Triumph of the Divine Will

Hebrews 10:8-10

Message recorded 24 February 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa


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If you have some comments or make note of the outline, please send via this form.

Brief notes:

Jesus sacrifice has set us aside to permanently serve God.

  1. It was not God’s will for old covenant sacrifices to take away sin. 
  2. It was God’s will for the one new covenant sacrifice to take away sin.

Turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 10 and will be looking this morning at verses eight through 10 the triumph of the divine will.

When you’re growing up in your little mom dresses you for whatever a social event that you have to attend and so if you look like a dork it’s not your fault.  Moms By there comes a point where it now becomes your fault and you know you get blamed for your the dork not mom and mom distances herself from you.  You noticeably dressed but we know that social events have their own expectations for what we should where so for example, if we go to someone’s house for lunch after the service today or if we go out to eat we can this be dressed somewhat casually like we are, but if next weekend we have, nicer party to go to would have to dress up a little bit more than we might be today and to wrap that up a little bit the expectation if you’re going to attend the wedding or some other really formal type of event, then you know the man have to wear a coat entire suit and tie ladies, where you are really nice dress you see whenever the formality of a social event rises would also rises with that typically is the expectation of how we are dressed and with that comes anxiety right now.  Let’s just ramp up little bit more say that we’re invited to a presidential Gala earth a state dinner at the White House or maybe we can have the fortune of being invited to the royal ceremony in London well you know if you’re like me that I would really be coming really nervous You because it is like a dinner or something that at first wonder okay you know did I it doesn’t talks look nice is the vortex your guy formal evening down if your lady and site be worried about you develop appropriate dressed right everything but then you know we sit down to dinner you like me like okay which one of these the salad for right now and and you wanted the worst thing is you don’t want to drink at your neighbors class in us.  You try to remember those things that mom taught you that you know this this.  I don’t remember what they are.  I always try to take Connie with me.  She knows what they are in.  I reached okay well my anxiety goes up when I go to things are formally I’ve never been White House back imagine be really nervous the seat and the formality of the event or the location rises so often does our anxiety knows take it to the ultimate let’s say that you are summoned to the very throne room of God does make believe for a minute that were summoned to the throne room of God to serve as a holy priest right there under the very gaze of God and he’s reason right there on his throne, watching every little movement you may well just thinking about that makes me want to start shaking in my shoes great to stand before God you know and serve a nice man enough in our minds okay you know is everything you how to be in my supposed to be here and MIA appropriately attired in my accepted, and then you have to serve see my going to do it right.  Well if you’ve realized it yet but that has really happened.  If you are believer in Jesus Christ you have been summoned to the very throne room of God to serve as a holy priest we don’t think about it in that terms those terms what we do is we just think okay well I’m going to draw near to the front of grace in the prayed we don’t really think about drawing near to the throne of grace.  We just think about on the pray get on here on in on in my you know study at home and bow my head.  I don’t think that when I do them actually drawing near to the throne of God.  The throne of God and I’m serving there is a priest, bringing petitions for the sake of his people, his kingdom bring that to his right under the keys of God and so if that happens to us.  And as we appropriately attired think it’s not taxes entails is not an evening gown the one garment that all of us have to wear is a garment that actually is made out of righteousness you it is not that we have to take a bath first is that we have to be cleansed inside and out.  She we have to be morally and spiritually cleansed and so are we fit to draw near.  If were not we ought to be terrified about the thought of someday standing before the throne of God and this takes us to the authors point today.  Jesus willing sacrifice has permanently set us apart for serving God is willing sacrifice has set us apart to permanently serve God.  That’s what he’s he’s trying to get that kind of drive home into our head you see what God has done it in the songs we sing just spell the sense of beautifully is help God is taken broken sinners and he has redeemed them he has transformed them he has cleansed them he has made them fed to serve before him fit to come into the presence of God and to serve the that she and review realizes that if you are believer in Jesus Christ you are a broken sinner somebody who is we sing was once an enemy not only to God but also to each other.  We God and we hated each other and God turns ascended to someone who as he transforms us by his grace makes us not only love God but to love one another and so what God does he’s drawing glory to himself for the you seek we we stood here and we saying those wonderful song because we were doing is giving glory to our Lord and Savior were giving him glory Lord you took this ragtag bunch of people who were fit for anything but help in you transformed us were now for them.  What a glorious gospel that is and that’s why we sing over and over and we never tire of that we never tire of reading in his word the wonders of his grace we were once a people who were for building to be in God’s presence and now were joyfully welcomed their effect were expected there unholy lawbreakers become holy priests, through the grace of Christ

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