Everything In Its Time, part 1 – Eccl 3:1-15

Everything In Its Time, part 1

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Terry Landrum


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Good morning. Last week we began the short miniseries on Ecclesiastes specifically looking or looking forward to getting into chapter 3 by way of some brief into drive and drove.3 observations and comments about wisdom literature in the Bible where we stated that Ecclesiastes is one of the five books of the Bible considered as wisdom literature. We talked about who the author is I believe Scripture points evidence who is King Solomon and why he wrote the book as wisdom literature. We saw that the book is intended to give us some instruction about life and does it have a message for us today or is it some old dusty book that doesn't really have any relevance for us and I believe it has very much relevance for us today in our culture and in our society consider this in Ecclesiastes chapter 2 which leads up to well-organized talk about this week and next week in the first 11 versus of chapter 2. The words I need my myself appear more than 40 times now this says about a lot about the lifestyle that Solomon was pursuing these seem to be focused on his own satisfaction and gratification and I ask you, does this self-centered view. Sound familiar by every measure of today's standards Solomon had reached the pinnacle of success he had worked for and achieved everything that our society tells us to pursue. Most people today are striving to attain a lifestyle of health and wealth and prosperity building lies focused around their own comforts and convenience. This is why we do this is what the world tells us to do this is why we go to school. This is what businesses tell us you need to do this. To be successful. It's the American dream and yes Solomon, who Scriptures tell us that God said to him because you've asked this thing and have not asked for yourself long life Norvasc riches for yourself nor of you asked for the life of your enemies but have asked for your self discernment to understand justice behold I dine according to your words behold, I have given you a wise and discerning heart so that there's been no one like you before you nor shall one like you arise after you I have also given you what you not asked both riches and honor. So that there will not be any among the kings like you all your day other verses in first Kings tells us that Solomon was one whom God gave wisdom and very great discernment and breath of mine like the sand is on the seashore it tells us that his wisdom surpass the wisdom of all the sons of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt it tells us that he was wiser than all man and God given right it tells us God gave Solomon Rast on every side. There was neither I adversary your misfortune in Solomon's life. Now this is a powerful witness to the life of Solomon. This is why I don't just recklessly say that I believe arguably based on what we read in Scripture that Solomon decided Jesus Christ was the wisest, most successful man to walk on the face of the earth. God gave Solomon wisdom that none of us will ever even be able to touch and this is why I proposed last week we would want to listen to in you can agree with him or not, but you need to listen to doing he had a way of looking at things and insight into things that God had especially gifted him with that we will never have. Now having said this if you go back and read the first 10 chapters of first Kings you're amazed when you come to the 11th chapter because in the King James version it says the very first word in the 11th chapter but after all of the fêtes its houses but Solomon decided that he was good to go do his own thing and abandon what God commanded him to do and chapter 11 then records for us the fact that he was not strong enough to withstand all the temptations that go along with this life of wisdom and luxury know that should say something to us especially in our culture first Kings 11 verse 13 versus record for us that he makes do that and foolish decisions regarding idolatry and it just amazes and intrigues me in one of the reasons why this book is just riveted me my entire life is how in the world. It's Solomon adds Dunkel, how and what does that tell me tell you that if you had all the wisdom in the world that you had riches and honor and glory beyond. Every body else that you could stumble how and why I want to know that because I want to learn what I can in my peon mind what I can do to guard myself to not stumble in that way if Solomon could stumble then I could certainly stumbling so can you. So we need to look at what he tells us the rebellious lease and specifically against God's command for the nation of Israel not to intermarried with non-Israelite people he had 700 live in 300 concubines most of whom were probably not Jewish just a quick saying when he he was making always trade agreements with all these teams and everybody in one of the things back then that was just kind of a de facto thing is when you made a a treaty with the country what ever you took is one your wives usually not Kings daughter he was accumulating properties women and he liked his ladies and unfortunately Scriptures tell us that they took part in helping lead Solomon's heart away from the Lord, but interestingly Solomon doesn't record anything of his thoughts in the book of Ecclesiastes regarding his idolatry. He never mentioned he gives us all of these warnings and observations in his thoughts about everything but he never addresses and knowledge. I don't know why I've thought about that a lot. I just find it intriguing and really don't have a reason as to why didn't specifically tell us about I suppose that it's possible that his disillusionment with all this pleasure and knowledge which eventually causes him to say in Ecclesiastes to the first 17 verses that he hated
