Sermons From the 
Book of Matthew

Matthew 5:1-12
Part 1 - Introduction.

Matthew 5:1-12
Part 2 - The Beatitudes

Forgiving One Another Over & Over Again!
Matthew 18:21-35

Jesus Answers Questions About Divorce!
Matthew 19:1-6

The Blessing of Singleness & Childhood!
Matthew 19:10-15

Jesus Interviews the Rich Young Ruler!
Matthew 19:16-22

Rewards of Forsaking All for the Lord
Matthew 19:27-30

Jesus Predicts His Death & Resurrection
Matthew 20:17-19

The Ambition of Authority or Humility
Matthew 20:20-28

The Messiah Enters into Jerusalem
Matthew 21:1-11

Jesus Curses the Nation for Fruitlessness
Matthew 21:18-22

Jesus Confronts the Disobedient Nation
Matthew 21:28-46

Parable of the Rejected Banquet Invitation
Matthew 22:1-14

Jesus’ Clear Teaching on Paying Taxes
Matthew 22:15-22

The Sadducees and the Resurrection
Matthew 22:23-34

Jesus Questions & Warns His Enemies
Matthew 22:41-46

Jesus Rebukes Religious Hypocrisy
Matthew 23:1-4

Jesus Rebukes Religious Hypocrisy - Part II
Matthew 23:5-12

Jesus Rebukes Religious Hypocrisy - Part III
Matthew 23:13-15

Jesus Rebukes Religious Hypocrisy - Part IV
Matthew 23:16-24

Jesus Rebukes Religious Hypocrisy - Part V
Matthew 23:25-36