Will Your Bones Give Hope?

Hebrews 11: 20-22

Message recorded 21 July 2013

John Dugas – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 and this morning will be looking at verses 20 through 22. What kind of funeral what you have. There are different kinds of funerals that you might attend there are those that will suck the life out of you soak every bitter hope you might have out of you early try and there are those that serve to brighten your hope. Sadly, I've been to way too many of them that tried to do everything he can suck the life out of people. They their churches that actually present our depressing service at funerals it would instill fear of things to come in their people because they want their people to be dependent upon them in their own authority. I've seen too many times how the minister will meticulously through every little thing that happens in that funeral service does Rob the people of their who, and then at the graveside just casually walk away and stand off in the distance and let people wallow in hopelessness, but also been to many funerals where we come out of there with a heart bursting with bright how where everything work together to glorify God as they celebrated the life in the face of that particular person who is now passed on through the various things that people might share is a talk about it of their loved one other beloved friend who's now the Lord as the word is preached, and people are pointed to the hope that we can have in Christ. Those words caused faith and hope to blaze in our heart dying faith brought living fresh and those funerals of how the faith of John and George and Mary just to name a few, are you plan to say that even before New York on oh healthy lives with us today their faith. We think about them or just last week were talking about one that happens a lot why because here a GBC as any godly church. We have our own little Hall of Fame right we have our own little Hebrews 11 because there are people who have walked with us. And before us gone on ahead of us to glory and they leave behind this wonderful testimony of faith in their faith continues to walk with us in our memories, and indeed what happens is their faith will take us by the hand and say this is the way of faith follow me brother or sister their faith dies. That's where author is trying to draw out from that the testimonies of these people who live a long, long time ago shall their faith and hopefully our faith will have a ministry that goes beyond our life in our lifetime. So when it take us through three more men of faith, we've already looked at several in Hebrews 11 and I like to look at three more this morning so I like you to look with me Hebrews 11 will read verse one because that really drives this whole thing, and then verses 20 to 22 and just a comment our author's he began at the beginning he went back to talk recreation a talked about the first guy who of faith that we know able and then went on now in a canola Abraham looked at him and now we round out the book of Genesis in this account from Hebrews 11 S. Hebrews 11 verse one now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen verse six and without faith it is impossible to please him, for the for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that is a rewarder of those who seek him. Now verse 20 by faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau even regarding things to come by faith Jacob as he was dying bless each of the sons of Joseph and worship, leaning on the top of his staff by faith Joseph when he was dying made mention of the Exodus of the sons of Israel and gave orders concerning his team these men had faith that looked beyond their death. They were confined to okay faith in the here and now, so to speak. They were able in their lives, and especially here were to see in their death. They could look beyond that, beyond their death and and have faith in what God was going to do what he promised to do far future. They had firm conviction that death cannot for purposes death in the death of of the patriarchs the death of although the thousands and millions of people of faith that is not going to work God's purposes God is mightier than death for them death was not final. We looked at a couple lessons on Abraham and talked about it a couple of examples from his life and how he exemplified faith in those now you look at his descendents three of them to follow right in a row and from father, son, father, son like that in the where look at their life really the death are that time when they became in their life to this point with a real recognize that it's not in what they did how they lived their faith and seek living by faith includes dying why will because the process of dying that that last little bit of our life is the last slice of life you see it still our life itself as were learning to live by faith in and that's what they would need understand here is you don't give into the temptation that you said okay well jump we talking today about you dying faith and so I can just talk this away anyone finally I'm on my deathbed a charter member Okada what was John say in Hebrews 11 really Isaac, and then I'll live that will resist that temptation because think about for second womb was this letter written where these people on their deathbed and River chapter 10, verse 38, which is what drives this whole thing what is it were talking living by faith and so we we have this example of these people were dying and in the exemplify their faith manifested their faith that last bit of life for us to take it forward into our lives is that we learn to live by faith because dying by faith as part of living by faith just the last segment of life and so as we learn from them. We hopefully will get a boost to our faith as we consider their dying faith

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