he hated life he tells us read it chapter to go home and read how many times he says I hated life. Maybe all of this Chasen idolatries and trying to pleases. Why is everything might've been a contributing factor in turning his heart or all of this disillusionment with pleasure and knowledge rather could have eventually caused him to turn his heart to other gods Scripture just doesn't tell us why Solomon turned his heart. Now this is lead some to believe as we said last week. This Solomon died is an unrepentant apostate I don't think so. When I gave reasons why by what we do know is that near the end of his life. He does appear to have lost all these ideals of his youth and he became restless and unsatisfied and documented for us his conclusion that life under the Sun, which is the way he describes it in Ecclesiastes 13 verse nine verse 14 chapter 2 verse 11 and 17 he describes as life on earth. In 1452 814 and he describes it under heaven in chapter 1 verse 13 that. In other words these expressions under the Sun on are under heaven is describing live without God he's describing it and saying then ultimately that this lie undersigned on are under heaven without God is ultimately empty is futile. It's unsatisfying and it's frustrating he describes it is chasing after the wind, but thankfully he doesn't leave us here which is why one of the reasons why I don't believe that he died as a full apostate because the Holy Spirit instructed him to write this for our edification for people in our time and in contrast to this bleak futile saying life under the sign he says or he instructs us that living life in relationship to God is to live by the hand of God, which leads to wisdom knowledge enjoy a thing that he repeats in chapter 2 in chapter 13 and in chapter 5, which leads him ultimately to the conclusion which you've heard of jillion times in you getting here and jillion more times that when all is been heard where to fear God and keep his commandments because that applies to every person and we see that you have to go to the end of the book in chapter 12 really to get an idea of where Solomon is added in order to go back to the beginning of the book and understand a lot of what he's talking about and especially in chapters 3 through five glory talks specifically about the sovereignty of God. Those are some of the most difficult chapters in the Bible to understand that if we can but I hope to be able to help us be able to read these words and get a feel for what I think is trying to teach us not the heart of this before I continue is I want to go back and discuss a little more something that I said last week regarding my observation netting in Ecclesiastes Solomon always refers to God by God's name Elohim and week we talked about this a little bit all week long I've just been convinced that whether I even get into the first eight chapters for the verses of chapter 3 today or not. I really want to drive this home because I study this book all my life and I really for the first time in the last couple weeks is really the Lord is impressive so my heart because again I'm trying to understand what happened Solomon Solomon always refers to God by his name Elohim which is referring to. God is more in his capacity as creator as a transcendent being he uses any names God some 40 times in this book, and six times he speaks of the fear of God again chapter 3 chapter 5 Chapter 7 Chapter 8, chapter 12. It's like it each each conclusion of some of his major thoughts that he's bringing in this book he always comes to the same conclusion. He doesn't just tell us that the and in in chapter 12 the fear God he says fear God six times in this book. Now maybe use the name the general name Elohim and not Yahweh or Jehovah of the covenant name of God because he was writing about God in relation all of mankind believers and unbelievers life that could be or what I want us to think about is could it be that perhaps this exclusive use of Elohim tells us something that she to us understanding Solomon and wise writing the book the ways ride it tells us something about the relationship that Solomon had with God and we need to learn and think about what this relationship was because I think that's why we need to learn from this book more than anything else I really didn't a comprehension of the infinite greatness and the absolute supremacy of God will always fill us with amazement. This is why if we have a right view of God if he were to appear to us right now we would all fall before his feet as dead it would be this Haden ran a lady that we would be on our ground the ground like we were dead before hand if he was to appear. It fills us with amazement. It fills us with fear that fills us with all yet it and it needs to be pointed out that this sense of his sovereignty and I believe that Solomon fell this and recognize that this sense of his sovereignty in his dominion you can have that I can have that Solomon had is that it will never move a person to respond to God on a personal level, on an intimate level the it it won't necessarily the contemplation of Jehovah on his throne strikes us but in less we also viewing and other relations and consider other aspects of his divine character our hearts will never be drawn to him in a way that we feel free to had direct dealings with him. Well, always keeping this. So we need a balance here and I don't know that Solomon had a proper balance is by Frank and I think this is key for us and we need a balance gods not only transcendent Brodie's imminent. And this is critical to a life of faith God is both transcendence refers to God being holy other completely distinct from his creation. Vanity pure eternity as unknowable and unsearchable as infinity is from finite. It's and therefore the things that are related to him in that transcendence where he lives in that transcendence are completely unknowable to us then another world is in an invisible world peace spirit