because if they want to yell why God why that haven’t finished shake your fist to he’s telling us to sympathize.  They yell that shake your fist to and leave the question unanswered.  For now, we’ll just briefly that first point Scripture condemn such a high handed response condemns that never should we shake your fist.  That’s the essence of sin.  We talked about that was some of the words that are used to describe sin and never should we yell with that kind of disrespect from the one who is our sovereign our Creator.  We owe him everything and he’s the one who sent us his son play which never respond like that to him that will focus more only said last we should leave the question unanswered for now on.  And if you know the way that these folks think they don’t ever have answer it.  This assumption is you only get to heaven.  Maybe we’ll have answers that they intended think that you can find comfort in unanswered questions and just letting people ask the question on sorry didn’t work for me okay think about this, the book of Hebrews open the first two verses, God did what he spoke long time ago and a lot of different guys through them but in these last days he did what spoke her son he spoke God is not left us in the dark.  He has not left us without answers.  He has spoken.  That’s how the writer starts his book on God has spoken and now everything that I say after that’s going to to fall in line it makes sense because you know God has spoken in our problem see we would disagree with this fellow who wrote the article.  I don’t think he really believes in a God who is spoken because there’s all these unanswered questions are problem though is that God often does not provide it is a promise to answer questions that we want him to answer.  But he is faithful to answer the questions we need answers.  That’s where it gets it’s hard for us sometimes, but that’s where faith comes he faith says okay I’m content with the fact that God is a going to answer what I want answered, but I’m going to trust in him going to believe the answer to give


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