is in another dimension. We can't seem touching feeling knowing top touring in that transcendence with me transcendence is underscoring God's distance from us in this creature Creator relationship MNS, however refers to God's nearness if we ignore God's transcendence and God tends to become like I said a while ago. This buddy buddy use little more than a best friend and I believe this is crept into the church a lot NRH so in a real true sense, sometimes we've made God too much of a friend and we've lost sight of his transcendence and his Majesty and I believe this is one reason why we've lost a biblical fear of God, so we don't want to God. I ignore God's transcendence we don't want to just view him as a best friend because as we know even best of friends will disappoint us times and will disappoint our friends at times he he he he's more than just a friend but if we ignore his MNS Benny, because this this then unknown and unknowable being with whom we can have a personal relationship a weekend approaching we don't feel like we can in these pennies unknowable and then he becomes this enigmatic this mysterious thing out there that does stuff that we can understand and then we don't know how to approaching to say what's going on in in a healthy way. It's hard to have a personal relationship with an unseen God is not good. Allow himself to be discovered are understood on man's terms and there is so much that could be said about this that I can't talk about but this is this is what underlies all of the philosophical thought it's happened before the days of the Enlightenment during the Enlightenment after the Enlightenment we see it all ground in our evolutionary scientific thought. Today that wants to remove God from the equation to make everything mechanistic and deterministic relativistic because I wanted try to remove this this aspect of of God that says he can make himself known to us through supernatural revelation they don't they don't buy that select tried removing out of the equation. This is what happens if we don't think of God's eminence. So we need both it's vital to the life of faith that we have both. I don't see in the book of Ecclesiastes that Solomon demonstrated that and therefore since Solomon didn't have the relationship with God on a personal level where he could feel God's nearness to him I could take comfort in his presence that Solomon filtered all of his life experiences. Through this relationship with God is transcendent in even though this transcendent God had given him all their health, wealth and prosperity that none of us will ever experienced. He would get frustrated with it and go I still don't understand because again he had a Solomon had a way of looking at things that that that we down and and I can't get a can't deviate from my notes we won't get out here but Solomon, but Solomon even tells us he said he says in verse 116 he says behold I have I have magnified and increased wisdom more than all who were in Jerusalem reformed he's not bragging please he's telling his readers look at I have this my mind is observed a wealth of wisdom and knowledge his head was exploding. I mean can you imagine what it would have been to have that kind of wisdom and knowledge and he says I set my mind to know wisdom and in no madness and folly and he says he realizes bandit that's just striving after win now why in the world with the under that kind of the conclusion and because and then he says in verse 18 because in much wisdom in all this wisdom that Elohim had given him. There's much grief and I am convinced why he says in increasing knowledge result in increasing pain. I think this is why God he cannot in his infinity he cannot even if he wanted to revealed to us his dealings in his providential care because we can't handle that we can absorb it. We can't understand it Solomon is saying I've got insights into things. And I'm telling you if you really start to get a grasp of things. It's only going to lead to pain and green. So I ask you do you really want to know that if it's good lead to pain and green or can you be satisfied to trust in an immanent God who reveals himself as much of himself as we need especially in our day to the person of Jesus Christ in the person of the Holy Spirit to say can you trust me because actually I want to spare that I want you to trust me I want you to obey and to live a life of faith, not science because I want to spare you from that kind of grief and pain. And that's hard and I don't know that Solomon again got to that point. He believed in God. Obviously but he like so many of us evidently struggled to find a balance between this personal aspect of his relationship to Yahweh. This life of faith and living for that which he was created and seeing purpose just in the ordinary daily events and things of life and this transcendent and eternal Elohim in his holiness and sovereignty struggled with that evidently, because he doesn't talk about what we have to realizes that God not only resides in the highest heaven, but Scriptures tell us he's not far from each one acts 1720 said. There's comforting and there's a solid foundation for faith that he's not far from each one of its he not only possesses immortality indwells in in approachable light whom no man has seen or can see first Timothy 616 he's also our refuge and our strength and Scriptures tell us, a very present help in trouble. To view the Lord is only in heaven can produce a sense of remoteness in our sole and I tell you like AA I submit to you that most of the time what we have to guard our hearts and our minds and our souls against we were going through trials is to fall back on this transcendence of God and that could produce remoteness in our soul. He's out here somewhere doing this thing to me and I don't know why I can't relate and were either going to get frustrated and mad arithmetic it's sad and there's a real sense of remoteness and soul but a life of faith should cultivate a sense of his nearness to us as well God is near to this people not only by virtue of his omnipresence babies come close to us in the person's office and we need to realize this in our hearts in our experience, as well as in our minds the Lord is constantly nearness he says in Hebrews 13 I will never desert nor will I ever forsake so that we confidently say the Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid what will man. So perhaps much of the frustration that Solomon experiences because he did not relate to God's eminence and he did not enjoy and rely upon the presence of the Lord and this is what's reflected in his exclusive use Elohim so as much of the source of frustration and unit variance due to a lack of drawing near to an infinite yet a personal God seeking and sensing his presence caching your burdens on him finding your wrath in him. We need a rest on the wisest thing we need a rest that the world cannot give inquire into the mysteries of life is much as we may just as Solomon did and our experience is always better bring us to the same can that this rest that we see is not in us Solomon told us it's what we experience that this rest from this weariness in this vanity in this world is not in us and our experience will always confirm the word of God which forewarned says that we will meet nothing but ointment in worldly pursuits Solomon tells us this in his were Jesus tells us this is word in the sermon on the Mount like Solomon would unifying nothing but emptiness and the impossibility of finding relief and comfort from anything under the sun apart from an infinite personal God. We need to have the eyes of our understanding open so that we see everything around us to be just Exactly the Way, Scripture has described. So we need to pray is in Luke 2445 births recorded that Jesus open their minds so that they could understand the Scripture and so the mindset to have our minds open to the Scripture then let's get back in Ecclesiastes but I really wanted to drive home his back that what we can take out of this is that we have a need for a relationship with an infinite personal God and of and knowing the fact that Solomon struggled in the personal relationship with the Lord can help us understand some of the words a saying in this book not Ecclesiastes can be divided into four sections and the first section, which includes the first two chapters shows this from Solomon's own experiences that happiness is not in man's own power, that all striving and toiling in working though it may surround a person with every gratification their heart and desire. It's powerless to give that gratification self it won't get you there and Solomon concludes at the end of chapter 1 and again we read it just a second ago that there's no gain in what he was doing that nothing new under the sun everything just keeps going in a circle. History repeats itself we never learn from history we keep repeating the same mistakes life can be boring life can be routine, which is futile and then he says and what difference does it make nobody's been a remembering anyway so this is I concludes first chapter and then Ecclesiastes chapter 2 we seem all caught up in the success syndrome. So it's kind alive now remembering he's probably writing were thing remembering back to his early years when he's writing their so he's making this observation in there things boring it's all what am I here or not you know no one can remember and so man. He just deep dives into then what difference does it make, to go for the gusto almond paint the town red, new everything my heart desires and who gives written and so he just dives the chapter 2 he tries throwing self in the pleasure projects whine women drugs were sex Friday all been there, done it and he says that he's trying to do this not just for the sake of good is trying to do it to see if it can draw him into some kind of a spiritual existential closer relationship with God for giving this meaning in life. So I mean I don't want to give him a break without getting a little right is kind of like the Timothy O'Leary back in the 70s, which us that grew up back then are so fond of were is experimenting with hallucinogenic sin. LSD trying to get himself a higher plane and all of this stuff. There is some scientific merit to that by Duane I'm not telling you to go start popping LSD to go get a higher dimension but there is something to it that when you alter the chemicals in your brain. It does take you into a different dimension which if nothing else points out the fact that there's a whole lot going on in our immaterial world in our souls and spirits that we don't we'll go there. Okay this Solomon again. He's a smart duties go man I'm there. Try this, see if this'll do this and there's a lot of people today and all of this altered consciousness and higher states his people pursuing this stuff today it's what he did he threw himself into for himself in the wind threw himself in the work and then he comes up at the end of the chapter and he says he he's empty-handed. Still in fact is more sad than before because he realizes that after he's done all of this is get have to leave the management of August corporations his lands and offices to successor it might turn out to be a small minded incompetent a fool. Just think of all of the work and things that you do is think of things that you do now and what ever capacity. Specially you businessmen out there you can relate to this. You know we work hard we work hard. We accomplish this we accomplish that and then we we get moved to another position we get promoted out of what we've done or something else happens and they bring in a person*and he's an idiot, aged only unravels and undoes everything that you worked on for last 20 in and this is what Solomon is saying he's going man and you know it and even if you do well in this document die and leave and some is a mind so what what what I is go why Solomon would fit right into our society today with this commitment enjoying pleasure gratifying as flash enlarging his works acquiring more possessions than his predecessors keeping up in exceedingly Jones Kleinman the latter achieving greatness and excellence in getting for him for himself whatever his heart desired read chapter 2. And despite this Indiana chapter 2. He says he hates life. I hate them. A classic now you can do all this a you hate live so what are you seeing Solomon bad people in our society today don't see that we are pursuing this and you're saying that are you saying that there get it. Do all listening, to the end of the live goat and that the hated that's what he's telling us the fortunately doesn't leave is there because if you look at a very close of chapter 2. He gives some valuable insight into his lab. He tells us that there's nothing inherent in humanity that makes it possible for us to extract enjoyment and purpose that sounds negative he stating it in a negative these concluding nothing inherent in humanity. This can make it possible to extract enjoyment and purpose but Benny's estate in a positive anything to say it's only God alone. It's not things. It's not wisdom. That's it's only God alone is the giver of satisfaction and joy and God alone gives is wisdom knowledge enjoy to those who please is God alone any intent to produce love, joy, peace endurance and and listen apart from that gift of God is to rely on worldly strategies that are in competition to God. The solution to the dilemma of finding purpose under the sign is this stop looking for the answers under the Sun and start looking to the one who made everything under the sun in short the answer to the dilemma that supposed in these first two chapters of Ecclesiastes is to be content with a gift of what God is given and by faith to trust God that he'll give you the ability to enjoy weddings give two different things. And this is critical. This is key. I want you to get this not only do you have to acknowledge that God is the giver of the gifts the Solomon is very clear when he says it's also God gives you the ability to enjoy, gets hot. So God. It's in God that we live and move we have our being. The reality of life is at life is not supposed to make sense. It's not supposed to bring peace and it's not supposed to bring satisfaction without God, if it it's not designed to be that way and ignorance of this truth is a guarantee that your life in my life is going to be filled with emptiness restlessness and frustration Solomon's personal experience is laying the groundwork for the conclusion that enjoyment and happiness if they're ever going to be within our reach. They have to come is direct gifts from God to man by faith leading to this finally and brings us to chapter 3 in which it appears the Solomon is completely changing the subject. There's no nice, neat transition verse between chapter 2 in chapter 3 but it appears that he's meditating on this fact that I just said that there's nothing better for man than to eat and drink and tell himself that his labors good and his ability to eat and drink and tell himself that his labors good is a gift from God. It's a gift from the hand of God because he says for any and who can have enjoyment without him the rhetorical question answer being you can't no one can and this fact that it has to be a gift from God and it's only and has to be a gift from God to enjoy it. And this is something that we should seek and your and after he's thinking about this and this causes a depositing consider the and that there's a time and that there's a season for everything. We were thinking about these gifts from God, what do you think you think of all the good things are can you think of everything that happened as a gift from God are very breath again what are we live we knew we have our being. Everything is from God life itself and everything that encompasses is a gift from God and so he's thinking what is this and it leasing the think of all this things that life is made up and and he starts thinking that there's a time and season for everything in that God predetermines the events of life in the days of our lives are in his hands, James 117 tells us every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of lights with. There's no variation or shifting shadow perhaps something like this is what Solomon was thinking about that if everything everything everything everything is from God and that we're to enjoy everything from God as a gift then we have to overcome the fact that were not our own God. So we have to stop believing the lie that we can be like God that were captains of our own destiny because God predetermines the events and the conditions of life in the days of our lives and moment by moment second by second every breath that we take is in his hands with God. There's an appointed time for everything and we are to live in light of that reality. This is a grand and glorious statement of the software you life has its times and seasons and therefore even though we cannot escape living in this fallen world and living life in suffering the concert a fallen world. Life's not meaningless and this is why I don't like the Bible translations in the book of Ecclesiastes that translate that word meaningless says meaningless. Everything meaningless lives not meaningless because it comes from a sovereign God whom appoints a time for everything and there's a time for every event under heaven. I like the way the new King James puts it. There's a time for every purpose under heaven. So in closing look look look at the Scriptures but meditate and ponder on that amount Joe 42 to I know Job says that you can do all things and that no purpose of your skin if awarded John 134 all things came into being through him and apart from him nothing came into being that has come into being ask 1724. The God who made the world and all the things in it since he is the Lord of heaven and earth does not dwell in temples made with hands nor Zeese served by human hands as though we needed anything since he himself gives to all people life and breath and all things we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose from him and through him and to him are all things to him be the glory forever. There's but one God the father, from whom are all things and we exist for him and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things and we exist through him he made known to us the mystery of his will praise God. This is an of deviating from my notes. This is part of this is part of the proof that that we serve a personal God and not just an infinite God because of personal God has chosen to reveal himself by the revelatory is a big words I'm sorry revelatory presupposition all revelation of himself in Scripture. This is why we can believe Scripture because God created us in his image and at the very basis of humanity is the ability for us to communicate with each other through words through language we can communicate. So it makes perfect sense and it's rational in its reasonable to say that God chose to reveal himself through the word it's the only way that he would choose reveal himself and we can believe that is personal and 80s come down to us on a personal level because he chose reveal himself in a personal level through the world people created in his image and he has made known to us the mystery of his will according to his kind intention we see purposed in him to Jesus with the view to an administration suitable to the baldness of times and that is the summing up of all things all redemptive history in space and time will be some one day in the Lord Jesus Christ things in heaven's and things on earth. There's things going on and all we can experience is what's going on on or but brothers and sisters. There's a whole lot going on in the fullness of times it will be summed up in Christ better things in the heavens also that we have no clue what's going on and happens in the spirit but all things in heaven and things on earth will be summed up in Jesus Christ and it's in a him that we've obtained an inheritance having been predestined according to the purpose is purpose who works all things after the counsel of his will for us believers it's to the and that we you were the first the hope in Christ. Praise of his glory. What's the chief in a what's the the chief end of man glorify God and enjoy him forever for by Hannah says all things were created, both in heavens and on earth, visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities all things have been created through for for by him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether it is read the different I got in there twice. Five revelation 21 and he who sits on the throne said, behold I'm making all things new and he said right for these words are faithful and true and he said to me it's time I'm the alpha and the omega the beginning and and then he says in chapter 3 he says there's a time to give birth. There's a time to die is a time to plant and a time to uproot what's planted there's a time to kill and a time to heal a time to tear down and time to build up a time to we the time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance a time to throw stones at a time to gather stones a time to embrace and a time to shun embracing a time to search and a time to give up as lost a time the key and a time to throw away the time to tear apart a time to sew together a time to be silent and a time to speak a time to love a time to hate a time for war and a time for peace Solomon mentions these 28 expirations that encompass nearly the whole of life. It's God. He puts values and morals is God. He puts the truth with a capital TI universe that he created and it's he who determines what's good and what's bad. It's God who made man and a man is important place it's God who maintains the order of the universe even when you and I don't like it or we conclude that something is gone wrong. And so there's a time for everything will be born will be will drinkable tear down will man will fight wars and will eventually die and God controls at all will look more at this next week. So in closing James 413 says, now you to say tomorrow today or tomorrow we'll go to such and such a city and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit, similar to what the guys in the film is progress are saying right. This is why like mentor them that our Sunday school class and then these are if you're not come into the Sunday school class shame indeed become this is arrive. This is exactly where were adding Pilgrims progress but the Lord says to James but yet you don't know what your life is going to be like tomorrow you were just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. So rather instead you ought to say if the Lord wills we will live in will also do this or that but as it is you boast in your arrogance and all such boasting is evil and therefore to the one he knows the right thing to do and doesn't do it to him. It's Solomon knew the right thing to do it do it was counted to him San so leave here today, echoing in your heart what Jesus says, I want you to live this day abundantly seeing all there is to see and doing all there is to do for whatever I've given you to do this and don't be distracted by future concerns leave in the me each day of life is a glorious gift, but so few people know how to live within the confines of today much of their energy for abundant living spills over the timeline either into tomorrow's worries or past regrets the remaining energy is sufficient only for living through the day. Not for living to the full so I am training you to keep your focus on my presence in the presence and this is how to receive abundant life which flows freely from my throne of grace

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